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    Should I join the 802.11ac bandwagon?

    No input on this?
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    Should I join the 802.11ac bandwagon?

    I just bought a new house and am starting my wifi setup from scratch. The cable internet is advertised at 30 Mbps. I don't have any wireless ac devices at the moment but was thinking of future proof. Also would like to get most out of my current wireless-n devices. I currently have a gaming...
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    What to do with my Pandigital Supernova Tablet?

    I literally inherited a Pandigital Supernova Tablet. Model: R80B400 I am unhappy with the old school feel if the current Android version 2.3. I want to update the software/firmware but when I click the Firmware Update App it scans for a few secs then says check internet. I know the internet is...
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    What opens .lay files?

    Not sure if this correct thread but I was wondering if someone could tell me what program, prefer freebie, can open .lay files? I have some that I want to preview for a build I am doing.
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    [Microsoft] Windows 8 for $14.99

    for some reason I couldnt get this to work. Anywho, does anyone have a link to a student site with any Win8 deals?
  6. R HOT DEALS! 5/24

    it seems lately its when ever THEY feel like throwing out deals. One would think that with the customer base these forums have that they would be throwing out deals all the time. They also dont seem to consider possible add ons that people may purchase if the deals are good enough. For...
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    What is best way to connect my non-wireless to a wireless network?

    I am in process of moving to a place that is alot larger than my current home. Although alot my electronic are capable of wireless networking via built in wireless, few of them are not. This includes my main blu-ray/media player and my main rig. They will be in same room but not the room...
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    Which is better USB Wireless N or PCIx1 Wireless N?

    thanks for the input. I figured good ole pci would be better thanks again.
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    Which is better USB Wireless N or PCIx1 Wireless N?

    I have access to a wireless network and was wondering which is the better wireless card to get. A USB wireless N or a PCIx1 Wireless N?
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    Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15 1850rpm fans - $14.81ea + $6 flat rate shipping

    conteplating getting 6 more for my two 3.120 rads so i can go push/pull but not sure if cost/performance gain is worth it. I know this is a good deal and all but its still $100+ I would spend.
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    OCZ RevoDrive 230GB (PCI-e x4 SSD) - $229.99 (MIR)

    was thinking about this but not sure how much faster than my 128gb corsair sata ssd this would be.
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    Can i reinstall Win7 without a disc.

    On my laptop I have Win7 Home Premium. When ever I go to install SP1 my computer BSOD on the "Starting Windows" screen. When I roll back to pre-SP1 it works fine. I tried installing the individual parts seperately but doesnt work either. I think maybe the Win7 currently installed is corrupt...
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    24GB of Corsair DDR3 1600 for $55AR at Fry's

    I have this memory (I bought as 2x 12gb kits tho) and it is nice. Heatspreaders are a bit tall so make sure your cpu cooler will work with them. I am water cooling so it is not an issue.
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    Clean re-installed Win7, what files can I delete to free up space?

    I just reinstalled Win7 on my computer. I did the double install with the upgrade version as a clean install. I cant remember though what files it was that I can now delete. If memory serves me correctly, there should be a folder of old windows files that I can remove. Can anyone tell me...
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    Humble Bundle 4!! Best bunder EVER!!!

    save for later
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    Just got married so all my crazy spending on parts is now gone.
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    Will i be able to mount my psu if I go from HAF932 to HAFX?

    thanks for your help. basicly if the gpu that is in slot 7 on my haf will be in slot 7 on hafx i should be good. will prob give it a try.
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    Will i be able to mount my psu if I go from HAF932 to HAFX?

    I currently have a HAF932. My mobo is an Asus P6X58 Premium. I have 3x water cooled GTX470's. The bottom most gpu is in the bottom most slot on the mobo and expansion slots. This causes it to interfere with proper mounting of the psu. I am wondering if I went with a HAFX and it being 9...
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    35% off Logitech Store, 25% of Revue Products

    I wonder if this works with a trade-in code also i have an old logitech webcam i could trade-in
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    Can you take 2 raid0 sets and put them in raid1?

    I plan on getting a network storge enclosure for use so my wife and i can share files esier. I am going to put my 2x 1tb caviar greens in the enclosure. My question is can I raid0 these two hdds and get two more of same drives and raid0 those together. THEN raid1 the 2x raid0 sets? I know...
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    Is Battlefield 3 capable of 3D?

    Your probably right
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    Is Battlefield 3 capable of 3D?

    Read my OP. I said I read articles and such but could not get it to work. I also saw articles that said it didn't. So obviously I know how to use Google. So instead being smartass your a dumb ass.
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    Is Battlefield 3 capable of 3D?

    Anyone know if Battlefield 3 is 3D ready. I read articles and such that it is but when I try 3D it does not work. Just curious cause I wanted to try it out.
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    Heres to hoping!
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    GeForce 290.36

    In the last 285 driver it said Battlefield 3 could be played in 3D. I then heard that this was not true, mainly cause I couldnt use 3D in game. Has this been fixed? If so when and where? I would like to play BF3 in 3D.
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    Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Speakers - $94.99 + FS at Best Buy

    I bought a set off for $84 which is BB refurb/return site. I have not had any problems in the 2+ years I have had mine.
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    Origin sale live now 60% on 200+ titles

    I have both steam and origin.....if one has a good deal I buy the game from them.....havent had any problems with I gotta get outta this thread before I get pissed on with all the pissing contest going on.
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    BF3, MW3 Wouldn't Be Popular If There Was A Draft

    I was in Army 10 years and I find Battlefield games to be my favorite to play on my PC.
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    Intel 3930K 3960X in stock Newegg, MC

    Besides mobos with 8 RAM slots and supporting 128gb RAM max. How would i benefit from upgrading to one these? Alot of the details seem same as my 970 cpu. 130watts, 6x256 cache, etc. Only thing it seems is the integrated memory controller.
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    Intel 3930K 3960X in stock Newegg, MC

    I got my i7-970 for less than one these. I think it was just under $500. I will stay with my 1366 due to fact I already have it and have the memory maxed out and have had no issues with anything.
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    Sharp 42" LCD $200 Best Buy BF special purchase

    Best Buy is going to hand out numbers to people in line and let so many in at a time. They going to start handing them out like 2 hours before opening. So going to have to get there really early to get in first.
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    Directron Hot Deals 11/10 - 11/16

    wouldnt mind a good HAF X deal.;)
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    Woot Off

    Know what......never mind. 32" Vizio for $229....not to bad but probaly better deals on BF.
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    Woot Off

    I hereby take back my comment due to fact this is not the place for it. I am sorry for voicing my opinion on something that was said. Now back on topic.
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    Woot Off

    Woot! off......... Let the complaints begin.........NOW!
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    3xGTX470 or 2xGTX480

    Which would be the more powerful config? My current 3-GTX470's or 2-GTX480's? I would eventually go 3way with the 480's but for starters which is better.
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    Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15 1850RPM - in stock at Sidewinder

    The thing about youtube and testing is you gotta watch for who is doing the tests. If they showing how good fan "x" is make sure that company "x" that makes fan "x" isnt doing the video. Just reinterate tho I have 6 GT's and I personally think they are quietest outta all other fans I have...
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    Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15 1850RPM - in stock at Sidewinder

    If you go to they are $15 each not $25. If you dont want to pay that then get some other fans. We are just saying, in our opinions, that these are the best fans for what we use them for.
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    Is it worth going push/pull?

    I have two triple 120 xspc rads. I have 3x gentle typhoon ap-15 on each of them in push. Now I was wondering if anyone knows or has thought on if its practicle to go push/pull on each or is it not cost effective to justify the cost of 6 more GT's.