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  1. J

    Soo basically 3060s are coming out yet people can't even buy what they released Sept 17th?

    Is it me? Or every review now vaporware? They are releasing more and more cards yet no fucking body can buy them? Is this some sort of joke? Kinda funny when none of this hardware is even available.
  2. J

    Everything is gone again?

    Did I miss anything? Is nV and AMD completely wiped out? I really should invest in a bot at this point.
  3. J

    Have gigabit internet but windows 10 is slowing it down?

    I have gigabit internet from my ISP. The tech that came here can get 970+ mbps all day all the time. As soon as I hook up my windows 10 pro system, it goes up to that speed but then trickles down to 600 to 700. For some reason my system can't sustain gigabit 940+ speeds. What in windows 10 would...
  4. J

    10700k overclocking quick and dirty settings on a Gigabyte Vision G

    Hi. I would like to overclock my 10700k. I have a gigabyte vision g with the latest bios. Can someone give me quick and dirty settings to get 5.1ghz on all cores for my gigabyte board? I have a kraken x53 aio so hopefully my temps are cool. Also, once I get the oc dialed in, what software do...
  5. J

    Intel updates for windows 10 that are for intel hardware. Yet I have latest chipset

    I have just updated my system to the latest intel mei and chipset drivers. Yet windows update is showing me these 2 optional updates for my system. If I have the latest software for my motherboard from intel, should I install these from windows update? Wonder if these will impact performance.
  6. J

    AHCI or Intel RST premium controller?

    This is my situation. I have 1 m2 nvme ssd drive and 2 sata ssds. If I change my bios to use the intel rst premium controller from ahci, I can't see my nvme in the bios anymore. I can still boot to it, but it just disappears from the bios. If I set the bios to ahci, I can see it. I raid 0 my 2...
  7. J

    How to set up vpn server on my home pc so I can connect to it anywhere?

    I do not have a router that supports vpn. All I have is a spectrum issued wifi router which is really basic. What I would like to do is setup vpn server software on my home pc, so I can connect to it when I am at work. I really do not mind paying for a vpn service if it allows me to do this...
  8. J

    Intel graphics and LG 27GL850-B flickering at 144hertz?

    So I sold my old video card to make way for this Thursdays 3080. I am using my integrated graphics right now via display port. What I noticed with my LG monitor is that if the refresh rate is at 144hertz, I will get really bad flickering. But set the refresh rate to 120hertz, the picture is...
  9. J

    10700k running at 3.2-4ghz in task manager. CPU-Z reports correct mhz though. Why?

    Hey guys. I just noticed that in windows task manager. On the cpu screen. My speed is going anywhere from 3.2 to 4k mhz. It is not staying pegged at 4700mhz that CPUZ is reporting. Is there a reason why? Shouldn't my processor stay at a minimum 4.7k mhz in task manager? Why is the cpu speed...
  10. J

    Gsync and 3080 144hertz tearing?

    My monitor has gsync. If I buy a 3080 and play games at 1440p and the video card pushes more fps then my monitors refresh rate which is 144hertz, what do I need to do? Does gsync fix this? Do I need to enable vsync? I'll get tearing if my fps goes above 144 right? Should I cap my fps at 142...
  11. J

    PCIE 4 vs PCIE3Gen4?

    Will the 3000 series cards be a huge jump with pcie4? I just built a 10700k system Z490-A prime board and have a 2060. Looking to get a 3080. Hope I didn't shoot myself in the foot if the perf increase is huge with pcie4. What do you guys think?
  12. J

    Battlefront 2 direct x 12 choppy fps on 2060

    Hey guys. I wanted to know why BF2 gives me crappy performance with DX12 enabled? I get really bad fps. But unchecking it, everything is smooth. Is there a known bug? I thought DX12 would enable smoother gameplay? Is this game set up wrong? My system setup wrong? Not sure what could be causing...
  13. J

    Z490A prime fans running full speed all the time how to?

    I just bought the all-in-one pump Kraken 53 and it's running really low RPMs in my BIOS like 800 RPMs low and my CPU temperature is near 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Is there a way to disable the fan control on the motherboard so all my fans run full speed all the time? I literally want my desktop to...
  14. J

    Asus prime z490-a and corsair 465x rgb case

    Hi guys, I bought these two items and have no idea where to plug the three RGB fans into the motherboard? The fans are RGB and there are fan headers on the motherboard but should the fans be plugged into the case or the motherboard? How do I control the lighting does anyone know? I'm kind of a...
  15. J

    TV or monitor for new desktop?

    Hey guys. I am building a new gaming desktop. Been without one for a long time. What I wanted to know is should I get a TV or a monitor? I am looking to get a max of 42 inches for my desktop viewing pleasure. Is there anything out there that is worth getting over another?
  16. J

    Buy now or wait? Have 3.5k to invest

    Hey guys. I have 3.5k to invest into a new build. Monitor is going to be needed as well as everything. Have the desk and chair but need everything else. I am anxious to get the build going. I get the money this week and was thinking of going to Microcenter or order online. Should I wait until...
  17. J

    Long time pc gamer that loves pcs but age makes me like consoles now

    I just wanted to make a post for us 45 year old guys here. I have gamed on pcs since 1990. BBS days and before that since the early 80s. After sitting hunched over in an office chair and upright at my computer with my nice keyboard and mouse and office chair and slammin system. To me now...
  18. J

    What TVs do 120hertz with freesync? Hdmi 2.1

    I bought the Q70T 75inch Samsung TV for the upcoming consoles and heard that the tv only does freesync at 60hertz@4k resolution. Not 120hertz. So I thought on the hdmi 2.1 port 4k@120fps/hertz freesync was possible. Is that not true?
  19. J

    Q70T Samsung...good choice?

    I mainly game. I am getting a new Xbox come holiday season. Do you guys think this TV is decent if I pair it up with a nice soundbar? I just picked it up, the 75inch version. It states it has an 2.1 hdmi port. Just want to make sure I made a good purchase. What are you guys think, thumbs up or...
  20. J

    Is an SSD RAID 0 worth it?

    Would it be more practical to put just one 970 pro in my system and windows 10? Or just [H] it up and get two in a raid 0 config? Just if I had a bit of spare cash. What do you guys think?
  21. J

    Gsync with a 60 hertz monitor...why?

    Hey guys. I just bought a 32 inch XB321HK predator monitor and am considering why. I thought thing thing would eliminate the need for me to ever use gsync. But now come to find out that I still get tearing in games. I have to limit my fps to 57 for this 60 hertz panel. If I still get tearing in...
  22. J

    8700k CM Evo 212 and Asus prime Z370-P ghetto rig

    Hey guys. I am ghettoing it up with this powerspec pre built desktop from Microcenter. First time I have bought a prebuilt desktop and I am making the best of it. The motherboard is a Asus prime Z370p. My cooling is a coolermaster evo 212 and the cpu is an 8700k. What I wanted to know was with...
  23. J

    Best motherboard for 2700x

    I am going to Microcenter this week to pick up a 2700x combo. What is the best motherboard to pair up with this chip? I'd like to get something that has good sound and that is really robust. Since I've always cheaped out on the motherboards before I figured this time I'd pick up something...
  24. J

    Motherboard with good sound?

    What motherboard would have decent sound to plug into JBL monitors? Getting 9900k.
  25. J

    Tv or monitor for gaming

    Hi guys. I am thinking of buying a new display for my desktop PC on building. Would it be better to go with an LG monitor or would it be better to go with a 40-inch TV? What do you guys think the best would be for both? I don't want to spend more than six to eight hundred. Thank you. Oh and I...
  26. J

    TCL 55R515

    Is anyone getting an error when trying to set the HDR level in the Roku app for the TCL TV is? I keep getting please restart the TV if problem persists when I’m playing on my Xbox one and trying to change the mode to hdr bright. Anyone else seeing this?
  27. J

    Local dimming or dynamic contrast on TCL TV?

    Is dynamic contrast hdr in TCL TVs? Local contrast is the dimming zones right? Is there any way to enable both on a 55 r615 tv? For the life of me I had both enabled on my xb1x but now on my new TCL I can’t seem to get both enabled for my cable box while watching tv. Anyone know how to do this?
  28. J

    Best messaging app besides samsung messenger app?

    Hi, I have a lot of friends who use an iPhone and Android. I've been using the built-in Samsung messenger app for ages and want to you something a bit better. What should I use? What is the best all-around media rich and generally fast good messaging app that would be an upgrade from Samsung's...
  29. J

    Vizio e65-e1 65 inch with HDR or TCL 55P605 for xb1x?

    I can get a e65-e1 vizio tv that has hdr 65incher for 750$ or get the TCL 55 incher with HDR for 599. They both can do HDR10 but dolby vision is only on the TCL. I have no idea what dobly vision is or if I would even use it on the TCL. Honestly 65 inch e65-e1 sounds tasty but it does not have...
  30. J

    4k TV with half decent HDR for 600$ to 650$ soley for XB1X gaming?

    Hi everyone, I am looking to spend a max of 650$ on a 4k TV that will be used only for my XB1X console gaming needs. What I would like is something in the size range of 40 to 50 inches if possible. Do you guys recommend anything that is a defacto buy for that price point? I have 0 eye issues and...
  31. J

    Label hdmi input to PC for Chromecast?

    Should I label my HDMI input on my Samsung TV to PC for better visual performance when plugging in my Chromecast Ultra? Just wanted to know if that was help or with the best settings, picture settings for the HDMI input that my Chromecast Ultra plugs into. Thank you guys.
  32. J

    4k tv with HDR for under 500$ possible? For new xbo-x

    What is the best deal on a 4k tv with HDR for near or around 500$? Want to get a new TV to have cmas morning on Nov 7th. Anything out there that is a decent buy without getting junk at the price level? Thanks! :) Edit: What do you think of this? 55 inch TCL 4K with HDR...
  33. J

    Chrome taking 5 seconds to resolve homepage

    I have set as my home page in chrome. It takes 5 seconds to resolve the homepage almost every time I open chrome. MS Edge browser does not do this. When it is resolving chrome it shows 'not secure' then after 5 seconds it goes to green secure and opens I have...
  34. J

    Razer mouse, not too bad. Not love just props

    I have a Razer Death Adder 2013 mouse. I bought it last March. And for the past year this thing has held up very well with absolutely no issues. No clicking issues, nothing at all to bitch about and it feels great and works awesome. The only thing we ever hear about is the negatives most of the...
  35. J

    Intel 600p nvme ssd gets a new firmware update, anyone try it?

    Just updated my 600p ssd drive to firmware 109c. The 3.4.1 intel ssd toolbox has the new firmware. I wonder if this new firmware addresses any issues that were affecting it during launch? Anyone run any tests? I was waiting to see if pcper was able to review it yet. Looks like they haven't as of...
  36. J

    40inch HDTV Win 10 says 150% scaling recommended? Huh?

    Why is Win 10 telling me that my 40inch Samsung HDTV that I am using as my pc monitor, scaling at 150% is recommended and not 100%? All my fonts look sharp and crisp at 150% also in comparison at 100%. 100% isn't bad and works fine but everything is smooth as butter at 150% scaling. But stuff...
  37. J

    Windows 10 is uhh...fine?

    I built a new system in August of this year. 6700k, 1080gtx blah blah. I heard so much shit about Windows 10 being junk, I caved in and bought a key on here for Win 10 64bit Pro. And it was the best thing I have ever done. Or spent 25$ on. For me, the install went smooth. I mean all I did was...
  38. J

    Have 400$ to spend during black Friday...4k which one?

    My max budget is 400$ for this black Friday. I would like to get a 4k monitor that does 4:4:4 and can display small text without issue. I am not a big fan of scaling and have good eyes. I would just like to read text all in it's small non scaled glory on my desktop. Though I am not going to game...
  39. J

    What got you into PCs and PC gaming? What year and why?

    I was always a gamer. I was born in 1975. Always was a geek. Loved DnD, Dragonlance, Fantasy. My first console was the Telstar Arcade. I played Atari 2600, Coleco Vision (always thought the controllers with the dial were high tech) then when the NES came out I became a Nintendo nut. I started...
  40. J

    Should I fry chicken on my 1080gtx? Thermal grease for best taste?

    I wanted to know what increase, if any, would I see if I redid the thermal paste on my 1080gtx properly. Do you guys think it would be worth it? How hard is it to get the card apart to be able to apply a nice dab of MX-4 paste? 3 to 5c out of the question? What do you think?