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    Rebuilding a ReQuest Intelligent Media Client can it be done?

    Hi all. I bought a used ReQuest Intelligent Media Client on eBay that the seller could not test it because he had no cords AKA he knew it did not work as who does not have an extra IEC 60320 C13 cord me I have a whole milk crate filled with them. Anyway it does not work It is just a regular PC...
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    Re: Question about the "Manage Subscribed Threads" page.

    OK I did the suggested and it did delete all of my watched threads. Oh well I guess I had many years of them and may have been dead for years now now that I only have a few left I see I was supposed to click the box on bottom that says "With Selected" and not the "managed watched threads" button.
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    Question about the "Manage Subscribed Threads" page.

    I have been going to each thread to manually unsubscribe from watching because I don't want to unsubscribe to all by accident because I have a lot of them so will checking one or more box do all of them or just the ones selected as the popup is misleading (to me at-least) Thanks
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    Windows 10 Pro Vs. 10 Pro for Workstations

    I went on eBay and bought two keys that I thought were just Windows 10 Pro but when I activated it it changed to Windows 10 Pro for workstations. Is there any difference and can said "license" be redacted at Microsoft's discretion even though I linked it to my Microsoft account? Thanks
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    Alarming amount of outbound data on my DD-WRT WAN page

    I have a Netgear R7500v2 flashed with DD-WRT firmware and the past coupple of days there has been a very high amount of outbound (uploaded) data. I have not connected any new devices to my network or gave anyone my WiFi password nor do I see any devices I don't recognize on my network. I also...
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    Can a Windows 10 Pro key be transferred to different hardware?

    I got a new Asus F512DA-EB51 cheap yesterday VIA Amazon Prime day. My current Asus S500CA-US71T has a Windows 10 Pro key attached to the hardware (I bought that key on eBay for $8) so not a big loss but I am cheap. What I remember doing in this in the past with my same Microsoft account and one...
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    Why does this happen? Oops! we ran into some problems

    Why does this happen? Oops! we ran into some problems The requested thread could not be found. This is in reference to This thread link did the thread get removed? or the original poster banned? Thanks this is the first time in my 19 years on this forum seeing this message.
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    How do I get CDDB to work with EAC now?

    Now that CDDB shut down their legacy (that must have happened recently) servers and is now MusicBrainz I cannot get the CD information into Exact Audio Copy (AKA EAC). I have entered the new server information into EAC but that does not work, what can I be doing wrong?
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    Gom Player opens a link to buy the paid version after I close the free version,

    Gom Player opens a link to buy the paid version after I close the free version of the program after a counted (I have never counted that myself but their seems to be a counter somewhere) amount of times closed. Does anyone know how to get this madness to end? short of using another program or...
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    Awesome deal (not) on an Intel core i9-7900X

    eBay seller trying to sell a broken CPU for $479.99 what an awesome deal! not.
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    SSD Life Dropping Fast! What gives?

    I built my Ryzen 7 3700X build back in the end of March 2020. I got the final part on 03/29/2020. Luckily before the surge of PC parts being sold out everywhere, it is fine to buy it if you are going to use it yourself but not if you are one of those heartless scalpers who buy and markup...
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    Asus MG28UQ 4K Gaming Monitor (Auto Input Switch) disable

    I recently got a new Asus MG28UQ 4K gaming monitor to replace my faithful Benq GL2760H that replaced an Asus VH236H (now I know why I got the Benq instead of another Asus but I forgot at the time of this purchase why) Anyway I searched all night and day for an answer to this question to no...
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    Fractal Design Define R4 (Does anyone know what case this is?)

    I saw this cool looking case on the local craigslist for an overpriced 4th generation Core processor system (the seller wanted to much for a i3 with an 8 series chipset $650) I did ask the seller but they were being a ass turd and would not tell me unless I planed to buy it. Which I don't as...
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    Program to make a disk image and/or clone a disk (regardless of partition type/format)

    I have a Moxi DVR 3012 (Charter Communication AKA Spectrum) DVR device that has a failing HDD (WDC WD1600AVJS-63WNA0WD) being a cable DVR the hard drive is of an unknown format (no surprise there). I have tried Acronis but it does not recognize the disk. I don't have a newer version of Norton...
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    New Slimline Teac Blu-ray drive model # BD-C24SS-A93

    eBay buy it now I bought one it came to $21.37 with tax and shipping. I should get it tomorrow (provided the Post Office does not close due to the COVID-19 Pandemic😢) I think it also burns Blu-ray discs but I am not 100% sure on that still cheap for a Blu-ray drive now on to find a new laptop...
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    Dell Optiplex 7010 How do I determine SATA port speed?

    I picked up a Dell Optiplex 7010 (Desktop form factor) at a Goodwill while on vacation in Vermont (for Thanksgiving) I then bought a SSD and I was wondering if there an easy way to determine which ports are SATA 3 and which one is SATA 2. The spec sheet and the service manual say nothing about...
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    DMX ProFusion iS Media Manager Can I hack it?

    I found ($2 thrift-store find but worth more then that in parts) a DMX ProFusion Digital Media Manager (by Mood Media) and I was wondering if anybody has hacked one of these before? When I say hack I am not talking about free service. I want to re-purpose the hardware to a traditional...
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    OS Save State Software

    I help out a community center with their IT needs (Keyword being help so I do not get paid). Anyway they have three computers there and the people that use them are constantly leaving the computers a mess (software wise). I know how to lock down the user account but I remember a piece of...
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    Unknown (Rogue?) Access Point on my home network

    I just reinstalled Windows 10 Pro because I got a new NVMe SSD and I am now seeing a PACE 4111N "Pace Access Point" access point on my network. I have cable internet and I am connected VIA ethernet however I do have an enabled WiFi adapter but that is not connected to any network My router is...
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    SMART ID 01 Read Error Rate (What is this and is the drive bad or going bad?)

    I got a Seagate 4TB drive for a Christmas gift and I have it in a Rosewill external enclosure attached to a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed port. I am getting worried that the drive is bad or going bad as the read error rate (Which I don't fully understand the Raw values but it changes every time I refresh...
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    What is a good software program for analog capture (Video HI-8 capture)

    I need a freeware program for capturing an analog source (A Sony Video HI-8 camera connected VIA S-Video) I have access to a Hauppauge PVR-150 and and AVerMedia A317 (I would prefer to use this as the computer is already assembled and running (It is a Dell XPS One A2420). I want a program...
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    DisplayPort to HDMI Active or passive adapter required?

    I bought an older business class HP 6200 Pro SFF link is the exact one I bought. The computer has display port and I was wanting an HDMI port. So I need to know if I need (hopefully) a passive or active style adapter? Can someone post links here to some examples so I would know what to look for...
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    Motherboard Fan Header Question (High Power Fans)

    I was given a dead Dell Dimension 5150 (Bad MB Capacitor plague) Anyway it has an awesome fan for the CPU and I was wanting to use it as a chassis fan in my spare test/Hackintosh machine. however the fan draws 1.4A and I think that is way too much for the motherboards chassis fan header So my...
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    Been out the GPU game for awhile need another HDMI/HTPC type card

    I want to replace my GPU in two of my computers to be able to support the 'new' Ultra HD resolutions for my Sony XBR-55X850C. Also I assume I will have to connect it directly to an HDMI port on the TV as my AVR is rather old (2011 Onkyp TX-NR609) One of the computer is/was (as the only original...
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    Samsung SGH-i337 (AT&T) Can't flash ROM/Recovery Protection error

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 from AT&T that I recently "upgraded" to an LG K10 (Not really an upgrade in my opition as I actually liked the Samsung better) Anyway the Samsung S4 is totally free and clear (IE: Clean IMEI, ESN and paid for so the phone is now rightfully mine and not attached to any...
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    Windows 7 Will not activate after installing Windows 10 and reverting back

    I had a computer emergency (thanks to the windows 10 update replacing the Windows.old with the windows 10 update) and I am wondering what happened and why (All is fine for now) I installed Windows 10 using my "Digital Entitlement" (Which worked fine) and I was going to try it out knowing...
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    LED Strips (Pulled from a broken LED backlit Television) How to get them to light up?

    The said strips were pulled from a cheap POS Haier 40D3505A. I have 4 LED strips each with 11 LEDS and two of the strips wired in series for a total of 22 LEDS on each circuit. The TV was working but the screen was shattered. (I should of took voltage readings when it was working but the...
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    HandBrake Encoding Error

    I am having a weird problem (again) with HandBrake I am trying to encode a ripped decrypted DVD (Final Destination From the year 2000). The error is apparently caused by the chapter list (The movie will encode fine as long as I don't add the chapter markers which I obviously want) I have the...
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    Corsair Carbide 200R Power LED not working

    I have a Corsair Carbide 200R case and the power LED is not working and before you ask the polarity is correct. The problem is lately the LED has been flickering and going out and then being dim and then going out again and then repeat the symptom is random. I have tested the MB (Gigabyte...
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    Logitech Wireless device battery meter (I am Not Using Setpoint)

    Is there an alternative program for getting the battery level of a Logitech wireless device (G700, and anything that uses the unifying receiver) I do know that I can use the Logitech unifying program (For the unifying devices) and the connect utility for the G700 receiver (For the G Series...
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    Finally Bought a HDHR3-CC Need WMC Alternatives (Free or Low Cost)

    I posted two threads about having problems with the Copy-Once Protection Flag and one about my old ATI A636 Cable Card Tuner The first Copy-Once protection problem was actually a Cable Card Pairing problem as the card was never activated correctly So now I have a working HDHR3-CC tuner...
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    Firefox? Can I get the round tab close (W10 style) on Windows 7

    I am using Firefox 42 (at least until 43 comes along) :) on Windows 7 Professional So is there a way to get the Windows 10 round style tab close button on a Windows 7 system? I searched the internet and I got nowhere perhaps I was using the wrong terms? "firefox windows 10 tabs in Windows...
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    Need a better cooler for a 4790K (Non-OCed)

    I upgraded from a SandyBridge i7 2600 to a Haswell (Devils Canyon) 4790K and at full load (video encoding which I do a lot of) the temperature climbs to 196 F or 91C So I need a better cooler that can keep up with the high temperatures of this chip So is there a good CPU cooler that can fit in...
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    HP dv7-6b55dx says connected but will not open any website in any browser

    I am trying to troubleshoot an HP Pavilion dv7-6b55dx for a friend so I don't know what happened to it first hand. I can't be 100% sure it is not a hardware problem though, however I did run a live Linux USB though and I was able to connect to websites so I guess the card is good??) The...
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    Is my ATI A636 Digital Cable Tuner (CableCard) a dead end now that WMC is dead?

    I bought one of These as a way to continue recording TV since Charter Communications went 100% digital a year ago in my area. :eek: I am still using Windows Media Center which is now dead :( So I don't know how much longer Microsoft will continue to supply the EPG TV guide data Plus I am...
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    Rebuilding a NiCd battery pack (One of the battery terminals broke)

    I have a really old Video 8 (8MM Video Cassette) that has a dead battery pack that I am now rebuilding because I happen to find an exact match of a battery pack from a working electric sweeper that was in the garbage and that battery is good :) and while doing so one of the terminals broke :(...
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    Creating a image of a USB Flash Drive (Not the usual question)

    I was given a Dell Inspiron 15 M5030 (that has a cracked LCD) and I want to create restore media for it (Windows 7 Home Premium) I have the option of a USB flash drive or 2 standard DVDs I know you can make an image file of a flash drive but the image file is the exact size of the flash...
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    What are you using for a music player? (Android only)

    I just got my 4th android device (A Samsung Galaxy S4) Yes I know it is an older one but it is my best one so far and I am happy with it :cool: I was using MyTunes Music Player Pro which I actually purchased but it seems outdated plus I can't seem to get the paid version anymore and the...
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    Dell Dimension 4600 BIOS resets when unplugged

    I was given a free Dell Dimension 4600 and whenever the computer is unplugged from AC power all of the BIOS and the clock revert to default, and to answer the age old question yes I replaced the CMOS battery and the password jumper (There is no clear CMOS jumper) is in the right position...
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    Charter Communications and Copy Once Protection Flag

    Is there a program or another way to alter the flag so I can convert the *.WTV file to another type of file? I am using one of those infamous ATI Digital Cable Wonder tuners that were never meant to be sold to retail Anyway I plan to upgrade to a SiliconDust HD Home Run Prime 3 tuner cable...