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  1. Ocellaris

    Radeon VII w/ Bonus Extra Noises

    Got my new card today and of the fans sounds like a box of paperclips being shaken when it spins up :( I thought my storage HD was going crazy, but nope it was the card :meh:
  2. Ocellaris

    New Echo Dot 3rd Gen for $1

    Details over here: This works with the Amazon Music Free Trial. If you don’t qualify for the Free Trial, you will need to sign up for the $7.99 plan bringing the total to $8.99 + tax :( Update: Dead is dead!
  3. Ocellaris

    Windows 10 Stop Mining When Display is Off

    Ok I recently setup a mining rig running 2x 1070s on an older Q6600 PC. I have the PC sitting in my basement so it stays cool and I use it through Remote Desktop. I am using Awesome Miner connected to MPH. The PC is connected via HDMI to a projector so I can use it directly if needed. When I...
  4. Ocellaris

    Gigabyte Z170X F20 BIOSes overvolting Kaby Lake

    I have a Gigabyte Z170 Gaming 3 board which I've been pretty happy with since Skylake launch. I had a early issue with my RAM running XMP profiles however they fixed that with a quick BIOS update. It ran my i5 6500 perfectly fine. When the Kaby Lake CPUs launched, I decided to upgrade to an...
  5. Ocellaris

    Ryzen 1700X crashes at 4.1GHz during live demo

    Overclocking around 19 minutes in. They push the system to 4.1ghz and it dies once they try Cinebench. Oops!
  6. Ocellaris

    New Titan X announced, 12GB GDDR5X, $1200

  7. Ocellaris

    Question For ASUS Strix 1070/1080 Owners

    Got a Strix 1070 OC installed yesterday and running just fine. Better than fine actually, the card hasn't gone over 64C and holds just under 2GHz Boost clocks in everything! Anyway I didn't like the "breathing" LEDs so I used the Aura software to set it to static. Now I swear the LED color...
  8. Ocellaris

    AMD in Trouble? RX 480 Powergate

    I normally don't care what anyone on Reddit says, however this is fairly compelling evidence that AMD should have put an 8 pin header on the cards: RX480 fails PCI-E specification Note this partially point back to a [H] post, though I couldn't figure out if they were the same person or people...
  9. Ocellaris

    Tried To Go Team Red

    First I tried a MSI R9 390 and it had bad coil whine anytime the GPU was loaded. Decided to go with a Strix R9 390 because I like the design and the card was almost the exact size I could fit into my case. Freaking loved the Strix design from the moment I pulled it out of the box. Got it...
  10. Ocellaris

    CM Hyper 212 EVO, $10 Shipped Amazon 3rd Party Currently $10 with free shipping from seller "RackGo". Ordered one for a Skylake build. UPDATE: Price went back up to just under $30 for this seller, closing thread.
  11. Ocellaris

    Samsung 850 Pro 256GB, $129.99 FS, No Rebate
  12. Ocellaris

    Nokia Lumia 520 $19.99 Good deal for a spare device or just to mess with Windows Mobile even without a AT&T plan.
  13. Ocellaris

    Kindle Fire HD 8.9" - $139 refurb from Amazon Great deal for a 9 inch tablet. These are normally $199 refurb, $229 new.
  14. Ocellaris

    First Titanfall game never coming to PS4

    Well that sucks, even Respawn didn't see this coming: Guess they won't be rolling with EA again in the future.
  15. Ocellaris

    S4 cheating on benchmarks This seems silly.
  16. Ocellaris

    Do the EMI shields on Creative cards do anything?

    I picked up a Recon 3D for cheap on Amazon. I really like the card over the Xonar DG and X-Fi ExtremeGamer I also have, and the drivers work great. Only problem is that the is picking up feedback or interference from my GPU. Sounds like a static that seems to vary with GPU load or framerate...
  17. Ocellaris

    If anyone has a Xonar DG and Windows 8...

    Can you please enable front panel sensing, turn OFF the PC, turn it back on, play audio, unplug the headphones and see if the sound comes out the speakers? I might switch back to a Xonar DG I have sitting in a box, however if this doesn't work my kid can't use the PC. I had this problem with...
  18. Ocellaris

    Hate Metro? Get Classic Shell

    Free download, open source project: Massive improvement to the Windows 8 experience for me. PC boots directly to the normal desktop, with a Start Menu including normal Search and Power options without jumping through hoops. Classic Shell works great and is...
  19. Ocellaris

    Good wall color to go behind a HDTV?

    One of my friends got a new house, we swapped some gear around since he wanted a smaller TV (that I gave him) and a 60 inch TV for his living room (that he needs to buy). Also I hooked him up with some old game console gear. Now I have to mount a new 50 inch plasma on the wall to replace a 32...
  20. Ocellaris

    PS Move Mayhem Bundle (w/ Resistance 3 and Killzone 3) $79 @ BB B&M This deal was available a few weeks...
  21. Ocellaris

    11.6 drivers available for download from AMD

    Links here: I will put some direct links once I get home.
  22. Ocellaris

    Magicka: Vietnam

    Well this was unexpected: Holy shit :eek:
  23. Ocellaris

    BGR: iPhone on Verizon launches February 3 Will the 2 years of speculation finally be over? :D
  24. Ocellaris

    PS3 cracked again, more firmware updates likely coming
  25. Ocellaris

    VM Lab Manager, Capture vs Archive ?

    I am using VM Lab Manager 4.0 and I am making a XP SP3 + other software VM for compatibility testing. I am saving the VM out to a shared library that anyone can pull from. Do I want to capture the VM or archive the VM? Other people will be checking out the VM on a regular basis and not saving...
  26. Ocellaris

    APB shutting down tomorrow

    I do believe this sets the new record for the shortest lived MMO from a major publisher.
  27. Ocellaris

    Still on Sprint SERO? You can upgrade starting Oct 1 / $50 month Evo/Epic 4G!

    If anyone is still using a Sprint SERO plan, starting October 1st you can now upgrade your phones. The new plans are called SERO Premium 500 and SERO Premium 1250 at $40 and $59 a month respectively. Both plans include unlimited mobile-mobile calls, unlimited text, and unlimited data and cover...
  28. Ocellaris

    Everquest 2 F2P is now live

    Everquest 2 Extended is up and running right now. The service itself is still technically in beta as they get up to speed, however any character progress you make or content you purchase at this point will remain on your account once they pull the beta tag. I started playing last night, I hope...
  29. Ocellaris

    Passive DisplayPort -> DVI-D Adapters for Eyefinity

    I have been running a Samsung 214T [S-PVA] monitor for a while. It is a 4:3 display which I much prefer over widescreen and the colors on the monitor are amazing. I recently stumbled across another 214T which I am now using. I might be able to get a 3rd monitor soon, which means I need a new...
  30. Ocellaris

    PS3 Firmware 3.40 Online (PSN+ Support)

    new ps3 firmware is live. my download is chilling at 1%... :( Posted via [H] Mobile Device
  31. Ocellaris

    How can I check that AHCI/NCQ are enabled in Windows 7?

    Aside from setting this in the BIOS, how can I verify that AHCI is properly working and NCQ is turned on? Does anything in Windows even list this? If not, what tool can I use to tell me what is enabled.
  32. Ocellaris

    New 360 Revealed

    Angular black with built in Wifi:
  33. Ocellaris

    How do I make the font bigger in EVE Online

    I decided to give EVE another shot thanks to 5 days of free play CCP is offering via email. I activated my account and noticed two things. 1) I can not make a new character without deleting my old ones. And it takes 10 hours to delete the old ones... :( 2) The font is way too small for...
  34. Ocellaris

    Canonical devs getting paid to work on Chrome OS This is the worst idea since showing up to a party with a boner in sweat pants.
  35. Ocellaris

    App/plugin to print multiple pages of HTML per sheet?

    I am trying to print out a single plain HTML webpage that is about 100 pages long when printed, and I may have to print it twice. I have a Brother laser printer however I do not feel like wasting that much paper in one shot. If I can can print this out with 2 or 4 pages per sheet, it would be...
  36. Ocellaris

    Tips for dialing in a new PVA (Samsung 214T)?

    I have been using a Samsung 914V for a while and a variety of 15 and 17 inch displays for secondary displays (mostly for watching videos while gaming). I just got a refurb Samsung 214T PVA display, its a 4:3 display which I greatly prefer over widescreen. The display is great and I can...
  37. Ocellaris

    Looking for pic software to sort out dupes

    I have about 40k pics, mostly organized fairly well, however over time I have ended up with some duplicate directoies and wrongly labelled directories. I have all the pics backed up on offsite dvds and an external hd. now that my collection keeps growing, making the backup with the dupes in...
  38. Ocellaris

    Fedora 11 Released

    Mirrors are getting the final F11 .iso images right now. If you do not feel like waiting until the morning, you can check the for .torrents of the official images. I just cloned my Debian install so I can install this tomorrow. I am going to give this a shot until one thing...
  39. Ocellaris

    Any OEMs using AM3 boards yet?

    I need a OEM PC (shelf bought or counfigred from a major vendor). Is anyone aware of manufacturers using AM3 boards? Price is not really an issue, its for compatibility testing.
  40. Ocellaris

    Setting volume adjustments?

    I just picked up the Koss KSC75 ear clips @ Radio Shack for $5.47 (thanks to the Hot Deal forum). These sound hugely better than much more pricey headset I was using previously, so much so that I went back and bought 2 more sets of them. Anyway, I have a volume adjustment on the cord...