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    Seasonic M12II-620 PSU Drawing

    Thanks for this contest!!!
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    Google Wave invites

    mbrewthx @
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    Linux firewall

    To act as a proper firewall for the network you will have it placed between your switch/router and Internet connection. Using it as a "node" is questionable at best. You should use a dedicated distro like Smoothwall . There is documentation there that can help you with the setup.
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    Free Sharps Container (Biohazard Sign)

    I need this, use needles for two of my meds.
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    Free Alpha Geek T-shirt

    Got mine, Love the large, of course I'm 6' 6" so I love shirt giveaways cause they mostly have large.
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    Free Gun Care Info and Target from Birchwood

    Thanks! Been thinking about pulling out the guns now that summer is finally starting to show up in Oregon.
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    Windows Feedback Program - Free Vista/Office 2007 - UPDATE!!!

    Got my notification!!! Going to use Vista for a HTPC for the living room:D
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    What Linux can do to take over the world

    What do you want linux to take over? I like having choice. I use Mac, Windows, and Linux. I agree that Linux needs more games but a Linux based console is not the answer. Modern development tools are aiding in the creation of cross platform apps. I use Blender( An open source, free 3d...
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    I'm in for this
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    Newegg / [H]ardOCP AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition Drawing

    1) I would use it to build a gaming rig for my son Alex. Alex has Asperger's sydrome and needs a new PC to get his game on. He is excited about the new games coming out but his PC is getting a little old. 2) Phenom
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    Taking 3 different programming courses fall semester

    If you want to do some COBOL programming after graduation, you can look into the banking, or heavy industry(steel). You can use your knowldge of COBOL to get you into some good entry level positions. You could as do some freelance COBOL work. I programmed COBOL and RPG/II on a IBM S/36/38.
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    Server 2003 memory leak horror...

    I would look at your backup in addition to some of the other recommendations. See the logs in backup exec and look for errors there and also see if your backups are running when people are trying to use the network. Let us know, and also give Microsoft a call.
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    MSI finally joined ABIT in the capacitor settlement

    Got off the phone with Abit earlier and they will be replacing my KR7A-133R with a NF7-S2G They recieved the bad mobo from me on Oct 27th and they said it would take 10 business days to process. and it was 10 business to the day.
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    IBM As400

    As a admin for S/36/38 (precursor to the as/400) a while back I would check with the software vendor as to what they recommend. And what a tyical customer uses, also see if you could get customer references and maybe you could talk to a real world user, Do you have any one on staff who has...
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    MSI finally joined ABIT in the capacitor settlement

    My Abit KR7A-133r blew 3 capacitors early last week. I called Abit's RMA center left a message and the got back to me an hour later with an RMA number. I'm just hoping it doesn't take to long to get a replacement. Any one with any experience with RMA replacement from Abit what I can expect for...
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    Free 3D Cad program for the first 100,000 to register

    Downloading it right now.....
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    Free 3D Cad program for the first 100,000 to register

    100,000!!!!!! now let's wait to see what happens
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    Free Kit from AVON while supplies last...

    Promo Over, Wife just tried...
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    Phantom to be on G4 June 6th

    Game Centric has the story Just when I thought this summer wasn't going to be entertaining... Let the Flaming begin!!!!!!!
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    Who Really Grew Up With Games?

    35 here also, had a ColecoVision, C64, TI99/4A.. And the being too old for games, that is crap. My wife's Grandpa still plays his Sega, and had a Atari 2600. I think he plays my wife's brother's Xbox. He's 73.
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    Is the Phantom now irrelevant? Not that it wasn't already..

    I agree, I just want to see Kyle smash the new model of the Phantom :D :D
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    Is the Phantom now irrelevant? Not that it wasn't already..

    But with the announcement of the PS3, X-BOX 360, and the Revolution what is the point of the Phantom now? It is behind in technology as compared to the new gen consoles and will be obsolete as far as PC technology goes. They have a booth at E3 but I haven't heard or seen any news...
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    Finally got parts to build a normal file server, Need help on server software

    WINDOWS SERVER ENTERPRISE 2003 $3,269.90 WINDOWS SERVER SMALL BUSINESS PREMIUM 2003 $1,398.99 Downloading Linux, installing it your self, Learning lots in the process PRICELESSS!!!!! I use WIN Server Standard and Enterprise at work, and also use WIN Standard at home to test solutions...
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    What do you guys use all your computers for?

    You know my wife asks me the same question every day. We have 6 computers currently up and running in our house. I use 3 primarily. 1 WIN XP pro machine 1 FC3 Linux running on a Dell laptop 1 SUSE 9.1 on PC My wife, son, and daughter each have one. And I'm working on one for...
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    What do you use Linux for?

    My old Dell Laptop has FC3 installed and I use it to surf the web and GAIM. I have a PC with SUE 9.1 for Perl development (learning right now) My main rig is still WIN XP Been using Linux for over 8 years.
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    Antivirus for Windows 2003

    Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition
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    Finally! I am Windows free!

    Not fully LINUX but mostly. I have three PCs at my desk Dell Laptop running Linux PC Athlon XP Win XP PC Duron, SUSE 9.2 3 other PCs currently running (wife's, son's, and daughter's) running WIN.
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    Guess what is in the bag!!!

    And what do we do with Witches? Burn the Witch!!!!!!
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    Dish Network on 2nd monitor, what's needed?

    I have my setup like this Dish network reciever goes into the TV tuner card/AV in card via s-video and RCA cabling. The audio left and right is connected to a RCA stereo to 1/8 stereo connector to plug in to Audio in on the A/V card. You will get a better picture than using coax from the...
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    Guess what is in the bag!!!

    Using his Governator accent..... It's a snow cone maker.. Is it a cappocino machine?
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    The Linux Appreciation Thead

    I have been using Linux on and off since '97. Was introduced to it by the Network Admin at the University I used to work at. I managed all PCs, PC based Servers, and the Help Desk. I wasn't too impressed at first. My background before then was programming and managing Mini Computers, no not...