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    Consuming Shadow

    Anyone play this game? It's a year or so old now, bu I us realized that no one made a post about it. Roguelike RPG horror game by Yahtzee from the Escapist.. Shitty graphics, but the game play is pretty fun. I haven't beaten it, because I'm a massive pussy when it comes to horror games. - The...
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    How do alerts work?

    And by alerts, I'm meaning like the ones this forum uses, where it automatically sends out notce to the user that there was an update to your subscribed posts/thread. Is it an sql trigger? I only really have rudimentary knowledge of SQL, took a class a (VERY) long while ago and am sort of...
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    3TB Seagate USB 3.0 $100 at Amazon. Ripped it off of slickdeals.
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    Lian Li PC-K58 $40 shipped. No AR, no coupons.
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    10 dollars off preorders NewEgg No PC games though.
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    OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ600MXSP 600W 40 MIR and coupon code. code EMCYWZX24, from email.
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    Windows 7 - End Process

    Has anyone else had this problem? Where a program goes into "Not Responding" and you try to end process it, but it just hangs. It's been happening a lot to me recently on my Desktop computer. Also occurs sometimes when I open up 2 programs nearly simultaneously. It just hangs and shows up in...
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    Sorry, but this is too funny, Harry Potter The funny thing is... aside from the fact of what it is... it doesn't look half bad.:eek:
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    Swordman Online Don't know if anyone is looking at this game like I am, cuz I'm kind of...
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    x58a-ud3r/power question

    I just got said motherboard. It is not detecting my dvd drive and only detecting 3.5 gb of ram, also not detecting all of the usb ports. I have a 4 pin in the 12v 8pin, as of right now, I don't have 8 pin, which I will rectify when I get it... soon. But the question is, is it because I don't...
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    VGA Input card

    Are there any cards that have a VGA input to record? I have a 360 with vga out and I want to record it.
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    Intel® Boxed Core® i7 Processor 920 $229.99 (microcenter instore pickup) Pretty good, imo.
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    Fall Out fans, a question.

    Are the old fall out games, turn based strategy? or are they real time strategy? I can't remember what youtube showed me, and I remember thinking, I have no clue from the video.
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    Bios beeping, help

    Atleast that's what I think it is. Everytime I start up my computer, it gives me 2 short beeps, pause then another short beep. Anyone have a clue, what the error is? I tried looking up for that particular pattern, but I come up short. I think it's memory, but I haven't got a clue. I...
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    Did anyone hear about the QuickFire recall? Apparently, they are doing a recall and giving people refurb propels/matrix (and possible Vu, cuz someone complained or asked to get that instead.) The reason seems to be someone that someone bought a 3rd party charger...
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    USB HDD and X360

    I'm guess the answer is no, but why not ask... Can you use a USB drive to store the games and play from harddrive like you do with the X360 Harddrive? I don't mean play illegal games or no cd patches (which would be nice, though).
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    Can you use a component to vga cable in reverse?

    I got one but I wanna go backwards, does that work? I'll probably try it later anyway, but if anyone knows, it'll help.
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    Sonic from Bioware!

    Wow, did you guys hear about this? I heard the title of the game a while back, but I never knew Bioware was the ones making it. Looks like Super Mario RPG, but Sonic.
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    Monty Oum videos

    I'm sure some of you guys have seen these videos, but probably not everyone. Monty Oum pitches characters against each other, its really cool He did the Haloid video, and now is working on Dead Fantasy. You should watch them, very nice stuff hes got...
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    Does anyone know if Circle of Doom is cancelled?

    By Circle of Doom, I mean the Kingdom Under Fire game that was released on X360. I heard it was supposed to come out on PC, but I also read it was cancelled on Gamespy. I didn't find any news of it on any other website, so I wanted to know if anyone else has any news on it... and if Gamespy was...
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    Mass Effect: EA corrects Fox. Who'd have thoght you'd like EA for something.:rolleyes: An exageration, I know, because I know there are players out there who play the sports games, even if I don't.
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    Connecting X360 to PC for Video Streaming.

    I need some help with this, I'm not sure where to put this but there are post about video and 360 so I figued here would be best. Basically, I can't connected my computer to the 360 to get files to play on the 360. I'm using WMP11 to do it. I've set it up like the Xbox website said to. My...
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    Multimedia Keyboard Drivers for XP question

    I always liked these Multimedia keyboards. But They have these buttons that can shut off ou're computer if you accidently press them, are there custom drivers or a way to edit the settings to make those buttons stop functioning? The only idea I have to doing that is removing the button (so I...
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    Would a stock fan for ...

    Would a stock fan for 3200+ single core Venice work well enough for a 4200+ dual core Toledo? Or would I have to get another fan or something?
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    Someone tell me you don't believe this... FF related.

    I was at school today, trying to sleep, since my classes were pretty much over. I lay there and I heard this guy go on about Final Fantasy 7 and 8. Heres what he said, paraphrased: Final Fantasy 8 had Cloud in it. Cloud was a summon that you could get by beating up the train or bus thing before...
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    6-Foot HDMI Male/Male Cable Free AR I hear Tiger's not the best website to buy from but ..... free after rebate.... if you can trust these.
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    When will Jack Thompson attack games on this?

    I wonder when Jack Thompson will go and try to sue games for being sexist and/or racist because most games forces you to play a character that is white or whatever it may be? I mean, hes attacked at all the other stupid points, might as well go on to something like this. Yea, I know... I'm...
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    Anyone hear of V7?

    I've never heard of this company before, so I was hoping someone else did. My brother already got the monitor already and it looks really good so far. WE both also looked for reviews but it seems non-existent. The model is the R19W12. If anyone knows of it and the quality, it'd be nice to...
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    Fantom 500gb external 120 after rebate. Aside from it, does anyone know this brand or own it? Is it good? I've never heard of it.
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    CA AntiVirus 2007 with 2gb usb drive, free after rebate