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    Mouse similar to g9x?

    I honestly don't know wtf Logitech was thinking here, to discontinue the G9/G9X. Gripless G9/x was my favorite mouse of all time, and I've seen plenty of photos of cyberathletes using that setup as well. I don't know what I'm going to do when I wear out my current one. But I'm currently...
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    MSI GTX 780 Ti Gaming 3GB

    I have a major pet peeve when it comes to enthusiast websites doing noise comparisons, and either they'll do comparisons against various cards with stock coolers (I would never buy a stock HSF video card), or they won't mention the exact brand of the card they're comparing against, so you don't...
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    Rosewill Legacy Aluminum Cases - mATX and ITX

    Not quite enough length for a mid-range card like my 7970 (267mm). The mATX version would come up slightly short too (260mm of clearance).
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    Rosewill Legacy Aluminum Cases - mATX and ITX

    I saw these at the Egg yesterday, while browsing for the BitFenix Phenom. Sooo tempting to get either the itx or matx one with the side window, and build a custom "SteamBox" to show off to my gaming buddies, who have been getting hyped up over PS4/XB1. I love that case designers have finally...
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    PSA to not forgot to replace your PSU every few years

    Ehhh I spoke too soon. My 2TB Caviar is failing chkdsk and WD Lifeguard now. The other three drives including the SSD check out fine and memtest check out fine as well. Gonna see if Windows can repair it (minor FS corruption hopefully from the unexpected shutdown) or if it actually has bad...
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    PSA to not forgot to replace your PSU every few years

    So I think the earlier confusion over the warranty was due to the older OG HX line only having a five year warranty period - the newer HX and AX lines do have a seven year warranty. I ended up ordering the AX860 (regular, not "i") earlier this morning. Hopefully if this one bites the dust before...
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    PSA to not forgot to replace your PSU every few years

    Pretty sure it's 5 years, which would make it just out of warranty. I've been meaning to get a newer smaller one for a planned Prodigy build anyway, so I finally have a legitimate guiltfree reason to pull the trigger on the AX860 I had my eye on. Also, being that it's out of warranty, I guess...
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    PSA to not forgot to replace your PSU every few years

    5+ year old Corsair HX1000 blew up about half an hour ago. Loud "POP", so capacitor must have blown. I tossed my HX520 into the rig for the time being, but I plan on getting a "real" replacement soon, as the HX520 is about as old as the HX1000 was and it doesn't have 8-pin PCIes. I had to use...
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    Rosewill Cherry Blue 104-Key Keyboard $65

    I'm not sure if this is still true, but reds used to be one of the rarest Cherry switches because they stopped production due to lack to demand (before everyone discovered how great they are for gaming). I love my reds though. More so than the blues on my numpad. They're great for button...
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    Sapphire Vapor-X HD 7970 Ghz Ed. w/ level-up bundle $349.99 AR @ The Egg

    Of course one week after I buy it for $389.99 before rebate. Arrrghhh... I wonder if Crossfire is less of a trainwreck with the new drivers coming in a week...I wonder if I'm eligible for a second rebate...
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    AMD Never Settle Reloaded - currently short on Bioshock Infinite keys

    I ran into this issue as well with my new 7970GE. And to top that off, the Crysis 3 key that came with it is apparently bogus as well, as a buyer found out when I sold it to him. Had to refund him and now I have to take the time to get it straightened out with AMD. They need to get their shit...
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    I think I killed my X-Fi

    Update - the card reappeared and disappeared a couple times since. I've gotten it to show up and work again as of now, but it doesn't sound quite right anymore. There's a slight hiss, kind of like mic feedback hiss, only my mic is not plugged in. Also, music coming out of it in general sounds...
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    I think I killed my X-Fi

    Not that it's a huge loss since it's an XtremeMusic. I've had it for maybe five years now? I had my Pro700MK2s plugged into a headamp which was plugged into the audio out of the X-Fi. I dialed the software volume up to 100% intending to use the headamp for volume control. I heard the start of...
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    The NSA Wants Hackers

    These types of job usually involve security clearances. And security clearances above a regular Secret one often involve polygraphs asking whether you've ever done anything illegal. Like, you know, attempting to gain unauthorized access to a computer system. I'm not sure how NSA is going to...
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    New PC gaming headsets from QPad

    Yeah yeah I know, gaming headsets -- horrible stuff, other than the Sennheiser PC350/360s. These seem to be rebadged Beyers though. (you can clearly see the BD logo stamped into the plastic part of the headband) Three models that range in price from 99 Euro to 299 Euro, and I'm guessing the...
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    I don't want to be the first one to load a map anymore...

    This aggravates me to no end. Especially in Dota, when there's always that one guy who must use punch cards for storage or something, and times out. And I end up waiting an entire 2 minutes.
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    Gaming keyboards without number pads

    Very crisp and light (noticeably lighter than a bubble dome), and it's a linear switch. I think I would agree with people who find them less ideal for typing, just because the amount of pressure needed to activate the keys is so little. But for gaming, the reduced amount of fatigue is a big...
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    Gaming keyboards without number pads

    Well, I have the keyboard in front of me right now, and the plate under the keys is undeniably red. It's not bright freaking burn your eyes out red like in the CM images, but you can definitely tell there's a dark red plate under there. The finish on the shell sort of surprised me -- I kind...
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    Torchlight II Pre-Order $20, 4-pack $60. Comes with TL1.

    They are added as gifts in your inventory.
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    New Razer Tenkeyless - COULD Hit A $50 Pricepoint

    I hate the spreadeagle effect from using full size keyboards for gaming, so I've had to resort to things like the n52 and G13 until now. I can barely tolerate using my Eclipse II for it, and that's not even a particularly wide keyboard -- I can't imagine using something like those Logitech...
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    Gaming keyboards without number pads

    I think Razer slightly missed the point of why people want a TKL instead of a normal keyboard. It's about an inch unnecessarily wide and at least 3 inches unnecessarily tall. (It doesn't look as neatly compact and portable as a TKL clone like the QuickFire) The branding is slightly less...
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    Noob needs help finding FPS for offline gaming

    I don't know about you, but I shot way more arrows and bolts during my time with Skryim, than the number of bullets I shot in DX:HR :D (which amounted to exactly zero in Missing Link, plus whatever bullets I shot during the "forced" section where you don't have a stealth option).
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    Noob needs help finding FPS for offline gaming

    DX:HR is not an FPS. Or it barely is. Ok, it technically can be an FPS if you choose to play it a certain way (and by this definition, Skyrim could be considered an FPS as well...). I just found it ill-suited for that playstyle. Great game overall though, if one were willing to break out of the...
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    Noob needs help finding FPS for offline gaming

    I would look into Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 1&2. They're military shooters like Battlefield and Modern Warfare, but with much longer campaigns and they came out before everyone decided to make their games require an Internet connection. Really, a lot of the Tom Clancy games have a heavy...
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    Apparent security flaw discovered in Ubisoft's uPlay

    My bad. Flogger and I would have gotten the name right between the two of us :D.
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    Gaming keyboards without number pads

    I just made an impulse buy :eek:: QuickFire Red Should be here on Wednesday. If I end up liking it for gaming, I might get an illuminated Blue-based keyboard with numpad for typing on. We'll see... Those weird swirly logos used for the Windows key might bother me enough to want to replace...
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    Apparent security flaw discovered in Ubisoft's uPlay

    That's actually "YouPlay", not "uPlay". No relation other than a similar name. It's made by Gaijin and is only used for a single game that I'm aware of. I agree that YouPlay is very annoying as well, especially since they insisted that patches go through that instead of Steam-update. It also...
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    Light, small gaming mouse

    I'm not a dude, so I have a hard as hell time finding a gaming mouse that fits me, especially since I'm a claw grip user who hates my palm touching any part of the mouse. I have two mice I use: - gripless and weightless Logitech G9x (which I bought to replace my old G9 which I accidentally...
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    Apparent security flaw discovered in Ubisoft's uPlay

    Are you talking about legitimately? Or...;)
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    Torchlight II Pre-Order $20, 4-pack $60. Comes with TL1.

    I missed the boat on this one, so I'd be interested in getting in on this as well if two more people come out of the woodwork.
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    Apparent security flaw discovered in Ubisoft's uPlay

    EDIT: See Mas's post #13 for an update regarding patching this issue. Couple of quick notes: - this exists as a proof of concept for now -- it hasn't been used for malicious (i.e. rootkit) purposes yet - YMMV as far as whether the demonstration website they set up to show the flaw will affect...
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    Borderlands 2 Pre-order now at GMG

    I asked the Gearbox representative about the Gamestop exclusive on another forum, and his response was: (Bear in mind that I was asking about it with regards to PC)
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    Borderlands 2 Pre-order now at GMG

    I got in on a 4-pack deal with someone from the UK who also had the Steam "loyalty discount" for having bought Borderlands 1. Came out to slightly more than $32 USD per person. (The Steam UK price for a 4-pack for someone who bought the first game on Steam is 80.99 GBP) Who says pre-orders have...
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    Quote of the Day: 'Borderlands Has Zero Competition'

    It's a legitimate question despite some people's notion of a successful game, sales numbers-wise. If Portal 2, which didn't exactly sell CoD numbers but did well for a niche genre, has had multiple knockoffs already, then why not Borderlands. The real answer might be because it was a sleeper...
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    35 DOTA2 Beta Keys being given away this week

    To get people excited about their game, they've decided to give away keys for a game that they have nothing to do with?
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    Rice Researchers Invent Paintable Battery

    Oh good, I'm not the only stupid one here :D.
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    Corsair Vengeance 2000 Wireless 7.1 Headset Review @ [H]

    I have major concerns re:reliable signal considering my experiences with wifi adapters, and wireless / bluetooth mice in a room that has up to three computers. Hell I have issues with constant dropouts and skipping with my Razer Orochi and MS notebook mouse even with the USB receivers three feet...
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    DOTA 2

    Ok I feel noob asking this, but is there botmatch available for this game so I can learn the ropes without pissing off everyone who's been playing this thing since it went beta?
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    Americans Ditching Contracts as Prepaid Wireless Surges

    Virgin is what I use, which works well in my case since I rarely use voice (prefer people to text or e-mail me instead). The only time I seem to use voice at all is ordering food at mom-and-pop places that don't have online orders. I kind of wish I had gone for one of their nicer phone options...
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    Real World Portal Gun

    Ah, I assumed they were using the replica gun all along.