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    What is the order of power draw across a 3080's 3x power connectors?

    On an EVGA 3080/3090, how does the "ordering" of power draw work across their 3x power ports (+ PCIe slot)? For example, if a 3080 FTW3 suddenly needed 450W of power, how or in what order would that be drawn from: would it grab up as much power as it can get from one source before moving onto...
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    epic game store GTA5 for free

    Awesome find, thanks! This game still sells for $15+ at a minimum, and still sells very well, even all these years later. I've heard that the content they add and the userbase numbers are the reason they haven't done GTA VI yet. Might be fun to get an [H] GTA robbery meetup going sometime :D
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    129.00 for a cyberPower CP1500 ups BH

    Damn, been needing a UPS after my last one bit the dust just recently (also a CyberPower). Any guesses if this deal is bound to come around again anytime soon, or was this a one-off freak sale?
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    tl;dr: Windows 10 sucks I was just in the middle of debugging a network stack when I noticed connections going out to Microsoft going in the background. No biggie, I thought, Windows Update/Defender/whatever. I decided to peek at some of the packets, out of curiosity, and found this: These...
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    What's the latest verdict on Windows 10 LTSC?

    Can I ask how recently or far back this was? Not that I imagine much has significantly changed in LTSC since (that would change the outcome), just curious about general time period'ing. Thanks, that would be a deal-breaker for me, as well. How recently was this that you couldn't get VAC to...
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    The state of VR - Lost it's steam?

    This game looks insane. Like I-need-to-order-a-VR-headset-right-now level of insane. How much playing time have you gotten from it (or expect to)?
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    What's the latest verdict on Windows 10 LTSC?

    Windows vs. Linux aside, has anyone used LTSC 2019? How's that experience been? And has anyone modified an LTSC install to force Windows Store ability into it?
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    What's the latest verdict on Windows 10 LTSC?

    I definitely know and appreciate Linux has come a long way, and I'm always open to growing pains with change, but it definitely still has some non-trivial cons: Software support, e.g. Visual Studio (latest, at least) and Microsoft Office, particularly if you're someone that has to rely heavily...
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    What's the latest verdict on Windows 10 LTSC?

    Believe me, I would(n't) if I could. Really wish Linux would stop dicking around and catch up for once, as Microsoft needs a competitor to pop them and their abortion of an OS one right in the mouth, to bring things back to sanity with some Microsoft accountability. Mind sharing what those...
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    What's the latest verdict on Windows 10 LTSC?

    With the infinite loop of update insanity that is Windows 10, I've considered dipping my toes into LTSC waters again and again, each time thinking (foolishly) "Surely next update they'll iron everything out and it'll all be good." Well, I think it may finally be time. In context of...
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    AVR Audio Guard in Win10

    Thanks. I was going to try hexing it, but if SPDIF Keep-Alive works, might as well use that instead. Too bad on AVR; I've used it for years and it's been great. It's dumb that it relies on connecting to a website to work. EDIT: I spoke too soon. The benefits of AVR Audio Guard I liked were the...
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    AVR Audio Guard in Win10

    I wonder if it'd be possible to jury-rig AVR Audio Guard to work? Looking at the error log, it says that the manifest from the website couldn't be accessed. I wonder if we could manually feed/supply this instead? Also, does the SPDIF support HDMI?
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    With Firefox self-destructing, what's the next best choice (for addon users)?

    With Mozilla selling out to Google/Chrome by moving to WebExtensions, thereby destroying their best asset of an extensive addon community, what's the next best choice as far as browsers go? Looking through my list of addons, I get depressed when I realize that most of them will die in the near...
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    Is it possible to “transplant” parts of another machine for a program's use?

    I want to test how a program generates a seemingly unique system-id by "feeding" it parts of another (virtual) machine. For example, say I have VMware #1 and VMware #2, both "physically" identical machines, but with separate non-cloned Windows 7 installs. On VM1, test.exe generates a system-id...
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    Possible to "tune" in on individual 5.1 audio channels via software?

    Anyone know of any type of easy software method to "switchboard" individual audio channels from a 5.1/7.1 mix of an .mkv movie? I'd like the ability to easily switch through the audio channels of a playing movie file -- without too much trouble. In other words, I'd rather not have to extract...
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    Anyone use RadeonPro?

    Thanks. So is there more than one "way" to vsync then? Or are they both the same underlying function? Here's what I've always used for vsync -- however -- it's now leaving Starcraft 2's "animated" cutscenes un-vsynced, because they're not using Direct3D: Then there's this option to force...
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    Anyone use RadeonPro?

    Couple questions: *Is there a performance to be gained between methods of enabling vsync? (In-game, RP's "Direct3D Tweaks" (enabling/disabling via keyboard), "Visual"/CCC option ("Off, unless app says; On, unless app says; Always on") *What happens if more than one vsync option is enabled at...
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    Amazon Bans Adobe Flash Ads From Its Sites

    As le suck as Flash is, I still prefer Youtube's flash player over html5. Unequivocally.
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    Cleaning the bloat from Windows 10

    To be fair, every OS Microsoft has ever released has "required" a couple hours of tweaking and refining by power users. It's the very nature of being a power user. And this isn't knocking Microsoft, either -- of course MS is going to default-fit their OS for the bleeding majority grandparent...
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    DOOM Multiplayer Beta Plans

    I was stoked for this game. That is, until I saw gameplay footage. It looks like bland, generic footage used in game-engine demos, albeit without any of the new or revolutionary engine effects that garner ooh's and ahh's. And the chicken-McCheese gimmick of playing a static "F4T4L1tY"...
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    Windows Search Doesn't Suck Anymore

    Everything Search by Voidtools /thread
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    Video Game Synched To Home Lighting from Philips

    Do you happen to have links to any of these?
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    How To Really Delete Your Files

    I've long wondered if it's possible to directly access the MFT to view its contents, and subsequently modify/erase/format it, but I've never found any possible route to doing this, other than low-level access with specialized hardware. Is this the case?
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    Why The Apple Watch Is Flopping

    Simple: no one wants to return to the archaic practice and times of having a loose device "permanently" strapped to a limb. I mean, really -- why? It'd be one thing if it was a big innovative leap forward from cellphones. On the contrary, it's a leap backwards in many ways; namely, screen size...
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    Firewall for Windows

    Look no further: Windows Firewall Control The best "firewall" I've ever used. I use quotes because it's essentially a framework or interface for Windows' native firewall. Does the job beautifully, filling in features where Windows lacks, like the popping of outbound...
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    Anyone use Dropbox? Quick question - how do we clear space?

    I think what j-sta means is that sync only works one-way with mobile devices, so it won't do a "subtractive" sync from the phone in this case, if that's what you're trying to do. De-sync the folders, then delete them from the devices. Also, I recall that there's some type of "Recycle bin" with...
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    Can someone test a source for me?

    It doesn't. But I don't know how that would affect sound in a particular spot...? Would you mind testing your DVD version? I'm beginning to think it may just be the movie's desired sound.
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    Can someone test a source for me?

    In "Matrix: Revolutions" bluray (movie opinions aside :)), I'm hearing something that sounds reminiscent of blown speaker equipment, perhaps a tweeter or crossover. It happens at 0:12:48-0:12:54, when Neo is talking with the programs in the train station as they await the train. As soon as...
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    These Minecraft Numbers Will Blow Your Mind

    Too little, too late. Whoever at Lego Inc. was responsible for missing out on an opportunity like this should be sacrificed on the alter of capitalism.
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    How could Windows 7 permission level suddenly change?

    I'm seeing strange behavior on a W7 installation I've been using for years -- All of a sudden, it's like the machine has "forgotten" that I'm an administrator. I'm getting: Permission warnings when trying to write to Program Files directories (which continue after I click continue, no...
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    Monitors with zero dead pixels and no backlight bleed

    Who'd you buy from? From those 7, how many were you aiming to get? Surely that wasn't 7 monitors to find just one good one...? What monitor(s) were these? And who were you buying from that was so kosher with returning that many?
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    With a new GPU, should BIOS/CMOS be cleared?

    When upgrading to a new GPU (particularly a different generation), should one do a full BIOS reset, clearing the CMOS? I ask because I'm getting artifacts on a brand new 290 Vapor-X, and came across suggestions elsewhere for doing a full BIOS/CMOS reset, as it could have something to do with...
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    Wait for 390x or jump on a 290/290x?

    Thanks for the input -- decided to bite on a 290 Vapor-X. Just my luck, it's graphically artificating like nobody's business after just a couple days (no overclocking, not even any gaming yet). I'm guessing this means it was probably purchased by someone else before me, and either overclocked...
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    Would hardware-related GPU artifacts appear over remote desktop?

    Could GPU artifacts manifest over virtual displays, like a remote desktop connection? My understanding is that hardware-related anomalies display wouldn't appear over a "virtual" display, like a Teamviewer connection, for example -- only on a physical display connected directly to the GPU...
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    Wait for 390x or jump on a 290/290x?

    Any thoughts on whether to wait for the impending 390x release vs. getting a 290/290x now? I usually buy a generation behind, so I most likely won't be getting the new series, I'm just wondering if 290's and 290x's used/resale prices will fall much with the new release. Bonus: I've seen other...
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    What's a safe handle count? Thread count?

    For a modern enthusiast system, what's a generally "safe" per-process count of handles? And how about threads? Or perhaps better put, what number should set off a troubleshooting alarm for a particular process' handle or thread count?
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    Windows taskbar randomly pops up while watching full screen movies

    Try running Process Monitor and watch what happens behind the scenes when it happens.