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    20yrs of [H]

    Old timer :p
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    Best Buy 10% of Birthday Month

    Oh yeah. I remember using that last year. Is there a limit to how much the 10% can save you?
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    Is it time to say goodbye to 1440p?

    I really don't like gaming under 100fps so I'll probably stick with 1440p for now.
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    No excitement about intel's latest offering??

    Delidded 8700k @ 5ghz will keep me going for a long time
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    Is AMD Stuck In The PAST? - Linus Tech Tips

    I definitely prefer the pins in the socket.
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    Cliff Bleszinski openly admits going woke can hurt games.

    Yikes. Hopefully whatever this guy touches will continue to flop
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    Thoughts on 240hz IPS Monitors

    They're legit. Not as fast as TN but a good compromise between speed and picture quality. I was not comfortable with 27" 1080p though. 24.5" 1080p IPS 240hz is coming soon
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    Better monitor than an LG 27GL850 for $450 or less? The ASUS TUF VG27AQ is better in just about every measurement. I have seen both displays and the difference in contrast is stark. Don't buy the Asus if you plan on using 60hz...
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    Nvidia and Asus unveil a 360Hz gaming monitor designed for e-sports

    if it can strobe 180hz without crosstalk that would be pretty nice
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    Apple Pro Display XDR

    Apple usually foots the cost of a great new panel. Eventually in a few years others will get access to it
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    Looking for 4K display with non-dull image typical of matte displays

    You'll want something that is semi-glossy. There's also some "low haze" monitors (HP?) that are like 2-3% haze rating from 3M. Antiglare coatings have always distorted screen clarity, but fortunately they're not AS bad as they were 10 years ago. My god the sparkle and "dirty" whites used to...
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    Do any of you prefer 27" 1080p over 24"?

    I think it depends how far your eyes are from the display. If you like 1080@27" you might be ok with 1440@32 or so. 1440p @ 27" is a sweet spot for me. 24" was too small.
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    Sweet Baby Jeebus Alienware 55" 4k120 OLED Displayport

    Interesting. Supply glut....sounds good for the consumer?
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    When you have money falling out yer ass... Amazing Home Theater / Arcade

    I love seeing people go over the top. This one is from a decade ago
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    Apple TV with Infuse Pro or HTPC with madVR ?

    Really enjoying the Apple TV 4k with infuse pro6. I use Plex on the back end. I don't have any other Apple products so ...wouldn't say I'm part of any ecosystem. Don't plan on buying much from their store either. The clean interface, dolbyvision support, nice remote, and gigabit ethernet are...
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    not PC specific but OLED?

    Ah Ok, I never paid much attention to the TV deals on BF. Looking for drives to shucc
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    not PC specific but OLED?

    Check out HDTVTest channel on YT for video reviews. Rtings is good for comparisons and measurements. Unless it's going in a super bright room or you can't trust kids/wife to not abuse the TV then I'd go OLED. Sony has more accurate colors and the processor is generally regarded as the best...
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    GameStop stores are turning into retro gaming cafes.

    Not sure if I've ever been in a gamestop. I'm old so it was Babbages, Electronics Boutique, and sometimes Funcoland ‍♂️
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    LG 38" 24:10 (NOT 21:9) 3840x1600 Ultrawide impressions

    Nice thread dude. I love when people document and review their purchases. My only suggestion would be to put the model # in the topic somewhere if you can.
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    The perfect 4K 43” monitor! Soon! Asus XG438Q ROG

    The children's bed back there was a nice touch.
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    Intel Internal Document Details How It Will Counter the AMD Threat

    "AMD at a glance" lmao Looks like an article to soothe investors.
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    Cherry mx Speed

    I'd just get reds
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    31.5" 2560x1440 165 Hz VA G-Sync - LG 32GK850G

    I'm stuck in 2012, send halp
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    This has to be an awful drive. But I'm buying one.

    No more dragging for games!
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    Canadian telecom FIDO ripping customers a new one for basic services.

    Sounds like these are things they want you to do for yourself through an online account. If you need them to do it for you then they charge. Still seems a bit weird how big of a problem was this?
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    ASUS TUF Gaming VG32VQ: World’s 1st display with concurrent motion blur reduction & Adaptive-Sync

    I hope the MBR doesn't significantly reduce the brightness. That's usually why I don't use it
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    eBay luck ran out - fraudulent return

    Yep. No returns is just a good way to possibly weed out potential buyers who aren't even sure if they really want the product and may already be thinking about the return scenario. If they're already thinking a return is possible I'd prefer that they just move on and buy the next guy's item.
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    eBay luck ran out - fraudulent return

    The thing is even if you have a picture of what you sent him, it's still your word against theirs. Taking a picture really doesn't prove anything. If you must use eBay I would stay away from selling expensive items and only allow buyers with 100+ feedback as well.
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    Google's product cancelling is killing their reputation.

    Haven't really used any of their side products since they killed off igoogle.
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    Help finding new Hardware News Site

    Just turn on TechTV you'll be fine
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    The best PC case I ever owned was a...

    The Coolermaster ATC-110-SX1 looked the best in my eyes. Had the window side panel for it too. Shout out to Lian Li PC65 and 75 as well. Ugliest case was my Vapochill, but it was actually a great cooling product. Surprisingly never had condensation issues with it like the prometeia
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    pok3r rgb and zowie divina s2
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    Looking for a new monitor 27'' with g-sync 144hz.

    No complaints here about my XB271HU. I wish I had another
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    Battlefield 5 DLC Delayed Due to Technical Issues

    I don't know where all the bellyaching is coming from. I've got about 15 hours in it so far and it's not bad for $30-40 Now I just need to level up these guns and figure out the right skill trees.
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    Titan RTX soon?

    2080ti owners are not supposed to care about value so just sell those and grab the new *best* if it bothers you. You still got a beast card People are down on Nvidia lately because they wanted performance improvements at the $500-500 and $750-800 price points. But you don't really get any...
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    EVGA RMA Experience: 1070TI for a $200 980TI

    Good to hear it. I like their products and thankfully have not needed to test the RMA service I did however RMA some GSkill ram this month. They took care of it no problem
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    SSD prices

    Couldn't help but wonder the same thing myself. It's nice for everyone to have this new QLC option but if the "prices will fall" prediction is based on a switch to cheaper/inferior products then it's less compelling. Picked up the 2TB mx500 off Amazon yesterday for $208. It will probably be...
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    Will a 10 series video card handle 2 different refresh rate displays with no problem?

    I have a XB271HU at 165 and u2518d at 60. Using a gtx1080 with latest drivers and current win10 I have noticed that the refresh rate on the XB271HU drops whenever I place a window with some sort of animation on the 60hz display. It does not drop to 60hz like it's flat out mirroring the slower...