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    YouTube will put ads on non-partner videos but won’t pay the creators

    If the video is in 4K, yep. I don't have a 4K computer monitor (165Hz 1440P). YouTube has replaced my TV subscription.
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    Your (Apple) Computer Isn't Yours

    Apple is telling China to hold its beer.
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    Netflix raises prices on standard and premium plans

    It is hard to cancel your Netflix subscription when you have never had one. Hell, I have never even used Netflix. Now get off my lawn!
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    After Ampere Launch Survey

    I have a 1080TI that is already overkill for the games I play at 1440P 165Hz (they are old games, most are 10+ years old). At this point, I won't upgrade to a new GPU unless mine actually fails. In fact at this point, I am not upgrading anything unless it fails.
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    Boeing 747s Use Floppy Disks to Get Critical Software Updates

    Do you have any idea how much it would cost to get a replacement part that had newer media designed, tested, approved and manufactured? A lot. Do you think that airlines want to spend that $$$ to upgrade something that works on an old platform? Hell no. I can guarantee the reason this is still...
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    Bits of Quantum Gravity Can Buzz

    You guys just don't understand the gravity of the situation.
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    Moore’s Law Isn’t Slowing down — Just Ask System Companies

    Anyone else get an Access Denied error when trying to click on the link? Just based off the text posted above, that has nothing to do with Moore’s Law, which simply states that the number of transistors on a microchip doubles about every two years.
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    Steam Switcheroo Swaps "Pirate Action" Game ...

    They just swaped out one type of booty for another...
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    Connect Home Theater Speakers Directly to Sound Card?

    So I currently have a 5.1 home theater speaker setup and a receiver that has multi-channel input (so I am effectively just using my receiver as an amp) via 3 3.5mm to RCA cables to my sound card on my PC. My 5 speakers are all 6 Ohm and I have an 80 W sub that has an RCA input. My sound card is...
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    Evga Bstock - 1080ti for $500

    I got a refurb Zontac 1080Ti 11 months ago for $440 (directly from Zontac, not some 3rd party reseller and only $463.78 shipped). I don't play anything that would use RTX (nor do I plan on any time soon) so it was a no brainer for me at the time. With that $25 off code, it isn't a bad deal at all.
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    Linus Torvalds Switches To AMD Ryzen Threadripper After 15 Years Of Intel Systems

    Do you people even know what an even number is? 1, 3 and 5 are not even. 0 is even though. Also 1 is less than 2. Please reread what Spectre wrote and try again. BTW the only even prime number is 2.
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    TSMC now sinking asets into developing 2nm node!

    My first CPU for a system I built was the AMD Athlon Thunderbird B 1GHz. It was back in 2001. It was on the 180nm process. That is almost 2 orders of magnitude bigger than this.
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    Creative releases Sound BlasterX AE-5 Plus Gaming Sound Card

    I use a 5.1 speaker setup for my gaming PC and a 2.1 soundbar for my TV o_O;). My receiver for my PC doesn't have HDMI (it is from like 2008 or so) and I use multichannel input (which effectively turns my receiver into an amp only). it is amazing what you can hear with a 5.1 setup.
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    Network pics thread

    Here is a picture from Reddit I thought some of you might get a boner over: you might also want to check out
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    Zooms end to end encryption, not really end to end.

    My company uses (mostly) WebEx. We have been told to use video as little as possible due to our VPN clients being slammed with like 100k+ people.
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    SK Hynix Unveils DDR5 Memory Details – Up To 8400 MHz Speeds, 64 Gb Densities, DRAM Mass Production This Year

    I plan on using DDR5 in my next system, which will likely be in 2-4 years. I am still kicking it with a 6700k and about the only thing that actually maxes out my CPU is my back up software (yes, really) so I feel no need to upgrade anytime soon.
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    Tech Jesus goes on a tear about size.

    I need a case that can fit two of these in SLI. Where can I get one?
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    This Was A MASSIVE Mistake - I Broke A $1000 Motherboard

    LOL so I am an idiot. The reason the computer wouldn't boot is because I thought that the 2600X had onboard GPU. It doesn't. :banghead: I derped bad there. I exchanged it for a 3200G. All is good now.
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    This Was A MASSIVE Mistake - I Broke A $1000 Motherboard

    Nope. It is a 2600X and the motherboard lists that all BIOS reversions work with it.
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    This Was A MASSIVE Mistake - I Broke A $1000 Motherboard

    Speaking of hardware going bad. I just got a new system built for my parents and when I booted it up, I get the post code for a bad CPU. I think it is a DOA CPU (no bent pins on the CPU). Back to Microcentewr tomorrow to troubleshoot (I don't have another motherboard or CPU wuth the right socket...
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    The EARN-IT Act

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    The EARN-IT Act

    Do you think any of the people voting on this bill are actually going to read the bill first? I don't think we pay them enough to be able to read. /sarcasm
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    Intel is still fighting a 10-year-old €1.06 billion antitrust fine for CPU rebates

    More like turning into John Deere as they have been literally doing this for years with their tractor engines.
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    AT&T lowers price for 1 Gbps fiber to $39.99/$49.99 a month for the first year then $59.99/$69.99 after

    I don't have access to fiber (I am literally 2 blocks from a cornfield) but I do get ~470M down and ~23M up for $55/month through Spectrum and that is fine for my needs.
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    Playstation 2 turns 20 today.

    I still have my PS2 that I preordered but didn't receive until early 2001. It works just as well as the day I plugged it in. I have the network/HDD adapter for it as well. That was the last console that I played regularly. I have a PS3 but I bairly played it to to being part of the #PCMasterRace.
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    If you are on a fence if you should buy new RAM now or later...

    I won't be buying any more RAM for at least 2 years, and it will be DDR5 when I do.
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    Grand Theft Auto 6 rumored for Fall 2021

    One of these days I need to actually play GTA5 (I played like the first 2 or 3 missions a few years ago and never went further). I have played 3, Vice City, San Andres and 4 (with the 2 add-ons). I haven't even tried multiplayer yet.
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    Nvidia PhysX 5.0 Announcement

    LOL I still have my Physx card somewhere in my pile of old hardware. I won it at a LAN party back in the day.
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    Not only google... your car MFR also knows everything about you...

    2010 Toyota Carolla. No tracking or recording of any kind.
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    Not only google... your car MFR also knows everything about you...

    Not my car. My car doesn't even have bluetooth. It is 10 years old though.
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    Night mode could actually be worse for your sleep pattern, study finds

    Well that makes a bit of sense. I have never had an iPhone and the last Samsung phone I had was a Galaxy S2 (LG G2 and Moto G6 since).
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    Night mode could actually be worse for your sleep pattern, study finds

    Wait..... phones have a night mode? Why have I never heard of this before? Then again, I rarely use my phone when I am home. Why would I browse on a tiny 1080P screen when I have a 27" 1440P computer monitor?
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    China-Based Zhaoxin Targets 2021 for 7nm CPUs With PCIe 4.0, DDR5 Support

    The article you posted clearly states that it isn't targeting everyone. I don't fall into the categories that it mentions: "targeting US government agencies and health insurance companies."
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    China-Based Zhaoxin Targets 2021 for 7nm CPUs With PCIe 4.0, DDR5 Support

    At least with the Chinese, they only want to spy on their own people, or on anyone with access to valuable IP. I am neither of those so I only have to worry about the Russians, the US, and Best Korea.
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    Ask the Experts Question: Should I have a dedicated SSD for games?

    I have 200 Meg internet. No need to waste drive life and power to spin it up (It is powered off most of the time due to not being used frequently) when it only takes a few minutes to download. The funny thing is, if you have Gigabit internet, it is actually faster to download and install to a...
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    Ask the Experts Question: Should I have a dedicated SSD for games?

    I have a 512GB NVMe that has OS on one partition and programs and games on the other. I also have a 2TB HDD for storage and a 4TB for backups. I have 21% free space on my NVMe, 41% free on my storage and 62% free on my backup. I don't have all of my games installed as I don't play some of them...
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    Three men are charged in $722 million cryptocurrency fraud

    Anyone in the right frame of mind would not have even bothered with cryptocurrency unless it was their play money.