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    Optical sound card

    I'm looking for a recommendation for a sound card with optical out that will support my 7.1 headphones. My motherboard unfortunately doesn't have any toslink so I need something pcie that works with Windows 10. The cheaper the better and even usb is ok as long as it has Dolby 7.1. Thanks in...
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    FX8320 vs I5 2320

    I recently upgraded my computer to Ryzen+Vega and planned on handing down my fx8320+R9 290 to my girlfriend. I didn't realize that she had a computer her dad had previously buildt her with an i5 2320 in it. I've always been an AMD guy, but only due to the fact that they're generally cheaper...
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    EK Fluid Gaming A240R

    EK just released an kit for vega and it supports Ryzen for $240(link below). My current vega 56 has the following settings in wattman: Frequency %: 3 Voltage control: 1100 for pstate 6 and 7 Memory:900mhz Fan speed: max Power limit: +50 This results in my gpu core clock boosting and...
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    Vesa Bracket

    I'm looking to mount my old 1080p 25" monitor above my 34" ultrawide. Problem is, the 25" has 6 holes for the mount and the ultrawide has 4. 4 out of the six holes are infact Vesa, but it would cause the monitor to be off center. Does anyone know of a bracket or mounth that would...
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    Best Full ATX Case for Bad Airflow

    I know this is a weird question, but what is the best case that fits a full atx MOBO with little airflow? I currently have an Antec p182(love the design) laying sideways inside of a closed tv stand. I have little choice in the placement due to a very touchy toddler. Are there any cases that...
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    Best virtualized home server os

    I'm interested in running a home server on my htpc via VMware workstation. What is the best one available? My current setup is just home group across 3 disks of data:2 750 gb and 1 tb with windows 7 on a ssd. I have 16 gb ram otw with an 8 core fx 8320 so my specs should definitely fit the...
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    Wii U vs PS4 right now

    I keep reading all the news that the wii u is a failure yet I find myself playing it more than my ps4. As of right now, there are no ps4 games I want to play(infamous second son will obviously change that). I don't personally find it a failure but a great second console. I can't find a reason...
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    Cable card Htpc hooked up to Xbone

    I was wondering how well the xb one will handle my htpc(with cable card) hooked up to the hdmi in?
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    Unique Problem

    I have a unique problem. I currently run a htpc with a ceton infinit4 cable card tuner with a 360 in my bedroom for a "cable box" aka media center extender. I haven't played a 360 game in years due to pc gaming. I am however very interested in playing gta5 in my living room. Any suggestions...
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    Unbiased 8350/8320 vs 3570/3770k 1080p Performance

    So I'm sure you've all read this before. I'm in the market for a new cpu to match with my newly bought HD 7950. Up until recently I thought for sure I was going to purchase the 3570k. After doing some research, I came upon this video: 3570vs8350OC This seems to be one of the only things...
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    XFX hd6970 with Accelero Extreme PlusII * $125 BIN $200 * ENDS Feb 24,2013 13:36PST

    I have my hd6970 up for sale on ebay: I also have it for sale in my FS thread: Let me know if you have any questions through private message or email: Heat...
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    Fastethernet enough for home network drive

    So i currently have a HTPC that is being used as a media server as well. It currently has 4 hds in a relatively small case(2 hds are ziptied to fit). I have a nice desktop that is connected via Fastethernet(antec p182) that i would like to put 3 of the hard drives in and use as network drives...
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    Yamakasi for dummies

    I've been seeing different things on the forums in regards to Yamakasi, catleap, shimian, etc. monitors. I've found different versions on ebay that i'm interested in buying. For those who currently own or who have knowledge of them, are there particular things I should be looking for...
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    PSU Crackling Noises

    So i've suspected for awhile that my psu was not strong enough to run my system overclocked. I eliminated any driver issues over the last two weeks. That brought me to today where I ran Intelburntest and Furmark at the same time and the system bluescreened(1055t@3.8 1.55v & 6970 @ 1.3v) or just...
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    HTPC wireless headphones

    I'm in the market for some wireless headphones for my setup. I currently have a Denon AVR-589 receiver hooked up to a dish receiver and my htpc through optical. Is there a set of headphones that will allow me to listen to both dish and htpc while still playing the sound through the speakers...
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    6970 Eyefinity DP Adapter

    So i just bought a 6970 off the forums. I have 3 monitors, 1920x1080, 2x1440x900. I know eyefinity has to be the same res on all monitors so i have no plans of using it. Everything i read says you need an active adapter to run eyefinity but it doesn't say anything about just hooking up three...
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    Bang for Buck Upgrade advice

    I'm looking at doing some upgrades for my aging system listed below. I would like to play BF3 on as high of settings possible at 1920x1080. As you can see from my current system, i don't upgrade often but when i do its with cheap and highly overclockable items. I would like to keep this...
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    Reduce bill

    My cell phone bill has become too expensive. The 130 for two smart phones on att that barely get used. I have an atrix that I'm not allowed to have on me at work(legally so don't suggest hiding it) and my wife hat an iphone 4 that she uses 99 percent of the time on wifi. Once I get home from...
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    Boot from pci sata card

    Father in law gave me his computer that wouldn't boot. Verified that the data ports are no longer working by booting ubuntu live usb. If I buy a pci(express) sata card will I be able to boot from hard drives connected to it?
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    Folder On Multiple Hard drives

    One of my 750GB hd's is about to be full of tv shows. My os drive(750gb as well) has over 600 gb's available on it. Is there any way possible of having my TV shows folder span across two hard drives? The only way I can think of would be to have two seperate folders such as "Tv Shows a-m" on...
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    Surround Speakers setup

    I need some help with my 5.1 setup. I live in a town house so i have this weird rectangular livingroom/dining room area. Here's a picture of the setup. Uploaded with My question is where should i put the surround speakers? They're on stands and bc of the dining room table...
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    New htpc hogging all the bandwidth

    I just upgraded my htpc. Now when I am downloading torrents on it, it takes all the available bandwidth. I cannot connect to any internet sites on the htpc or other computers. With my old Htpc, the download speed would drop to compensate for another program or computer accessing the Internet...
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    Audio through video card with burnt up mobo sound card

    My htpc's mb usb and onboard soundcard burnt up. I remedied this with a usb pci card and cheap usb sound card. I'd like to use only hdmi to go to my tv. If i buy a new graphics card like a gt 210, will I be able to get sound through the video card? I don't quite understand the video card...
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    Motherboard or Cpu kicked the bucket

    I tried to wake up my pc tonight, it tried to resume back into slowly. I figured it was messed up so i turned it off and turned it back on manually. Now nothing comes on the screen when i turn it on. I tried it with the vid card removed on on-board graphics, nothing. each stick of ram by...
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    Do you think eyefinity will ever support different resolutions?

    I used to have dual 19" ws monitors, i wanted a 1080p monster so i went out and bought a 25" Hannspree(re-branded Hanns-g from BB). I had no other use for the 19s so i bought arms and put them in portrait on both sides. A couple weeks after i bought them amd released their new cards. Do you...
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    Performance from seagate 7200.10 to WD Black

    I just bought a Western Digital 750gb black for my pc. I'll be moving my 750gb green into my htpc. I currently have the os and games installed on a Seagate 250GB 7200.10 drive. Will i notice an increase from my seagate drive? I have read a couple reviews and know that the performance is...
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    Bent pin, no longer works after fix

    So i got a new case for my htpc. I wanted to see if my scythe andy would fit in the case, so i pulled the stock cooler off. When i did this, it ripped the cpu off. I was dumb and forgot to turn on the pc to warm the arctic silver up. Well when i pulled it off, i must have bent a pin. I was...
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    single core hd playback

    Ok so i just bought a new hdtv and i want to use my old hardware(second rig in sig) for a htpc. I know single core may be cutting it but i was hoping the video card could offset some of the load. I can play hd on youtube fine, and that is without any gpu acceleration bc flash doesn't support...
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    OCZ SiletXtreme 600w power down sound

    Ok so i recently upgraded my videocard from a hd 4850 to a gtx 285. Now my psu should def be able to handle that along w/ the rest of my system, but since i upgraded i hear a noise every so often. Do you know the noise your psu makes when it powers down? Its almost a clicking like sound, i...
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    KWORLD UB435-Q Support satellite box?

    I'm looking into getting this tuner: I would be using it w/ a dish network box. I can set the box to output to any channel on either "air" or "cable." Will this tvtuner pick up the channels? I am assuming it will as it only...
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    GIGABYTE GA-G31M-ES2L support onboard and pcie

    So i just bought my new 25" hannspree monitor. I also have a hannsg 19" and an Envision 19". My video card is a hd 4850 connected to both hanns via dvi ports. this leaves me one port short for my third monitor. Is my motherboard capable of supporting the third monitor through onboard? i...
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    Need to split one vga input to two

    I have two Lcd monitors, one w/ dvi and vga, and the other w/ only one vga. I have one computer and a 360 hooked up to the first monitor, and the single vga monitor hooked up to a different pc. I would like to run dual displays on the first computer. It seems to me, the simplest way to do...
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    USB No Longer Works

    Recently my video card started to run hot so i took it out to clean the dust off. When i put it back in and fired up the system, my usb ports no longer worked. I have never had a problem with this board(Biostar Tforce-6100 s939). My best guess is a short, but i did not hit anything when...
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    x1900/x1950 performance thread

    I wanted to make a thread for all of owners the ATI x1900 series. We are no longer mentioned in reviews, so i thought we could make a new Most of us are very close to upgrading, but want all the performance out of our current card as possible Until recently, i could still max all my games out...
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    VGA to Component cable won't work

    My roomate went out and bought a vga to component cable to hook his laptop up to his 42inch panasonic plasma. Going to display properties and enabling it as the second monitor does nothing. The plasma stays black and receives no signal. I have tried this on my laptop as well as his, with no...
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    Can't boot from USB drive

    I'm in the process of soft modding my 360. One of the steps is to boot the pc from a usb drive. My motherboard is a Biostar Tforce 6100 s939. My usb drive is a Kingston Datatraveler 1gb. Using HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool, i loaded win98 files. I then went into bios and changed to boot...
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    4850 vs 8800 Ultra

    I'm looking to get a new card. I play at a lowly rez of 1440x900. I can purchase an 8800ultra for $145 and a 4850 for $135. Would the 8800ultra be a big gain over the 4850?
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    Run Counter strike server w/ Comcast cable

    I want to run a css server on my spare computer. I have comcast cable 16Gbps service, so it has that 250gb limit. If i have a populated server, do you think i would go over the limit?
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    ~$500 Upgrade

    Here are my specs Biostar Tforce s939 6100 Opteron 170@2.7 2GB ddr400 X1950xt Hanns-G 19in WS monitor I have around 500 for a major upgrade, but i would prefer less bc i'm a poor college student. I do not want to upgrade my mobo/cpu/ram yet as ddr3 and amd/intels new socket coming out...
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    Program to join .vobs and convert to .avi

    I ripped all my dvds to my harddrive. I would like to join the .vob files and then convert them to .avi to save space and stream to my 360. Is there a program that can do this?