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    WTB: NEC 20wmgx2

    so I missed out on the NEC refurb sale during the holidays, and now I'm looking for a well cared for 20wmgx2 for with no screen damage/dead pixels... PM me if you can help :D edit: I thought I was in the FS/T forum...if a mod could move this I'd REALLY appreciate it.
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    20wmgx2 users

    Anyone have more hours than me? 9700 and still going strong =) (press up and reset/dvmode @ monitor info in menu)
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    Pentium D 920 with Asus P5LD2

    I just bought a 920 and P5LD2. The problem is that for the board to support these procs they need a newer bios. My question is: How can I update the firmware with the new processor? I don't have an older processor to boot the board and update the firmware to the 0901 BIOS. Will it...
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    Leadtek to NV5, worth it?

    Hi, does anyone has an opinion on going from the stock leadtek cooling on my 6800gt to the nv5 silencer. Sorry I don't even remember the temps on the stock cooling.
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    Need help - benQ 1620

    I bought a benQ 1620 off newegg the other day during their special for $51. I just installed it, windows detects it fine, no problems under device manager. I can't get anything to be read from it, not the nero cd that came with it, not a blank cd, not a DVD.... This is pretty...
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    Anyone ever RMA a Leadtek

    My 6800gt is borked... I've never had an experience with leadtek... ^^ that scares me. :eek:
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    need some new heatsinks for k7d-l

    I need some new heatsinks for my 2100xp's modded into 2600MP. The vcore on them is 1.77 FYI. Right now they have volcano 11 on them at full speed and it's keeping them in the upper 40's. I can't stand the noise and want a solution under 35dB. Any advice please?
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    Is this ghosting? pic

    I just got this monitor (NEC-Mitsubishi 2111SB). It didn't come with a vga cable (it uses male to male btw). So I went to Officemax and picked up a cheap belkin one. It doesn't have any ferrites, and is list on Amazon with horrible ratings...
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    Question: A64 ppd?

    I was wondering what I could expect from a A64 3200+ @ 2.25 folding... how many ppd? I know it's been calculated before but I couldn't find it and the search doesn't work. :( Thanks