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    X4: Foundations

    Its been a week, and no talk of X4: Foundations? Releases November 30th. Freedom to personally fly all ships: X4 will allow you to fly all ships personally. From small scouts over a wide range of ship classes up to the biggest carrier, everything can be piloted from the cockpit or an...
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    2 of my 290's are 290X's?

    Ok so a while ago i bought 3 290's but i was using them for litecoin mining so i never really bothered to look at them in GPU-Z 1 is an XFX (still has reference cooler), 1 is a Power Color (after market AIO water cooler), 1 is a Sapphire (after market AIO water cooler) I recently bought a...
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    ASrock Extreme4 does it have a bios for DC?

    Does the Extreme4 have a bios update for Devils canyon or does it only need the latest one on their site for support? contemplating my options on picking up DC from microcenter in a week since i likely wont have enough money for Haswell-E in december and i want to give my 8120 system to a...
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    New X Rebirth footage

    Controls - Video game is starting to really smell like a console port. radial menus within radial menus.. sigh... lets hope there is a better ui if you have mouse and keyboard selected as a your controls. Edit- Scale and Detail - Video...
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    New Deep Down Teaser its also confirmed to be multiplayer but doesn't state how much multi player, co-op? or mmo or what.
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    Deep Down

    Deep down possibly coming to pc? the webste for it is up but is has PC in the link...
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    [H]ard Star Citizen's Group

    UPDATE: Organization page is up. send in your applications so i can accept them Dokazon Corp. [DOKAZON] - Organizations - Roberts Space Industries We have a Discord chat/voice server: Discord I put up a steam group for fellow [H]ard Star Citizen's to gather that would like to play together...
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    Ubisoft encourages players to sign The Devision PC petition.

    Ubisoft encourages players to sign PC petition. Now they are making us beg for games to get them on...
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    Galaxy GeForce GTX 670 G

    ended this item to try and sell it in the forums here instead.
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    Star Wars: Steam Sale 66% off the Franchise. nows a good time to pick up any starwars backlog games youve missed and might want to check out.
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    2x 60gb ssd's or 4...

    i currently have 1 60GB OCZ Vertex 2 that ive had since last august, and will probably be getting a second one early august for my bday. and was going to raid 0 them. but i was thinking assuming i did get a second one should i just spend 200 more of my own money and quad raid them or not? ill...
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    Official [H] Gran Turismo Photo Album

    Only post pictures you have taken ingame your self pls. My Bella Blue Mclaren F1
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    Couple MW2 kill cam vids

    This one i made a week or 2 ago Stun / .44 Kill Cams I just threw this one together last night. with some of the recordings ive gotten since the first video. video #2 Stun / .44 Kill Cams
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    2009 Jaguar XK RS 720p Tribute Video.

    Thought id make another video. This time of one of the non drivable cars in the Forza 3 demo. Because im sure everyone is sick of seeing the standerd 5 demo cars lol. 2009 Jaguar XK RS: 2min. 49sec. FileFront Download Links...
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    Forza 3 #80 Porsche Flying Lizard - Video

    2007 Porsche #80 Flying Lizard 911 GT3-RSR 10 - 8 Minute Replay Cameras. Fuzed together to make this one video as seemless as possible. This is probly the most editing ive ever done for a video so go easy on me and i probly went overboard but i thought it was a fun video hope you enjoy...
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    Forza 2 crash vs Forza 3 crash vids/pics

    now keep in mind i made this video in about 20min., that includes recording the footage and throwing it together. so dont expect an awsome editing job or anything lol my opinion on the forza 3 demo is it does not have enough crumple of the front of the car like it does in Forza 2, which i...
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    not exactly sure which raid card i should be looking at getting.

    ive always used the onboard raid controller so im not sure which raid card i should look at getting. price is important the cheaper the price but will perform atleast equal to an onboard raid controller would be ideal. it needs to have 4 Sata 2 internal connectors for raid 0 PCI-E upto 8x...
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    can you make windows (any version) use 2 primary sound devices?

    for example use both my Creative X-fi and either the onboard audio controller or my 3.5mm/USB headset at the same time. so both the creative x-fi process sound but also either my usb driver headset or use the onboard controller to process the sound at the same too. basicly what i want...
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    video card placement on MB

    i havnt tried yet, but does it matter which PCI-E slot i put my video card in? right now its in the normal top slot, but i was wondering if i could move it down to the bottom PCI-E slot on my Asus P5Q Pro so that i can have access to all 3 PCI-E 1x slots instead of my gpu heatsink blocking 1...
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    whats the best setup, for my hard drive's.

    heres my setup. 2x 36GB Raptors 8mb cache Raid 0 2x 320GB WD3200YS 8mb cache Raid 0 2x 640GB WD6401AALS 32mb cache Raid 0 i also have 2 500GB external hard drives im using right now to back up my misc. files so ill be able to wipe all the internal clean and repartition them all. so...
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    couple crossfire/4870 questions.

    ok ive got a question, about 2 Sapphire 1GB 4870's i recently got a sapphire 1GB 4870 for xmas from my sister, but now im thinking of getting a second one crossfire. but ive never done a crossfire setup before and the 4870's are a little cheaper now than they were at xmas time. im about...
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    how do you get the image scaling to work? 1GB 4870

    i just got a 1gb 4870 last night from my sister for xmas, but i cant seem to figure out how to get the image to scale properly with my 46" 1080p Sharp Aquos LCD any resolution under 1920x1080p is surrounded by black bars, the options in the catalyst control center dont seem to do anything...
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    How are my Q6600 temps?

    I just installed it last night and took these screenshots its stock right now but i plan to overclock it to 3ghz 1333. case - Antec 900 HSF - TuniqTower with As5 5 120m fans 1 200mm fan all on low speed. the as5 still needs to burnin so i took these pics to see if it goes down in a...
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    R6V2 Frag Video

    i made this video from a few rounds of multiplayer in rainbowsix vegas 2 filefront DL link for higher quality.;11377853;/fileinfo.html its a pretty fun game more people need to play it...
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    I Want to Replace my Tuniq Tower in my Antec 900..

    basicly as the thread title states, i currently have a Tuniq Tower in my Antec 900 case only problem is, i CANT use the side fan which hasnt been too much of a problem but i really want to now. so what are my options? i want similer cooling potential better is always welcome.. it just cant be...
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    video/audio to pc, not sure what all i need.

    Ok so this is what i want to do, i want to have the video/audio from my pc (also from my ps3/xbox 360 too would be a plus) go to another pc im building for recording but what all do i need to do that? its for making gameplay videos ect (fraps isnt an option because its a resource hog and makes...
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    Fallout 3 Teddy Bears in VATS

    This is probly the best part cut from the Todd Howard G4 interview, Teddy Bears In VATS!!
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    MOH:A Gameplay Videos.

    When i get a chance to play the game im recording it for your viewing pleasure. Hopefully ill have time to play the next level tonight. ill keep updating this thread with the new videos as i get them uploaded. MOH:A (Infinite Mischief) Part 1 20min...
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    only 3 of 4 harddrives who up at startup....

    ok i have 2 WD 320GB KS model hardhrives and 2 WD 320GB YS model harddrives MSI P6n Platinum MB latest bios. 1.4 i think i have all 4 hard drives plugged in blah blah everything is working except only 3 of the 4 drives will show up in the bios, now i know the HD that isnt showing up (one...
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    RSV Terrorist Hunt Videos

    i wanted to record some Rainbow Six Vegas footage "hopefully raise some intrest in the game". this game is pretty fun. multiplayer is alot more fun than the AI but fraps makes multiplayer unplayable so youll have to settle for some singleplayer action. RSV Casino Terrorist Hunt *just...
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    Rainbowsix Vegas Map pack

    the Rainbowsix Vegas map pack was released today for the few people here that might actually play this game, i find the game rather entertaining :);8142702;/fileinfo.html its about 655MB and adds 10 MP maps MAPS...
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    Fallout 3 preview up at IGN. looks like its shaping up to be one hell of an rpg, i cant wait for this game. for those that dont know its for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. the targeting system looks good, being able to choose where you want to hit head/legs/torso even the weapons...
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    So anyone have Overlord yet?

    topic title says it all. ive only played the demo and the full game came out today. any thoughts on it? without posting any spoilers.
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    warchild takes top 3 spots in CoH ladder

    just wanted to give the guys on my team the props they deserve, i suck at CoH so seeing them at the top is nice achievement in my book.
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    not sure, how i want my hd's setup.

    i have 2 Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD3200KS 320GB 7200 RPM 16MB and 1 Western Digital Raptor WD360GD 36.7GB 8MB i pretty much want the 2 320's on raid 0 (im not worried at all about a drive dying) but i dont know how i want partitions and windows installed, i want the best...
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    Intersteller Marines......

    im suprised i havnt seen ANY buzz what so ever about this game "Intersteller Marines" myself just stumbling across it on the EBGames/Gamestop website looking at coming soon releases. this is a PC, PS3, and Xbox360 game so it says :D EBGames Shows it as a 5/1/2007 release date but who knows...
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    noob vista/dualcore question.

    i just installed Vista 64bit Ultimate Edition and was wondering if i need the AMD Dualcore drivers/optimizer patch like i did for windows XP. i dont want to try installing them if i dont need them :)
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    Vanguard goes live at 1pm EST..

    Vanguard goes live today at 1pm EST.. 10am PST about 25min. from now incase someone here isnt aware and has thier preorder. ill be playing on Woefeather server
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    Towing on Oman Derailed. video (BF2)

    heres a small vid i made last night from a scrim the night before. it shows some tow kills and a head shot from a prescrim round earlier. its short 2min. should be good for people with short attention spans heh. or you can dl here...
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    heres a 2142 video i made.

    i was bored last night so i thought id test Fraps in 2142 to see how well it would run. it wasnt too bad so heres a video of the round i played with it on. can DL it here:;6383748;;/fileinfo.html or if you choose you can watch it right...