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    unable to recover as many deleted files on ssd vs hdd

    You can do data recovery on an SSD. However, Windows 10 and most newer setups support TRIM which automatically 0 out the empty cells. This makes data recovery much harder compared to an HDD that does not 0 out any part and only overwrites when the space becomes available and not always...
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    Data recovery that keep file structure/folders/file names?

    Depends if the file system table/MBR is readable to that extent. Most files do not include their own file names, since they can be renamed through any number of external applications. This is data stored in the file system. Some files may contain tags, such as ID(v3) tags in MP3/audio files...
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    iPhone 10 max dead charging port

    Some people have reported that the charging indicator does not come up if the screen is asleep; others do not have the same issue.
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    unable to recover as many deleted files on ssd vs hdd

    SSD can work much faster than a mechanical HDD. Apart from it using flash memory, it is also designed with a protocol of TRIM. This feature will automatically erase the files designated for deletion to leave the sectors empty. In this way, it’s pretty quick to read/write data to the SSD...
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    The best gaming mouse EVER is back

    I love my microsoft ime 3.0. Except jump bug and it made me dead several times. It's like owning a lancia stratos, it has problems but when you look at it, PERFECTION
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    Need Help hard drive not showing up win 10

    This issue usually happens if there isn't enough power to an External drive, or the drive controller has failed. Remove the drive and attach it to another computer via a USB Adapter or Dock or Enclosure with a power adapter. If the drive does not spin up, it has failed. BTW, this post...
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    Is it possible to predict when my SSD is going to fail ?

    Thanks for your reply and suggestion.
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    Laptop only powering on by connecting/disconnecting keyboard

    I did perform the power button step. I was also looking up keyboards for a good price earlier. You won't hear any complaints from me, I'm just seeing what the community has to offer for advice. I think there is some solid life left on this laptop if it is able to get back up and running again. I...
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    Mac won't boot after I rebooted the system with hard drive inserted. Please help.

    Thanks for your reply. I've managed to fix this issue by following this guide:, Here are what I've done: 1. Try to zap the PRAM and reset the SMC, then booted with the install disc again but to no avail. 2. Repair the hard...
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    Laptop only powering on by connecting/disconnecting keyboard

    Toshiba Satellite C650 Laptop, Windows 7 This laptop was not powering up. The LED would light up when plugged in, though. So, I took off the palm rest to check the connection from the power button to the board. Seemed fine. Tried powering up. It turned on. I shut it off, unplugged the adapter...
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    RAM Causing GPU Issues?

    I would say it's a graphics card issue but I don't think that would explain the full system crashes. Generally when a GPU crashes or is overloaded the screen will go black for a few seconds and turn back on with no consequence to the system itsself. I had something similar to this a while back...
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    macOS Catalina

    10.15.5 Beta has not fixed any of the kernel issues. My new 16inch is still absolutely unusable.
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    Problem with 5700 XT black screen

    Any OC or undervolt? Because this is exactly what you would expect from unstable clocks/voltage.
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    Need Help hard drive not showing up win 10

    please stop repair or format the drive. in this situation, a data recovery app could be helpful, like Recuva, EaseUS, iBoysoft.
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    WD red 3TB drive that's short

    Check the disk manager and make sure it is showing up as only 800GB. This sounds like the very common issue of it being formatted as a MBR disk. MBR can only do partitions of up to 2TB, so anything higher than that gets split into two partitions and with 3TB it is normally 2TB and 800GB...
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    Louis Rossmann DISMANTLES Apple's PR stunt "repair program"

    This is a big problem. But people are focused on Macs because those are the only computers people bother getting repaired.
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    Is it possible to predict when my SSD is going to fail ?

    Hi, I have heard that SSDs fail suddenly and without any warning. Its been some years I purchased my SSD. Is it possible to predict when my SSD is going to fail ?
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    Most stable and bug free Win 10 version

    With the latest version of windows 10, I have 0 issues doing anything and I mainly play games.
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    My Xbox One X - just shuts off during loading Division 2

    I'm not sure why or how but my Xbox is doing the same thing so it might be the new DLC or the game's map was updated and it now can't handle it.
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    Mac won't boot after I rebooted the system with hard drive inserted. Please help.

    So recently I've been messing around with Linux Ubuntu and have it dual booted along with Mac OS X with rEFInd. I was messing with terminal and had a 1TB hard drive inserted. I rebooted by typing in 'init 6' and then got a black screen and the Mac wouldn't do anything. Eventually it's battery...
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    How Intel's changing the future of power supplies with its ATX12VO spec

    Honestly I'm not sure what to think about it. On one hand it makes sense but on the other it's going to make PSUs cheaper and motherboard more expensive and I'm likely to swap out motherboard sooner than psu. Also this would make using old LSA or sata cards impossible since motherboard would be...
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    Logitech Switch Issues

    I have been using SteelSeries mouse from last 1 year and must say it has a great Flawless sensor: TrueMove3 with Attractive RGB and Great shape for right-handed use.
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    Are the AMD drivers really that bad?

    I would stay away from AMD drivers currently. I have a Red Devil 5700XT with all updated drivers, sufficient power etc and I believe it crashes constantly. I can't pin down the problem and why it's occuring, but it points heavily to the GPU or the drivers being faulty. I would highly suggest you...
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    Cooling research

    As I see it there are currently three major types of liquid cooling, listed below, and a new product should bring some sort of improvement to any one of these. 1. Heatpipe. Fixed format cooling where the heat is transfered a fairly short distance from hotspot to cooling fins. Cheap and...
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    Are the AMD drivers really that bad?

    I'm using 5700 XT and have suffered from constant blue screens and other annoying bugs. But when I turned off "enhanced sync", completely remove the drivers with DDU and reinstall clean, everything fixed for me. I believe that counts as driver issues.