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    (aio noob) installing Corsair H100i RGB PLATINUM SE on 5900x. Is preapplied paste decent?

    Hi, I have several years old AC MX-4 and Noctua NT-H1 laying around. Is it worth to cleaning preapplied paste and aio and use MX-4 or NT-H1 on CPU? Also what is shelf life for thermal paste? I know MX-4 has 8yrs durability (but I think this is when in use, not shelf life). I checked and both...
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    Zen3 5900x undervolt / voltage offset results?

    While waiting for b&h preorder ... cough cough... I’m curious if any lucky new owner can try 0.1v or 0.05v offset voltage undervolt. At least it worked with some zen2 cpus to boost some performance and lower power intake. thanks
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    New BIOS for MSI X570/B550/A520 mobos (AGESA ComboAm4v2PI Patch C)

    Just FYI... for peeps buying zen3. Full list of supported mobos. Description - Updated AMD AGESA ComboAm4v2PI Patch C
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    fresh 20H2 usb install on zen3 cpu with 8600gt gpu?

    Just a stupid question if windows installer will recognize 8600gt to install windows 10 using its generic driver? I'm planning to upgrading GPU as soon as I'll be able to buy 3080.
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    Gtx 3080 asus tuf or gigabyte vision? (If and when is stock)

    I’m building a white (with black / grey accents) build and I’m leaning toward buying gigabyte vision card. I never owned gigabyte gpu and I think asus tuf is better build (dual bios, ram sink, thick backplate). Possibly asus tuf has better cooling system. I believe earlier 3080 gigabyte...
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    Left or right AIO tube orientation (top mounted) for aesthetics?

    I'm sorry for stupid question, this is for two builds (Lian Li Lancool II Mesh RGB case) I'm doing with my kids. I don't think either orientation has any impact on air flow. Here are two examples to give an idea what I'm taking about :) Any comments much appreciated.
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    Corsair H100i RGB PLATINUM SE AIO enough for 5900x? or 5800x?

    Hi Guys, I'm putting together 2 new builds for my kids (with their life time money savings LOL)... They both wanted this particular AIO. I'm still undecided between 5900x and 5800x, however for $100USD price difference I'm leaning toward 5900x. I'm not planning on o/c eiether CPU, but if...
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    Waiting for zen3 CPUs. Testing parts and mobo BIOS upgrade = buy 3100 CPU?

    Hi Guys... Due to recent stock shortages and I pulled the trigger on all components for two brand new AMD builds based on upcoming zen3 CPUs (most likely 5800x). I got mobos, PSUs, cases, AIOs, case fans, RAM and nvme drives. I can return them until October 25. According to the latest rumor...
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    Zen3 preorder? enough stock or same BS as with 3800/3900 nvidia GPUs?

    Hi Guys, Very excited for upcoming Zen3 release, all the parts are coming in for 2 new builds. I'm planning to by 2 new 5700x or 5800x CPUs. This will be my first AMD CPU purchase and I even had a Cyrix CPU in the past :) Based on the previous CPU AMD releases; do you guys know if there...
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    Can Asus 3080 TUF fit on Asus TUF x570 mobo? chipset heatsink concerns.

    The x570 HS fan on Asus mobos looks it might be in the way. For that reason I'm leaning toward buying MSI offering i.e. Tomahawk x570. Please advise.
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    16gb or 32gb for a new gaming system (zen3 4070x/x570 mobo) + 3080GPU?

    Thinking of buying either 2x8gb or 2x16gb Gskill Ripjaws V 3200 CL14 (b-die). I use this ram on my current 8700k build. Please advise
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    would EVGA P2 650w be good enough for 3800?

    The PSU has 2 8 PIN outputs. I know Nvidia is recommending 750w PSU... and the GPU has 320w TDP. I'm planning to upgrad my son's PC, perhaps to 10700k build. Thoughts? EDIT: I might go for 10700 CPU... 65w
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    is 8700k @ 5Ghz good enough to drive 3080 or 3070 at 1440p gsync?

    instead of building 2 new PC builds (upcoming ryzen CPU) for my kids, I might use my current build if it is good enough (see specs in my sig). For saved money I might buy 3080s instead of 3070s GPUs for them. Thoughts?
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    G810 keys falling off, logitech offers free upgrade to G910 as a replacement take it or something else?

    Hi Guys, My 11yrs old son G810 (who loves the keyboard) both CTRL and R keys broke off, Logitech (great support) under 2 years warranty offered free upgrade replacement to G910 as they don't cary G810 anymore :-( My son loves the keys and layout, I offered him my Steelseries Apex m100 keyboard...
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    New 4k friendly gpu upgrade recommdation for my Htpc?

    So finally after years of wanting one I pulled the trigger to upgrade my optoma hd25e 1080p pj to JVC rs420 (4k faux) with 4k 60p (4:4:4) 18Gbps hdmi/hdcp support. I should be getting it next week. Problem is my current Htpc setup is 1080p (hdmi 1.4 support only) driven. However I would...
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    Single laptop for calibrating multiple displays using x-rite i1Dipsplay Pro?

    Hi, Apologies for stupid question(s) in advance. I purchased this device and I was able to calibrate 4 computer displays, 1 plasma TV, 1 TV and a projector. All of this computers had pc/htpc connected to them and I used DisplayCAL with very good/satisfying end results to my untrained eyes. I...
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    Is it worth to replace thermal paste on Asus GTX1070 Strix OC?

    I'm trying to shave off few degrees to lower the temps and make fans run at lower rpms... anything above 55% is too noisy for my likes. Also I'll look into undervolting the card. Did anyone tried it? or the paste Asus used is good enough and I won't see any difference after replacing it. I...
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    MX-4 or Noctua for CPU and GPU?

    Hi, For my new build 8700k I bought Noctua D15 HSF which came with Noctua paste. I used drop grain of rice in the middle technique and it seemed to work fine. For good number of years, prior to that I was using MX-4 paste (I still have some) and I was spreading very thin layer on CPU/GPU...
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    8700k: Taichi or Gaming 7 or Hero X?

    I'm still waiting for CPU, hopefully I will get it on Monday. I will be using D15 for HSF and I'm planning to deled CPU (in the future). I already have taichi (untouched, since waiting for mobo). There is a good deal on gaming 7. Gaming 7 is $65CDN (Canadian crazy prices) cheaper than Taichi...
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    Upgrading from 3570k to 8700k. (help w/picking parts)

    I'm planning to buy 8700k to upgrade my 3570k@4.5 (with Asus GTX1070) once I get lucky and I find one in stock. I'm planning on delid it using rockitcool88 toolkit. What is the best/decent mobo I can buy for it in order to o/c to 5ghz (or at least try it). I'm thinking of buying following...
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    (Delid noob w/ few questions) trying on 3570k first before doing my future 8700k

    Currently I have stable 3570k@4.5 and I'm thinking about buying 8700k in the next few months, once stock levels are up. I'm thinking about purchasing: -Rockitcool88 toolkit -Liquid metal grizzly conductonaut Is this the easiest/safest toolkit to buy? I believe rockitcool88 site also sells...
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    Acer XB271HU g-sync IPS still good buy?

    I'm still rocking my 5yrs 32" LG IPS 1080P@75Hz TV (I know 32" at 1080P!!!! LOL). I got gtx1070 gpu last fall as last kick for my 3570k@4.5Ghz system. Now I'm thinking about buying 144Hz monitor. I think my h/w (more in my sig) should be good enough to drive games at 1440k (BF1, FIFA16...
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    Router for 1gb internet R7000 or ac68 or???

    My current asus n66 (shibby tomato) cannot keep up with 1gb. It's wan to LAN is poor. Any recommendations? R7000 or ac68 or? I don't want to break a bank ;-) N66 was good enough for my wifi needs. I want stable wired connection that can keep up with 1gb internet (~800mb) speeds. Thanks in...
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    new gtx 1070 owner with 3d clocks stuck on desktop

    So after weeks of debating I picked up last night Asus Strix OC. It came with Sammy RAM and there is no apparent coil whine :-) It clocks to 2000Mhz on core out of the box. I will try to OC further in the next week or so. I was using GTX 670 with 368.95. I'm not sure if I have Anniversary...
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    Nvidia gtx 1070 vram lottery (micron or Samsung)???

    Is this a known issue? It seems there is a shortage and a lot of manufacturers are using micron vram. It seems micron is not as good overclocker ;-( I was set to buy 1070, now I see some users with strix oc with micron vram. I saw users with MSI, asus and palit reporting micron vram...
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    which 1070 (same price) EVGA FTW or Strix OC?

    I'm coming from asus gtx 670. 3570k@4.5ghz, 16gb RAM (please see my sig for rig specs). Thanks in Advance.
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    Is 3570k @ 4.5Ghz good enough for GTX1070?

    I'm planning to upgrade my gtx670 with gtx1070 in September. I have seen mixed posts/reports about 3570k not being good enough. Are there any 3570k users with GTX1070 up there wish to comment? I don't want to spend +$500 just to find out my CPU will bottleneck 1070 GPU. Thanks in Advance ;)
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    GTX670 upgrade to GTX1070 which one?

    My gtx670 is getting a little rusty for my lovely 32LD450 IPS 4:4:4 monitor. It is only 1080p60 and I hope it will last few more years. I know it will be a little overkill for 1080p60, but I change my GPUs every 3-4 years on my main rig, and I think extra oomph my help in a couple of years...
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    Wirst rest for Steelseries Apex M800 keyboard?

    I just bought the keyboard and I like so far. Nice looking, quiet and fast. The only thing I'm missing is wrist rest. Steelseries makes one, but the shipping to Canada is more expensive than wrist rest itself :rolleyes:. Can you guys recommend some decent wrist rests that would work...
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    suggestion for non-mechanical wired gaming keyboard?

    Hi Guys, My alienware keyboard is acting up :( Since my office is close to my bedroom, I cannot buy mechanical keyboard due to the noise. It would drive my wife crazy... LOL. Do you guys have some recommendations? I don't need anything fancy, meaning special keys, LCD screens...
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    Solid wifi pci-e adapter for my in-laws?

    They are mainly streaming (some HD) video on win8.1 desktop system. They just purchased nighthawk router. However the desktop’s built-in wifi AC adapter according to them was dropping 5ghz wifi connection. Yesterday I installed el cheapo usb n dlink adapter for them. However to avoid...
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    how to retireve Windows 8.1 keys?

    Hi Guys, what is the easiest way to retrieve windows 8.1 from installed systems? I've seen some software on the web, but I'm not sure which one is safe and recommended. I'm trying to upgrade my in-laws new ACER desktop and my son's HP laptop with SSD drives. I run into some issues...
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    easiest tool to upgrade to SSD from HDD

    I recently setup 2 new ACER desktop machines (windows 8.1) for my in-laws. Nice a zippy i7 with 16gb or RAM (they don't game)... The only bottleneck on these systems are slow 1TB 5400rpm HDDs. I already have 2 SSDs for them one 120gb m500 and 256gb Sammy 840 Evo (hopefully it will last LOL)...
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    Fifa 15 stuttering when shooting on goal

    I have problems with Fifa 15 for PC when playing i.e. tournament match and I'm in the box or just outside and I'm about to shoot I get this weird second long stutter :-(. It doesn't happen all the time, but frequently. I tired different drivers and options (vsync, mutlithread disabled etc), I...
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    msi gtx 970 4GD5T OC "non-gaming" card height?

    can of the owners please measure the distance between the bracket and top of the card as per picture. My HTPC case is limited by height and I don't know if I can fit it. Big thanks in advance... ;)
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    Best 92mm Nocuta fans to snap on gtx 970 heatsink?

    Hi Guys, I have a silverstone HTPC case GD05. The only gtx 970 I could fit due to height restriction was evga or zotac. I went with Zotac, it is not bad card but at full ramp the fans are a little noisy for my likings. I would like to purchase 2 Noctua fans and slap them on the...
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    24-27" 1080P IPS flicker / edge bleeding free monitor recommendation PLZ

    I got my son laptop for school and I wanted to buy him a decent monitor he can work on. My needs are IPS panel (viewing angles) and it has to be flicker free (easy on eyes). I would buy second Benq BL2411PT (24" 1080P IPS 1920x1200rez), very easy on eyes and has a very nice screen...
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    Brother MFC-9330CDW or Dell C1765nfw for light MFC usage?

    Dear [H] fiends, My HP MFC inkjet has major issues with ink cartridges/heads, and after only 18 months is probably going to dumpster. Possibly I didn't use it enough, as I was using my old/trusty 7 years old cheap Sammy monochrome laser printer for day to day printing color needs (my kids...
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    what GPU to get HD audio via hdmi

    My current HTPC setup: win7 32bit / xbmc gotham 13.1 c2d e2160 @3ghz 3gb ram 8800GT dvi to hdmi adapter to my 1080p 3d projector SPDIF from mobo connected to my AVR HD Homerun to watch local HD channels via Windows Media Center (I never had time to setup XBMC yet) 7.1 AVR with HD audio support...
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    About to clone SSD to SSD and HDD to SSD few questions.

    Background: Few months ago I’ve picked up a cheap 120gb M500 SSD drive to upgrade my trusty 64gb M4 SSD on my main rig (win7 64bit). Instead of big hoopla of fresh install, I would prefer to clone it to the bigger SSD drive. Later I want to upgrade my HTPC HDD 80gb IDE HDD to 64gb M4 SSD...