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    3900x lowers its clock speeds?

    My 3900x is at stock speeds but once it hits 158F at 100 percent load it cuts back to 2.6GHz to 60-70 percent cpu load until the temp drops by around 30F then returns back to 100 percent load at stock speed. Is there a hidden setting for this? From what I have read it should not be Reducing...
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    What does everyone use now days to show FPS?

    I broke down and bought a evga rtx 2080, i used to use fraps but now in all the benchmarks i see FPS, CPU and mem usage overlay. What software is that from? Thanks in advanced!
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    If you where buying today 4k card

    I really want 4k gaming but can not afford a TI. The RTX 2080 can be had for less now with the super out. From what i have read the super only gains 4,5 fps over the non super. The 2080 can be had for around $150 less than the super. yes i know even a 2080 can't play all games at 4k.
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    Can’t install windows?

    I keep getting blue screen on boot so I tryed to just re install windows and when it is copying the install files I get a error. Can’t recall the error. I even tried a different ssd thinking it may be mine had died but it did the same thing. I know the install usb media is good. I’ve never...