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    Touchscreen recommendations?

    The models I have liked and have VESA mounting are HP 23tm or the Dell P2314T. The P2314T has two hdmi ports but no speakers, 23tm has dvi, hdmi and speakers no idea how good/bad the speakers are though.
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    Hooking laptop to tv via HDMI, how to display only on tv?

    If you press Windows Key + P you can cycle through the different display modes.
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    Dell S-Line Screens - S2740L, S2440L, S2340M, S2340L, S2240M

    From what I have seen of it might need a nut and locking washer because the bracket does not appears to be threaded, but that is pretty cheap and available at most hardware stores.
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    Dell S-Line Screens - S2740L, S2440L, S2340M, S2340L, S2240M

    That one does not work for the S2440L you need this one.
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    DIY stand for 3x monitors with pivot

    Tyke supply sells the same curved triple mount linked above.
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    New HDTV

    There is also a 60" ST50 that has very good PQ.
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    Dell U2713 coming soon

    Driver has entries for d-sub, dvi, hdmi and displayport and max resolution of 2560x1440 if it is at good price I am in.
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    Dell u2412m vs st2220t

    I purchased a st2220t recently and my only issue with it is lack of a vesa mount, but recently saw a mod someone did where they use the stand to clamp onto metal plate attached to a mount and seems to work well. It is a good touch screen as long as not expecting more than 2 finger touch which...
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    Auria EQ276W review ($399 27" 2560x1440 IPS)

    My GTX 670 will only show post screen on 1 screen at a time when plugged into multiple monitors, even if one of the displays was off it was defaulting to it till I unplugged it.
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    27" 2560x1440 auria at microcenter

    Having had an XFX 5870, it has two dual-link dvi connectors as do all reference 5870.