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    iPhone 5 is officially the worlds most powerful phone Sorry phandroids, gone are the days of claiming hardware superiority over the iPhone. The funny thing is, the 4S scores in the 700 range, and still keeps up with a SGS3 due to iOS6...
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    Impressive initial iPhone 4S performance numbers

    Even though this is only a browser benchmark, it shows that the Apple phones are powerhouses. Key take-aways: The 4S is up to 3x faster than the 4 in some of these tests. Also, the ORIGINAL 4 with iOS5 beats the Sammy GS2. The 4S is way faster. (The article incorretly claims a 42%...
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    Massive Android Data Vulnerability

    The hits keep on coming. Affects everyone on 2.3.3 and below.
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    Vista not remembering settings

    Every time I load Vista I have to open the sound control panel and move the slider for treble to get it to output the correct bass/treble levels. Also I have to load the nvidia control panel and move the sliders for color correction to get it to snap back into using my preferrred color settings...
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    A positive Steam note

    Well I was playing Half Life 2 tonight and I noticed something. The glitches, where the audio loops for 5-10 seconds and the game freezes, seem to be gone. I'm thinking that Steam updated what was wrong, and just like that everythings fine. I just played for 1.5 hours without one show-stopper.
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    Valve Responds!

    Vivendi is holding up the show, those bastards.
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    Ive about had it with Far Cry

    The fuckin game will just not run consistently smooth. Am I the only one seeing this? I can't stand it. The image quality of the game is somewhat good somewhat bad. Certain things are aliased beyond control, and turning AA on dosent fix it. Ill get 80FPS one minute and 21 the next. It's...
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    Fixed 2d problems with 6800GT

    As many know, the 6800 series has come under fire for slow 2d performance. I think I may have fixed this problem, at least definitely on my rig the 2d is much faster. It has to do with nView and its hardware acceleration mode. Heres what I did: -Open Driver advanced control panel -Click...