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    Fractal Design S Nano

    Fractal just released a new ITX case. Basically a small version of the Define S, with sound dampening. It's still pretty big, but I am happy they made this case. They seem to have taken some elements from...
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    New motherboards for Broadwell?

    Any indications that manufacturers will release new motherboards for Broadwell CPUs when they arrive around summer? I know the chipset is still supposed to be Z97, and compatible with current motherboards. But perhaps manufacturers take the opportunity to release tweaked motherboards? For...
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    ViewSonic, LG or Eizo? 24'' monitor

    Hello, I plan to buy a 24'' gaming screen, 144 Hz, 8bit color, pwm flicker free, low response time and input lag. And as good image quality and black levels as possible. I know this means TN panel, but I am fine with that for now. Doing some research, I found these 3 monitors that qualify: -...