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    Corsair 4000D airflow edition

    So it looks like I might need to upgrade all my parts in the near future meaning mobo, cpu, ram, psu etc. And I just came across the new Corsair 4000D airflow version. It reminded me alot of my current Corsair 400d which 2 me was the best case I ever owned. I only had to clean it once a year...
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    Corsair issues

    So I've noticed that my custom fan curve in corsair does not even work. Whatever speed the fans are at is what they stay at no matter what the curve is set anyone else having this issue on windows 10?
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    Pc feels sluggish

    So I often put my pc to sleep throughout the day when I'm not using it and even before bed. But ive started to notice that it gets sluggish is this normal? I notice when I do a restart my pc feels way faster. I'm not sure what other alternative I have other than putting the pc to sleep bc I'd...
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    Asus 970gtx help

    What are most of you using for the fan curve and controlling it? I'm using Asus AI suite but it only allows 3 fan curves. When on auto the fans won't even come on until it reaches 55 to 60 degrees and when temps get into the 70s on auto it won't speed up the fans to compensate. However, when...
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    Help with cooling

    So I'm running an corsair h100i with 2 aftermarket noctuta fans on it and not the stock corsair fans that came with it. Cpu is 4690k @4.5ghz. Also I have 2 large 120 mm on front for intake. My pc would never go higher than 60 to 61 load when gaming on windows 8.1 pro. I recently switched to...
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    Help with file transfer

    Finally updating my old s5 phone to a note 10+. So i want to transfer all of my apps from the s5 to the note. I want to make sure it transfers the exact apps meaning the versions that are on my s5 as they are older app versions I never update apps unless they are causing issues. Is there a way...
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    Win10 pro

    Finally got win 10 pro on my desktop pc and one annoying thing is having to log on everytime I restart pc or put it to there anyway to disable the log on for good? I followed sum tutorial on Google but after I install updates it seems to change the settings...
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    Epic game launcher

    So I installed windows 10 and am trying to figure out how to get epic launcher to locate my games on drives seperate from my os...I cannot find any setting that can locate my games like steam and other launchers can do easily..
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    Dark souls 3 83%off Ive never played a ds game but heard alot of praise. Worth it or not?
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    Death gambit on sale 80% off
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    Upgrade to m.2 ssd

    Debating on whether I need to upgrade to this:Crucial P1 1TB NVMe. Currently I am using 2 regular sata drives for storage/games, 1 drive is a Samsung ssd where my windows 8.1 pro is on. Would I notice a diff installing the Crucial P1 1TB NVMe for gaming since now my games are all on the...
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    Permanently disable win 10 update

    Is there any way to permanently disable win 10 update? I own a tablet and ive tried disabling it thru services but it somehow gets around that!
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    Help w files on sd card

    So I have mp3 mixes on my sd card on my Samsung s5 that I want to delete but somehow they are read only. I cannot uncheck it either to delete the files....not sure how to delete now? !
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    Win 10 pro vs 8.1 pro for gaming

    I've been on 8.1 for 5 to 7 yrs now but finally thinking of doing a fresh install as this one is around 7 yrs old. Was thinking of whether going to 10 pro was worth it for gaming and general use. I have 10 on my tablet and get annoyed with constantly updating and the updates cause more issues...
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    What to upgrade 2

    Currently running my games on regular sata HD not ssd. I've been out the loop for 5 to 7 yrs as that's normally my upgrade window lol. Anyways I have windows alone on a 250gb Samsung ssd and would like to put my games solely on 1 drive that's around 2TB as games are starting to get larger and...
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    Asus AI Suite 3 help

    I plan on updating to win 10 from win 8 with a fresh install and I want to save the current OC values from my AI Suite 3 program so I don't need to run it again when I do the fresh install on win 10. I tried contacting asus but they don't even know how to save your values lol...
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    Win 8.1 pro key

    I Need a windows 8.1 pro key. Is it possible to just get a key without having to reinstall windows ? Also I noticed there are keys being sold on ebay but not sure if its legit forever key or scams...If anyone can help point me in the right direction would appreciate it!!
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    Usb issues with phone

    So I'm having issues when connecting my Samsung s5 to my pc for file transfers. When I go to transfer files it just hangs and won't allow me to transfer any files. I tried using other usb cords and even the one that came with the phone but it still does the same thing! Now whenever I go to my...
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    Death gambit 50 off

    This game looked amazing but the reviews are mixed....?!?
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    Re2 remake reliable good price?

    Never purchased from either place wondering if it's legit or if there is something better? Looking for 30 bux on this...
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    Re2 remake 15
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    Back up apps

    I am using a Samsung s5 and wondering what is the best way to back up apps to an sd card and also computer? I have several apps I use for work that are not updated bc they work best for me and if the app is updated I'm not sure how to roll back to a previous version that worked best...
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    Best bluetooth gaming controller

    As the topic states looking for the best one to do sum retro old school gaming on my android device. I currently bought the 8bitdo witch worked great for most games. But in fighting games I noticed whenever jumping towards am enemy the controller would not perform the move every time....I'm not...
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    Tablet help

    I currently own a NuVision 8-Inch Full HD IPS 1920 x 1200 Touchscreen Tablet PC, Intel Atom Z3735F Quad-Core Processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB eMMC SSD, Webcam, WIFI, Windows 10 & its served its purpose well. However, at times it does odd things like the battery drains super fast, it has no USB port...
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    Windows 8.1

    Need another copy of windows 8.1. Checked amazon but alot of reviews saying the key didn't work etc. Where is everyone getting a copy from for a good price?
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    Tablet help

    I have a nuvision tablet that can only do 2.4ghz. Sometimes my download speeds are slow and I wanted to start using 5hz band bc my Router supports it and it's alot faster. Could this be used to access 5hz band and increase my tablet speeds...
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    nuvision tablet help

    Recently tried to run axiom verge for on the go gaming with my NuVision 8-inch Full HD (1920 x 1200) IPS Touchscreen Tablet PC, Intel Atom Z3735F Quad-Core Processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB SSD . It won't even launch the there some kind of driver I'm missing I thought it would be able to run...
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    Help w/ non smart TV

    I own a TV that is not considered smart TV so it cannot play video files etc. I bought this. converter to play video files by using a...
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    Gaming tablet

    Is there a such thing as a gaming tablet with windows 10? Looking for something around 8 inch that can be easy to carry around. Currently using a 7inch nuvision tablet that can do 1080p but only an Intel gpu that can only play certain games...
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    Tablet issue

    I own a nuvision 7 inch windows 10 tablet that I recently updated. I use it to transfer files from my tablet to phone for work and after the latest update I cannot transfer files via blue tooth anymore. I get an error that says "File transfer is disabled by policy. Please check with your...
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    Router help

    Looking to get a new router. What do you guys suggest? I currently own the Asus rt n16. Looking at this Asus looking for something that might have better range and speed then what I currently have?
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    Help Internet issues

    I've recently started having issues where my Router randomly goes out and I lose Internet access. I recently got cable reinstalled and before this I never had this issue. Is there a way to figure out what is going wrong to make the router do this all the sudden and so randomly? I called...
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    Blue tooth ear buds

    Looking for a good blue tooth earbud that you can use either left ear piece or right with a hook that can stay secure in your ear thru the day. I had the aminy Bluetooth from amazon...
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    New tribes inspired mid air Anyone got to play it yet? Hoping it's more like the original tribes than the ones that came after!
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    New Rts from Chris taylor Was really excited when I first saw CT was making a new rts until I read about playing on your phone and ftp model.....I really hope the playing on your phone aspect is changed. Rts gaming is not meant for phones and needs powerful pcs...
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    OC software Asus

    Do you guys use the Asus software to Oc ? How well does it oc vs manually? Whenever ocing and rebooting it will not retain my oc for some reason. I have to oc with the software after each reboot. Any idea what might be causing this?
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    Booting pc help

    Delete thread
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    Hdmi & usb connector for phone

    Is there a working multi (2) usb+hdmi connector for your phone? I'm using an s5 and everyone I bought from amazon just doesn't seem to work...
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    nuvision tablet help

    Recently got anuvision tablet with win 10 on it and wondering how can I connect it to my pc to access files? This is my first tablet and I figured it was plug and play like my Samsung s5 but it's not. Whenever i plug it into my pc via USB it does not show up on my pc. I want to use the tablet...
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    Blue tooth head set

    Looking for a good blue tooth head set with just one ear piece. I had theGoNovate G10 Bluetooth but have two issues with it. First after about 3 hours you get a warning notice every few minutes your battery is getting low with an annoying voice breaking into your music,it never stops until...