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    [Scratch Build] IKEA Expedit/Kallax compatible NAS server case 2.0

    Hi guys, I'm back with another scratch build project. This time it is to replace my first scratch build, the IKEA Expedit compatible server wood case. Working with laser cut aluminium sheets on my Hexplo desktop case, I gained enough new knowledge and ideas to try to improve the original server...
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    Project Hexplo [Scratch Build]

    Hi guys, I'm back with another scratch build case project. Let's start with a bit of background info. After my first scratch build, an Ikea compatible NAS case, I modded a Jonsbo UMX2 to fit a slim 280mm radiator and used it to house my current desktop system together with an EK custom loop. I...
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    IKEA Expedit compatible NAS server wood case [Scratch Build]

    Hi all, here's the work log of my current humble DIY project, a wooden NAS server case. This is technically not an IKEA hack, as none of their stuff is being modded. The motivation for this project is of practical nature. A series of home improvements ended up revealing that my NAS...
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    2x Opteron 6344 or 2x Xeon E5-2630v2 for KVM host?

    I'm planning on ordering a new KVM host for a handful of VMs running mostly Java loads. With otherwise identical build, the options with these two CPUs cost almost the same, so it's down to performance really (the Opteron is more power hungry but that wouldn't be a show stopper). The...