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    micro-ATX (latest) with 2x PCIex16 capable of full x16 each

    hi Is there a microATX/uATX board with 2x PCIex16 which can run full x16 at the same time ? has 2x PCIe16 but they can only run in x8+x8 mode Are there any others ? G
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    Building a Miner in 2017...

    hi With Bitcoin prices touching $19K/$ I am seriously thinking of building a miner... NO NO>>. I dont want to mine any bitcoin, its past the game... I wanted to mine other Altcoins and keep them in my pool... I dont want to big-rig... To start I think a rig with just one graphics card with...
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    Silverstone tj08-e can it take any 1060/1080 graphics card ?

    hi I am at the point to upgrade, and want to move up from my ancient AMD Phenom board to a Z370 board with a 1060 graphics card to make my own customac/hackintosh... Do you think I can still use my tj08-e case ? Any one using a Z170/270/370 with NV Pascal card on that case currently ? G
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    not exactly a case question

    hi I have a TJ08B-E based system and have a dual monitor setup, and wanted to put this all on a computer cart so I can move it around in my apartment. Most computer cart I can google seems to be as expensive as the computer itself or more.. does anyone have any pointers to any modular...
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    notebook benchmark

    hi Is there any site which has performance/pricing benchmarks of off the shelf notebook systems. There seem to be sites which benchmark the CPU but not the whole OTC laptop configurations... G
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    HDD temps

    hi I just setup monitoing on my media server, and I see that the disks in the Norco racks are between 60-67C as reported by smartctl Is that too high... ? The system temperature is at about 35C and one of the lone disks in another norco rack is like 30C I have checked that the...
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    mouser/digikey help

    hi I have been searching this on mouser and digikey for the last hour. You have that cable which comes with the computer case for the front panel which is wired to either the reset button or the power switch or the HDD led or the power LED it is typically wired on one end to the front panel...
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    X9SCM-iiF Questions

    hi Lets keep this thread for X9SCM-iiF related questions... So I now have the X9SCM-iiF working... I have multiple Case Fans (PWM) and the CPU fan connected to the board. How do I tell the motherboard which fan is for what... or rather I need to tell the system which is the fan for CPU...
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    Scythe Slim SY1212SL12H-P

    hi The Scythe "Big Shuriken 2" CPU Cooler comes with this fan... SY1212SL12H-P The fan is however not available seperately... They do have the same/similar fans with no PWM...
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    blue-ray media backup ? outdated ?

    hi There is a program called DVDISASTER which can write ECC enabled optical media. I have been backing up my home videos on BDR/BDR-LTH media assuming that BDR's are here to stay for a while... (they have the best archival structure) . I use dvdisaster, so I can save about 18GB of data on each...
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    zfs and bad sectors...

    so... just after the thai floods, there was 2TB WDEARS on sale in BestBuy for $80 and I bought a bunch of drives, as soon as I got them I testted for bad sectors, if I fond a bad drive I exchanged it, to the point all the 3 drives have very few bad sectors, but then I ended up with drives...
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    E3-1240V2 Box ? Fan/Heatsink

    hi Does the E3-1240V2 Box BX80637E31240V2 come with a Heatsink and Fan or they just ship the CPU in the box... G
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    Antec Nine Hundred two v3

    hi Getting ready for a NAS build. I am proposing to use this with a uATX supermicro board and 12+1 HDD drives, 1BDRW drive Is there any other 9x case better than this for $120 or less.. secondly I wanted to replace the glass panel with a metal one or a grill. Any ideas... G
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    X4 or X8 card for a server system

    hi What is a good PCIe-X4 or PCIe-X8 card for Xeon-E3 based server system (which does not have PCIe-X16 slots), and which can help with video encoding. (decoding is not of much use tome on the server system) I would prefer a NVIDIA, but AMD/ATI is also fine. G
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    Workstation Recommendation

    hi I am planing to upgrade by current rig for 2013. The current rig has served me since 2009 and is AMD based. I have to fit in the following gear which I already own... - PCIe-X8: SAS2008 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2 (for a 2nd 8-disk RAID (future)) - PCIe-x1: USB 3.0 Host Controller...
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    LSI 12Gb/s SAS

    hi I would like to refer to... That was November 2011. Does anyone know when LSI will be out with their HBA solution(PCIe card) for this technology. LSI SAS 9207-8i, 8 ports internal, low-profile PCIe 3.0 is what I am...