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    Should I join the 802.11ac bandwagon?

    I just bought a new house and am starting my wifi setup from scratch. The cable internet is advertised at 30 Mbps. I don't have any wireless ac devices at the moment but was thinking of future proof. Also would like to get most out of my current wireless-n devices. I currently have a gaming...
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    What to do with my Pandigital Supernova Tablet?

    I literally inherited a Pandigital Supernova Tablet. Model: R80B400 I am unhappy with the old school feel if the current Android version 2.3. I want to update the software/firmware but when I click the Firmware Update App it scans for a few secs then says check internet. I know the internet is...
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    What opens .lay files?

    Not sure if this correct thread but I was wondering if someone could tell me what program, prefer freebie, can open .lay files? I have some that I want to preview for a build I am doing.
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    What is best way to connect my non-wireless to a wireless network?

    I am in process of moving to a place that is alot larger than my current home. Although alot my electronic are capable of wireless networking via built in wireless, few of them are not. This includes my main blu-ray/media player and my main rig. They will be in same room but not the room...
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    Which is better USB Wireless N or PCIx1 Wireless N?

    I have access to a wireless network and was wondering which is the better wireless card to get. A USB wireless N or a PCIx1 Wireless N?
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    Can i reinstall Win7 without a disc.

    On my laptop I have Win7 Home Premium. When ever I go to install SP1 my computer BSOD on the "Starting Windows" screen. When I roll back to pre-SP1 it works fine. I tried installing the individual parts seperately but doesnt work either. I think maybe the Win7 currently installed is corrupt...
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    Clean re-installed Win7, what files can I delete to free up space?

    I just reinstalled Win7 on my computer. I did the double install with the upgrade version as a clean install. I cant remember though what files it was that I can now delete. If memory serves me correctly, there should be a folder of old windows files that I can remove. Can anyone tell me...
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    Will i be able to mount my psu if I go from HAF932 to HAFX?

    I currently have a HAF932. My mobo is an Asus P6X58 Premium. I have 3x water cooled GTX470's. The bottom most gpu is in the bottom most slot on the mobo and expansion slots. This causes it to interfere with proper mounting of the psu. I am wondering if I went with a HAFX and it being 9...
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    Can you take 2 raid0 sets and put them in raid1?

    I plan on getting a network storge enclosure for use so my wife and i can share files esier. I am going to put my 2x 1tb caviar greens in the enclosure. My question is can I raid0 these two hdds and get two more of same drives and raid0 those together. THEN raid1 the 2x raid0 sets? I know...
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    Is Battlefield 3 capable of 3D?

    Anyone know if Battlefield 3 is 3D ready. I read articles and such that it is but when I try 3D it does not work. Just curious cause I wanted to try it out.
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    Woot Off

    Woot! off......... Let the complaints begin.........NOW!
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    3xGTX470 or 2xGTX480

    Which would be the more powerful config? My current 3-GTX470's or 2-GTX480's? I would eventually go 3way with the 480's but for starters which is better.
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    Is it worth going push/pull?

    I have two triple 120 xspc rads. I have 3x gentle typhoon ap-15 on each of them in push. Now I was wondering if anyone knows or has thought on if its practicle to go push/pull on each or is it not cost effective to justify the cost of 6 more GT's.
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    3D in BF3?

    I am just curious if anyone know if and when 3D will be enabled for BF3? I see under the newest driver it say BF3 3D support but I can not get 3D to work.
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    Best cabling for 6x 6pin gpu power?

    I am trying to clean up my cabling. I current have a HAF9332 but going to upgrade to a HAFX. The main cabling i want to clean up is the 6x 6pin gpu power cords. Is there perhaps a cabling solution where both 6pins per gpu are together on same cord. it can be like a 2x 6pin to 2x pin but with...
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    More interior space in the HAFX compared to HAF932?

    My current build is in my sig. the motherboard makes it so that the waterblock from my bottom gpu makes it so I can not properly mount my psu. I am just looking for verification that with the HAFX's 9 slot design that there will be more space between mobo/gpu and the psu. Anyone have any...
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    Laptop BSOD when i install SP1...why?

    I have an Acer laptop I tradded for on [H]. It has Win7 Home Premium 64bit on it. When I try to install SP1 after the reboot it BSOD on me to fast to see error. Then I have to go thru the "repair/restore" option. This restores it back to before SP1. Any ideas as to why I can not install...
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    Do I need a specific 3D drive to watch 3D movies?

    Do I need a 3D Blu-ray drive to watch 3D movies on my computer? I do have 3D setup for gaming just wondering if there is a 3D specific ddrive for computers or do the gpu's handle all the 3D data?
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    How many monitor is max for Nvidia 3D Surround?

    What is the maximum screens someone can use for 3D surround? I currently have 3x gtx470s. How many can I use in my setup?
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    Gentle Typhoon 1950rpm AP-15: $15.95

    Jab-Tech has 1850 rpm Gentle Typhoons for $15.95 each. I have 3 on each of my triple rads. Dont think I would benefit much from having 3 more on each. These are perhaps the best with static pressure. Even on a fan controller...
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    Only 2 of my 3 gpu's show with Asus P6X58D Premium!

    I have 3x gtx470's with an Asus P6X58D Premium motherboard. I went top change the settings to sli but it only shows 2 gpu's. I have narrowed it to the top and bottom card. I have swapped sli bridges and switched around power connectors and still nothing. The setup is all watercooled so...
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    Only 2 of my 3 gpu's show with Asus P6X58d

    double post sorry
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    3x120mm fan dust filter for a triple radiator?

    I have a HAF932 that I plan on getting the Demciflex filter kit for. I dont really see the point of putting a filter on the top or rear fans since they are exhaust but since they filters are part of the kit might as well. My question is this. I have and external triple radiator on the...
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    Win7 SP1 causing my laptop to crash......why?

    I recently traded for a laptop on the forum. It already has windows 7 Home Premium installed, actually reinstalled, by original owner. i activated it by phone with no problems. Now when I try to intall SP1 it downloads good. Then when I rreboot it installs it, then upon starting back up on...
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    x16/x16/x1 or x16/x8/x8/

    When using 3x GTX470 in sli is it best to have the 3 slots in x16/x16/x1 or x16/x8/x8?
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    Can GTX470 go 4way sli?

    I have seen conflicting post in various forums and on websites about this topic. Can I 4way sli GTX470? i may get the Evga Classified mobo. And with how the GTX4xx cards are dropping in price I can prob get a 4th 470 for cheap. Just wondering. I know I dont need that power and others will be...
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    Computer keeps resetting/restarting

    Dunno where else to post this. I just rebuilt my computer to the specs in my sig. Now when i turn on the computer it comes on then turns off then back on and repeats till i turn off psu. What could cause this. I know its not psu. I tried 3 different psu's. I also tried the ram one stick at...
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    Kingston SSD wont format

    I have a Kingston Now 64gb ssd. Model number: snv125-s2/64gb It is in an external case connected to pc thru usb. When I go to try and format the ssd windows says it can not be formatted. I also hooked up to a sata port and says same. I dunno if its the firmware or what. The drive shows up...
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    Gentle Typhoon 5400RPM: Good for watercooling?

    With Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15 1850RPM 120MM Fans being perhaps the most sought after yet most unavailable. I was wondering as to if the higher speed GT's are just as good? Here is my scenario. I have 2 triple rads in my signature setup. I was thinking oof getting 6 of the GT 5400rpm fans and...
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    Which is better: Evga X58 SLI LE or Asus P6X58D-E

    I have an evga x58 SLI LE and an Asus P6X58D-E mobo. I plan on using my 970 cpu and 24gb ram, and 3x gtx470's. Which is the better board? Everything is going to be water cooled. Mobo, cpu and gpu's. Also want to overclock.
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    Refurbed Corsair 128gb SSD $129.99 at $129.99 for a 128gb ssd not bad. Not bad if you dont mind refurbs. I havent had any trouble yet with any refurb I have purchased in the past. Has 1yr limited warranty to boot.
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    C0/C1 revision 920?

    Recently bought a i7 920 of a guy on graigslist for $80. When I run CPU-z it says it's aC0/C1 chip. What's with the double numbers? I heard of 920 D0 and C0 but not what appears as 2 revision codes together.
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    Craigslist find: i7 920. $80

    Just wanted to post an awesome find I got off craigslist. I was just browsing the computer listings and came across one for an i7 920 for $80. I was like no way. So I contacted the gentleman and sure enough he was selling it for that price. Of course I snatched it up. I but it in my make shift...
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    Do i need to use a silver coil?

    I have a water loop going that has a copper rasa cpu block, a ek nickel full board block, and 3x gtx470 nickel blocks. i am using Feser One UV Blue coolant. It says has corrosion inhibitors and work with mix metal loops. I also have a silver coil. What I was wondering is the coil something i...
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    Replacement orings/gaskets for EK FC470?

    I bought some EK FC470 waterblocks off someone here on [H]. I changed the tops back to the clear plexi-glass and have been having leakage on one card. I think the o-rings/gaskets need to be replaced. Anyone know where I can get some replacements? I opened a ticket with ek support but that...
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    Onboard sound good enough for THX speakers?

    I have some klipsch Pro Media 2.1 speakers. My motherboard is an Evga x58 SLI LE. I am wondering with the speakers being THX certified is the on board sound good enough? Should I get a sound card that is THX certified also? I dont think I have the tuned ears of die hards but I do like my...
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    Do ek fc470 blocks line up with fc460 blocks?

    I have an gtx470 water setup. I have the oppurtunity to use a gtx460 as physx. My 470's have ek fc470 water blocks. I am wondering if anyone knows if the ek fc460 water blocks line up with the 470's?
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    Is corrosion that big of a problem with EK nickel blocks?

    ok, I just got 3x ek fc-470 waterblocks for my tri-sli setup. They are the nickel blocks. Ek now has a stop sell on the nickel blocks due to issues with mix loops causing flaking apparently. I believe tho that as long as I use a coolant like such...
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    Help me cool my sig rig please!

    I have am going to water cool my sig rig. I have a xspc rasa rx360 kit on the way which has the thicker radiator. I also am going to water all 3 gtx470 and have a full cover nb/sb/mosfet block. My case is a HAF932. Iam going to put the rad inthe top. Will the single triple rad be enough...
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    Hot: G.Skill Ripjaw 4gb Stick DDR3 1333 $29.99

    Suprise this isnt up yet...... newegg morning shell shocker: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 .....$29.99ea It is limit 3 so no maxing out unless you got multiple accounts...