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    Free HAWKEN Beta Keys

    Apparantly useful from November 20 through Dec 7. This Facebook Page is giving them away through TechwareLabs. The full details can be found here. 1000 to give away. Good luck.
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    Free HAWKEN Beta Keys

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    HELP Data Transfer Needed!

    So here's the situation. I have a physical machine running server 2008 R2 x64. On that machine is a virtual server running DFS for data on a separate virtual data drive. I need to transfer the files from the Virtual machine to a new physical machine and maintain the permissions and security...
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    HELP! Server File Recovery Needed

    Ok in short here is the issue: Shadow Volume Copy is not working Previous Versions is not working Our Backup for Workgroups 4.4 backup files are bad Any Software you guys are aware of that will recover files on a Windows server 2008? Issue stems from the fact that a user felt the...
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    Do I Really need a Sound Card? Can you really tell the difference between an Xfi and something like an embedded realtek soundcard? Is it worth the cash?
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    TechwareLabs Reviews the Sparkle GTX 465

    Fermi for Less anyone? Really though I wonder what you guys think of this vs any of the 58XX series ATI? Better value for the money or what? Also hows the heat on the 58XX cards? Equivalent to the Fermi's?
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    TechwareLabs having a Case Mod contest

    Looks like is having a case mod contest with $600 in prizes. Some of the HOCP guys are the best modders Ive seen. You guys should enter.
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    Advice on trade gone wrong

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    Techwarelabs Case Give-A-Way

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    2 Moola Invites

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    Best Socket 771 Mobo for Quad Core Intel E5320?

    I have two E5320's and I need a dual Socket 771 motherboard for them. I want the board to support PCI-E x16. Any suggestions?
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    Can a Dual socket Quad core system use Windows XP?

    I have a dual socket Quad core system coming in and Im wondering if I can use Windows XP? Would vista make better use of the cpu's? Rate my build on this: Dual Clarcona 5300's Tyan Dual mobo 2GB DDR2 Raid 0 WD Raptors 7800 GTX
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    Techwarelabs Case Give-A-way

    Looks like TWL is at it again, they have two cases this time.
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    Cooler Master Case Give-a-Way

    Techwarelabs is having a Cooler Master Case Give-A-Way for the Mystique 632 which is an aluminum case. Check it out at to get in. I hope I did not break any rules by posting this just thought that you guys might like a chance at it.
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    Just ordered a M1210 Rate my Rig!

    Estimated Ship Date: 07/05/2006 Item Number Quantity Item Description 1 XPS M1210, Intel Core Duo Processor T2500 (2GHz/667MHz FSB) 1 12 inch Wide-screen WXGA Display with TrueLife, Camera,WW Ant, Ear Buds, for XPS M1210 1 1GB, DDR2, 667MHz 2 Dimm for XPS M1210 1 256MB NVIDIA GeForce...
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    2 Moola Invites

    PM me for one.
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    Techwarelabs motherboard contest.

    Get a Socket 754 FIC motherboard at Techwarelabs. Techwarelabs Announces its newest contest for our readers! Techwarelabs has a Socket 754 K8-800T motherboard to give away. This motherboard sports some excellent features and is very stable. For more details on the motherboard go...
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    Directions for Flashing an Asus A8V to support 90nm CPU's

    You can use a 90nm socket 939 chip to get it booted and flashed. You just have to do two things. 1. Reset the bios cmos. This is to ensure that the board boots from a floppy first. 2. Most importantly make sure you have only one stick of ram in mobo and make sure that stick is in B1 slot...
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    Sager 8790? what do you think?

    I want a powerful laptop, I have done some research and the Sager 8790 seems best, of course I would get it with the raid 0 option and the 1GB Pc3200. DO you think this is a good laptop? Are there any better ones?
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    Heatware down?

    Is down?