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    Optical sound card

    Thanks mvmiller12, I missed where you had posted that earlier. Went ahead and got the U3. Appreciate it.
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    Optical sound card

    How about this:Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro USB Audio System with SBX SB1095. I'm assuming my headphones would simulate the 7.1 part...
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    Optical sound card

    I think this Creative Sound Blaster Audigy PCIe RX 7.1 should fit the bill for what I'm looking for. Any thoughts?
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    Optical sound card

    I have Steelseries Siberia 800 headphone and an Asrock ab350m pro4. I'd like to use Dolby 7.1 surround. It doesn't look like my mobo has a header to attach an add on toslink connection. To get 7.1, it seems that you have to use the 3 3.5mm ports on the back as well as the one that would be on...
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    Optical sound card

    I'm looking for a recommendation for a sound card with optical out that will support my 7.1 headphones. My motherboard unfortunately doesn't have any toslink so I need something pcie that works with Windows 10. The cheaper the better and even usb is ok as long as it has Dolby 7.1. Thanks in...
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    I think my 980 Ti may be going bad. Help please.

    I'd do a clean wipe of the drivers, and then reinstall. Then I'd stress test it with Furmark for an hour and see if it crashes.
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    Oh man!, I am so freaking nostalgic about Nehalem

    I meant the total industries IPC, they obviously didn't catch up to Intel on that front.
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    Oh man!, I am so freaking nostalgic about Nehalem

    I'm sure a lot of professionals really liked what happened this year with Ryzen/Threadripper. Definitely not a substantial IPC increase, but AMD's core count increase directly affected the market and forced Intel's hand on it's expensive 6+ core cpus. I myself enjoyed the switch to Conroe from...
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    FX8320 vs I5 2320

    I recently upgraded my computer to Ryzen+Vega and planned on handing down my fx8320+R9 290 to my girlfriend. I didn't realize that she had a computer her dad had previously buildt her with an i5 2320 in it. I've always been an AMD guy, but only due to the fact that they're generally cheaper...
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    EK Fluid Gaming A240R

    This is what I was thinking would be the answer. Thank you and pendragon1 for the responses, I only use my computer for gaming and I wear headphones so I do not believe I'll purchase the kit.
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    EK Fluid Gaming A240R

    EK just released an kit for vega and it supports Ryzen for $240(link below). My current vega 56 has the following settings in wattman: Frequency %: 3 Voltage control: 1100 for pstate 6 and 7 Memory:900mhz Fan speed: max Power limit: +50 This results in my gpu core clock boosting and...
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    Monitors under $250

    I'm personally and Ultrawide guy. You can get an LG 29" ultrawide for roughly your budget. Some people preach high refresh rate monitors, but I've never personally experienced one.
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    Vesa Bracket

    I'm looking to mount my old 1080p 25" monitor above my 34" ultrawide. Problem is, the 25" has 6 holes for the mount and the ultrawide has 4. 4 out of the six holes are infact Vesa, but it would cause the monitor to be off center. Does anyone know of a bracket or mounth that would...
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    Titanfall 2 or Battlefield 1?

    I purchased both and I do think you should get both. With that being said, I voted for BF1. I think its the slightly better game personally, but I do enjoy both. TF2 is pretty similar to the previous version, but BF1 is the first good BF game since BF4 IMO. Maybe purchase BF1 now, and TF2...
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    New build after four years. Thoughts?

    I too would recommend the 280x based on performance. As long as you get a good custom cooler one, I can't imagine heat being an issue. I run a r9 290 in a closed media center stand(albeit stock) with no heat issues. Also is there a reason you're getting 4x4GB of RAM? Most suggest 2x8GB. If...
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    Time Warner Cable Also Charging Netflix For Direct Connection

    Exactly the issue with VPNs. Average consumers use tablets, rokus, consoles, and TV apps for their streaming. VPN software for pc is easy, other devices are not as simple. Also netflix would be in danger of alienating people with older devices that didn't get VPN updates.
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    Best Full ATX Case for Bad Airflow

    I know this is a weird question, but what is the best case that fits a full atx MOBO with little airflow? I currently have an Antec p182(love the design) laying sideways inside of a closed tv stand. I have little choice in the placement due to a very touchy toddler. Are there any cases that...
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    Bare minimum for 5760x1080?

    Buy a used 280 off the forums for cheap.
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    Intel Devil's Canyon Core Processor Presentation @ [H]

    Maybe its because they haven't had enough competition. AMD has a couple 4GHz+ chips due to its inferior IPC.
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    Intel Devil's Canyon Core Processor Presentation @ [H]

    Most of you seem mostly interested in the i7 and i5 part. Is anyone going to get the pentium and go balls to the wall with it? Last chip like that I remember is the Pentium D 805(I think that was it). I wish they would make an awesome 4 thread cpu though since Dual Core is finally starting to...
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    Gaming Laptop Advice

    I have the lenovo y410p with 900p screen and it plays all my games well. I'm playing ESO right now on high with very good fps. I bought off of ebay for $800 to eliminate the long ship time. Lenovo gives a 1 year warranty even if you don't buy from them directly. I recommend this laptop...
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    Best virtualized home server os

    The biggest thing is file sharing. Home group is flaky sometimes. the ability to remote in is pretty high on the list. Other than that it's just a learning experience. I have experience with server 2012 through a boot camp but that seems a bit extreme
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    Best virtualized home server os

    I'm interested in running a home server on my htpc via VMware workstation. What is the best one available? My current setup is just home group across 3 disks of data:2 750 gb and 1 tb with windows 7 on a ssd. I have 16 gb ram otw with an 8 core fx 8320 so my specs should definitely fit the...
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    HTPC remotes

    I use the Harmony One with a generic HP IR blaster. It works well with WMC. I'm able to set touch buttons for things like videos, recorded tv, etc.
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    Gaming Laptop

    True but my screen is 900p and it generally runs over 40FPS. Only place that I got slowdown so far is Fungal Grotto.
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    Gaming Laptop

    My lenovo y410p plays all those games maxed and I only payed $800. 750m is more than enough for them. Try to find something with an 850 or 860m if possible for future proofing.
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    4K Surround + Quad GTX-Titan Black SC *BENCHMARKS*

    Ridiculously awesome rig! The real question is how you can afford it. Did you get sponsors or sell your first born?
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    Post Your Workstations 2014

    My home setup
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    Wii U vs PS4 right now

    I keep reading all the news that the wii u is a failure yet I find myself playing it more than my ps4. As of right now, there are no ps4 games I want to play(infamous second son will obviously change that). I don't personally find it a failure but a great second console. I can't find a reason...
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    Post Your Workstations 2014

    I remember that desk. Are you at Keesler by chance?
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    Non-"gaming" games for friends?

    As you said you had a ps3, doesn't get much easier than little big planet. If you did indeed had a wii u, i would suggest New Super Mario Bros or Super Mario 3d Worlds. Also Mario Party for Wii(playable on the Wii U)
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    Battlefield 4 Video Card Performance and IQ Review @ [H]

    Can anyone else with an AMD FX 83*0 comment on their performance? I know my frame rates with my 7950 seem to have a lot of noticeable drops. I have like 4 settings on ultra, rest on high, and no AA and I still see big drops.
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    GeForce GTX 780 Ti vs. Radeon R9 290X 4K Gaming @ [H]

    Maybe off topic, but for those who have used 4k for games, what is it really like? I've only seen the demo video at best buy and thought it was great looking. I am curious if it's like the difference between 800x600 and 1080p or is it not as great of a jump.
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    Cable card Htpc hooked up to Xbone

    I was wondering how well the xb one will handle my htpc(with cable card) hooked up to the hdmi in?
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    BF4 forcing me to upgrade...need recommendations

    As the above poster said, if you can find a 680 for that price, that would work well. I run a 7950 and run ultra minus AA@1080p and it is very smooth. I haven't run a FPS meter to tell, but I hate laggy gameplay and it is definitely smooth. Stick the 7950, 7970, 680, 760, 770. They will all...
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    Unique Problem

    I have a unique problem. I currently run a htpc with a ceton infinit4 cable card tuner with a 360 in my bedroom for a "cable box" aka media center extender. I haven't played a 360 game in years due to pc gaming. I am however very interested in playing gta5 in my living room. Any suggestions...
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    MSI N760 TF 2GD5/OC GTX 760 Overclocking Review @ [H]

    Still no buyers remorse for the 7950 I purchased earlier this year then.
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    Gaming/VM Desktop Build $1,000 budget

    Because you are going to run vmware with this pc, I would chose a cpu with 8 core(hyperthreading or not). If your budget allowed it, of course a new haswell i7 with ht would be the best choice. Because you have a $1000 budget, I would highly suggest a fx8320(if overclocking) or a fx8350 if...
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    Currently..what is the most powerful fanless graphic card ?

    I'm pretty sure the 7850 is the best pAssive available
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    FX-8320 vs FX-8350

    That's a really good idea. I currently have an antec spot fan blowing upwards(basically sitting on VGA and blowing up towards top of case) due to clearance issues. Ill have to try ur solution out