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    PSA to not forgot to replace your PSU every few years

    5+ year old Corsair HX1000 blew up about half an hour ago. Loud "POP", so capacitor must have blown. I tossed my HX520 into the rig for the time being, but I plan on getting a "real" replacement soon, as the HX520 is about as old as the HX1000 was and it doesn't have 8-pin PCIes. I had to use...
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    I think I killed my X-Fi

    Not that it's a huge loss since it's an XtremeMusic. I've had it for maybe five years now? I had my Pro700MK2s plugged into a headamp which was plugged into the audio out of the X-Fi. I dialed the software volume up to 100% intending to use the headamp for volume control. I heard the start of...
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    New PC gaming headsets from QPad

    Yeah yeah I know, gaming headsets -- horrible stuff, other than the Sennheiser PC350/360s. These seem to be rebadged Beyers though. (you can clearly see the BD logo stamped into the plastic part of the headband) Three models that range in price from 99 Euro to 299 Euro, and I'm guessing the...
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    Apparent security flaw discovered in Ubisoft's uPlay

    EDIT: See Mas's post #13 for an update regarding patching this issue. Couple of quick notes: - this exists as a proof of concept for now -- it hasn't been used for malicious (i.e. rootkit) purposes yet - YMMV as far as whether the demonstration website they set up to show the flaw will affect...
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    So these 1TB RE4s and Caviar Blacks are the same price...

    So for some reason, the 1TB Caviar Black is identical in price to the 1TB RE4. Is there any reason why I wouldn't just get a couple of the RE4s instead of Caviar Blacks?
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    Gaming keyboards without number pads

    I'm wondering what gaming keyboards there are out there that do away with the numpad, or has a standalone numpad separate from the keyboard like the original Eclipse I. It's useless to me for gaming purposes and constantly gets in the way, especially for FPSs. - An example of what I have in...
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    Any new clip mics out yet?

    I've just broken my second set of Zalman clip mics (the cable is thinner than a strand of angel hair pasta). Has anyone come out with a better designed clip mic that attaches to regular headphones? I vaguely remember someone on here posting a link to a contraption that included a magnet that...
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    Humble Bundle Android up

    Humble Bundle Android - All of the games have Android versions in addition to the typical Win/Mac/Linux versions. - World of Goo - Osmos - Anomaly: Warzone Earth - EDGE Skip for me unless they add more games later -- I have all of them already, except EDGE. Ironically, the Humble Bundle...
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    Think I'm ready to take the SSD plunge (gaming related)

    Welp, I've just completely filled up my Vraptor array which is currently dedicated to my Steam collection. Just a portion of Steam, mind you. By my calculations, I'd need another couple hundred GB to fit the rest of my Steam games as well. I'm probably going to have to just dump the entire thing...
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    Just Cause 2 - Am I going to like it or hate it?

    I bought this along with a ton of other crap during the Steam sale, and haven't had the chance to really look at it closely until now. From the description, it sounds an awful lot like Far Cry 2 (which is not a good thing), with Far Cry 1's tropical setting. But it also sounds like a sandbox...
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    How much battery life are you supposed to get out of the 360 controller?

    I figured the console section is the most fitting for this question even though I don't own a 360 console... How long is one set of fresh batteries supposed to last in the 360 controller? Reason I ask is that I don't remember the last time I put batteries in, but I feel like I've played...
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    VG247 - "The Great Review Debate: Can we find our way back?"

    Taking a look at the processes at work both at review publications/websites and among the PR flacks at game publishers, and the types of deals and arrangements that get worked out in "exclusive" game reviews, among other things. Full Article: "The Great Review Debate: Can we find our way...
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    Indie Royale bundle #2 out

    Indie Royale Difficult 2nd Bundle is out now. Website seems to be having major difficulties with too many connections already :rolleyes:...they really should work on that. Games are: Night Sky Fate Of The World Scoregasm Time Gentlemen, Please! and Ben There, Dan That! Haven't heard of any of...
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    CM Centurion 534 - are those lower drive bays removable?

    Just a quick question for CM 534 owners - are either of those two lower drive cages removable? As in they're attached with screws and not rivets.
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    Need a joystick (with adjustable handrest)

    I think my old Wingman Force 3D is on it's last legs, so I'm in need of a new joystick. I'm looking for something with an adjustable handrest -- so that probably rules out all the Logitech joysticks :(. Also -- just a joystick, nothing too fancy like those stick + throttle setups. Ideas?
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    Where can I buy a mouse wrist rest (that isn't attached to a mouse pad)?

    I'm having a hard time finding a B&M store that sells those gel wrist rests...ones that aren't already attached to a mouse pad :rolleyes:. It's annoying to have that bone in the lower part of your wrist constantly scraping against a wooden desk -- I remember one week where I was pretty much...
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    Corsair XMS2 2x1GB DDR2-800 4-4-4-12 $34.99 AR FS

    Corsair XMS2 2x1GB DDR2-800 4-4-4-12 $34.99 AR FS Product Linky Rambate Linky This was active last week too, but it goes in and out of stock.
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    Thoughts on this mouse (Copperhead)

    I'm looking for a new mouse to replace my aging MX-500, and I saw this baby, the Razer Copperhead. How large/small is this thing? I have pretty small hands, so I'm hoping it's not the size of a typical MS mouse like the Habu. Also, how's the durability? I've only had my Logitech for a little...
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    Board is not setting RAM to the proper speed?

    The board is currently on "Auto", as far as the RAM frequency. With a FSB of 266, shouldn't the board be setting the RAM to 533 MHz, not 800 MHz? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm under the impression that a 1:1 ratio is what should be used, so in the case of DDR2, the board should...
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    Brick and mortar places that sell acrylic sheets?

    Does anyone know of any brick and mortar places that sell basic, clear acrylic sheets (minimum 7" x 9")? (I'm in VA, if that helps) I've seen the window kits online, but the ones with fan cutouts are absurdly expensive. I'm also not sure the exact placement of the cutouts I want, so I want to...
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    PSU replacement for a QPack (standard length optical drives)

    Are there any PSU options for the QPack that could still be used with regular, non-short length DVD drives (like the NEC-3540A)?
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    Shortest length round IDE cables for a Q-Pack

    I'd like to the shortest possible length that will still be able to connect up the drives inside a Q-Pack. Would 10in would ok, or should I go with the 18in one just to be safe?
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    Chenming 118 or X-Qpack

    Having a little trouble deciding between the Chenming 118 and the QPack. If I get the QPack, it'd be the black/silver one, which looks essentially the same as the Chenming. The main deciding factor would be the PSU. I've heard a lot of stories about the Aspire 420W PSU crapping out on people...
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    Zalman CNPS7700 - Sufficient cooling for a 630?

    I'm looking for heatsinks that'll fit inside a QPack. Will the Zalman CNPS7700 cool a 630 sufficiently at stock clock speeds?