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    Oldest Macbook pro that can take current release OS?

    I am a Mac newb. I've dabbled with them but never got or cared to use one. My girlfriend told me she wants one for work purposes for christmas. She had an older macbook when I met her, but it died. She has been without a laptop for years, but she is an Apple user.. I cannot wrap my head around...
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    garage computer

    I forgot I even had a Dell D620 that actually has OBD II software and a cable on it. It's a little slow but might work for me
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    garage computer

    What are some recomendations for a cheap, garage computer? Just built a 20x25 unheated detached garage. Would like a cheap computer capable of playing youtube at ~480P for the purpose of vehicle repairs and such and playing music.. It will be heated while in use. I have a 135k btu salamander...
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    Android phone as permenent modem/ hotspot

    Well, this service is great. I'm getting about 6/2 with it.. I live in the middle of nowhere, BUT I get 2 bars of VZW 4G so it's good... The ZTE Blade cellphone is actually a nice phone for $50 too AND it has a prolonged charging feature which keeps it around 50% charged once it notices you have...
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    Android phone as permenent modem/ hotspot

    I was running the AT&T Ipad service/ Sim through a Huawei router before they shut it down.. I put my phones sim in it, but it comes up with a webpage saying I have no data. I know it's because it passes different APN's.. I can try it with the Visible sim but I fear it will do the same. I might...
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    Android phone as permenent modem/ hotspot

    It automatically tries to connect to an EVDO modem if I plug something in. I'm going to place the phone wherever it's signal is best. I'm hoping that is within a good signal distance to where the router connects to it's wired connection, or at least somewhere I can get a wired connection if not...
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    Android phone as permenent modem/ hotspot

    No need for like a weekly/ daily switch timer? I was thinking to turn the charger on/off and allow charging and discharge based on how long it took to charge to 80%
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    Android phone as permenent modem/ hotspot

    The only services that I can get for internet here is satellite or 4G... My At&T Ipad plan finally got cracked down on and terminated. Knew it was coming since Febuary.. Looking for a better option, I turned on my cell hotspot, fired up an old Cradlepoint CTR35 I had laying around, and set Wifi...
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    Why don't PC cases have 5.25" external drive bays anymore?

    When I built my Ryzen 3600 system that is my current system, it was my first custom build since 2013. I HAD to have a case that had a 5.25" drive bay for a burner.. Now, the burner which was one out of one of my older computers quit working a while ago probably from not being used. I have ~6...
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    What was your 1st 3D video card ?

    Geforce4 440MX. 64mb IIRC. Still got it somewhere
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    Mafia vs Mafia DE

    I read a review where they removed 'options' for missions to be completed one way or another ect...
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    Mafia vs Mafia DE

    I have never played the first 2 Mafia's but really like the third.. The 2002 version of Mafia is available on Steam as well as the re make.. The Re make has some bad reviews due to missing content. Is the modern version better or worse? I HATE Doom 3 BFG because of it's missing content, but it...
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    Watch Dogs 2

    I just added it to my Epic library too.
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    $200 upgrade from a 1070?

    I see the 5700 XT is neck and neck with the 2070 Super and it's $390 brand new for an MSI Mech
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    $200 upgrade from a 1070?

    I'll have to see how things go with the prices. A $285 1080TI would be sweet. BUT, Watchdogs Legion is on my radar and I might want RTX. Since my framerate is limited to 60 FPS it might not be far off
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    $200 upgrade from a 1070?

    I think 2070 is where I want to be, and if they come down to the $350 range I'll snag one.. That would give me leverage for a while since I like to game with maxed settings Is a Used 1070 really worth $150? I still have my 1060 6gb I keep as a spare
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    $200 upgrade from a 1070?

    I have a Gigabyte G1 Gaming 1070 that I bought because it was cheap last year. Just over $200 shipped. My current box, it's actually one of the bottlenecks being it's a R5 3600 system. I don't game nearly enough to justify more than $200, and I could buy a used 2080 TI right now if I really...
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    The great video card dump of 2020 has begun!!!

    I've been waiting for the 3k's to drop so I can grab a 2070 Super or similar performance in AMD. It's weird that the 1070's are still going for $130-150. Right after the 2k release I bought a 1070 G1 Gaming for ~$200 and it was a screaming deal at that time
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    best thermal paste for ryzen 5 3600 with stock cooler?

    I use a 2600x Spire cooler on my 3600. MX-4 paste and it's decent thermals.
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    Something tripped breaker. Pc was on idle.

    Had a new walmart branded LED shop light blow up in my newly built garage. Kicked the GFCI/ AFCI breaker off the sub panel. I thought it was something with the circuit. nope, just Wallyworld crap short circuiting
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    What software to rip a dvd?

    Every year or so, they add in a new way of protection. It will take an up to date version of whatever program to crack it.. DVDfab for the newest and all is well
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    Will my AMD 8350 stock heat pipe cooler fit my AM4?

    8350 cooler will work on an AM4 board, but it won't work for a 3800X... Wraith Max would be the oldest OEM cooler that could keep up and that is essentially the Prism's older brother
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    New “Build”: buying prebuilt adding GPU?

    Cyberpower, Ibuypower ect... A local shop might also do a build for her, and she could supply your card to them
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    New “Build”: buying prebuilt adding GPU?

    Configure her a Ryzen system of some sort via a prebuilt service. Have them include some crappy GPU and then substitute your 1060. She could start with a 3600 but end up with a 3900X when/ if prices come down. 3700x is the territory she might want to start in but a 1060 will be very limiting in...
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    games that were on your school computers

    I did get a teacher in grade school to install Math Rescue which was an Apogee published side scroller I played all the time at my house. Teacher didn't know that you could turn the math off and play the game
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    Multimeter Suggestions

    I hate auto ranging. It's nice to have but if you know what your looking for, just set the range. I have one of the Harbor Freight cheapies that they used to give away for free. I paid a few dollars for the last one I bought. I also have one of their nicer ones with auto ranging. I almost...
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    Car radiator coolant instead of water?

    propylene I think is 'ok' to use, which I think is the same formulation as PETG I think.. Many RV antifreezes will be propylene while some are alcohol based. BUT, unless going hard tube/ probable high dollar build, antifreeze will be fine I don't think they will stain anything, and you can...
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    games that were on your school computers

    Myst was one they actually let us have. played it a ton... I had Doom on a couple computers.. With my knowladge that I did have back then, teachers would often rely on me to get computers working again because the IT department was a part time guy
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    Best encoder to use to compress old movies for Plex server?

    I do everything in H264 BUT everything is standard resolution, and 1080P or less.. My server is also an E6410 laptop with first gen I5.. If your talking old movies, 1080p or less, then that is what I recommend. A movie ends up at ~800mb or so the way I do it
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    Free [STEAM]10 Second Ninja till (5/28) Interkosmos VR till (5/25)

    Got them both, thanks.. No VR yet but I'll have Interkosmos when I do
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    G2A admits it sold stolen game keys

    I don't remember if I ever bought a key from G2A or not.. I was going to buy the Duke Nukem game that is no longer available, but I know I never actually did.. I know I've used cdkeys and Kinguin though
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    How Does the GTX 1080 Ti Stack Up in 2020?

    I could probably use to upgrade to a 1080 TI or something similar from my 1070, but I just got a nice old C4 Corvette, a boat and other things that. I've used my R5 3600 system as a web browser for the last 6 months or so
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    Why did YOU choose AMD for your processor?

    X58 Dell T3500 was at max upgrade and it spun the power meter pretty fast.. AMD with the 3600 finally surpassed the level of processor I had ( W3680 software OC 4.0 ghz ) enough that upgrade was finally worth it..
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    Asus B450 or Gigabyte B450 for a Ryzen 5 3400G?

    I have an Aorus B450M on a 3600 and it's perfect.. It's pretty much the same as that board but has better VRM cooling for about $10 more. Sadly I think I paid about $75 for the Aorus B450M, so it's actually gone up in price a bit And if you have not bought the processor yet. Grab the $85 R5...
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    Who's Happy So Far with Ryzen 3000 Series?

    Zero regrets going 3600. My X58 Dell T3500 was running fine but it was time.. I have not gamed lately, but it's fast for everything, and benches about 100% faster than the X58 system
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    What were your top smartphones of 2010-2019?

    Nokia lumia 635 for sure. Until Microsoft dropped Phone os support. My current $35 Alcatel does what i need. Ive tried to bring myself to buy a premium phone but $35 does what i want. Something IP68 might be my future since im a mechanic. I break the ports to the point they barely charge.
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    What ya using your 1x slots for?

    Nothing 1x in mine. I have a diamond media capture card that is 1x but I don't use it. My scsi controller is 4x. Actually works in a B450 and windows 10 works with my LTO3 drive. I don't think AMD or MS anticipated my use case, but it works
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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (12nm refresh edition) *** 2/25 back at $85 shipped

    I have a Gigabyte Aorus B450M which has been rock solid, and is 3k ready out of the box ( originally booted with a 1200 for a couple weeks, then 3600 after that. ). At the time I purchased it was within a couple dollars of a few different boards, Asrock included. I got the Aorus B450M because I...
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    Games that should be revived...

    it's not Duke nukem without pixelated tittie's
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    Games that should be revived...

    Duke Nukem Half Life Commander Keen Wacky Wheels SuperKarts Non subscription Nascar Racing simulation ( IE, Nascar Racing 2003 )