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    ASUS also caught modifying GeForce RTX 3080 TUF and ROG STRIX PCB designs

    "We have just reported that MSI has updated the photos on their website for RTX 3080 series (GAMING X TRIO and VENTUS) featuring a new PCB design. It seems that ASUS has done the exact same thing. There is however a small difference between both manufacturers."...
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    GeForce RTX 3080 sees increasing reports of crashes in games

    GeForce RTX 3080 sees increasing reports of crashes in games ComputerBase has provided a quick overview of what users are reporting. At LinusTechTips forums users are reporting problems with ZOTAC GeForce RTX 3080 Trinity. Owners of MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Ventus 3X OC are also noticing this type...
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    AMD's StoreMI V2 Updates Support, 400-Series AMD Chipsets Added

    AMD's StoreMI V2 Updates Support, 400-Series AMD Chipsets Added "AMD just updated its new StoreMI V2 to support AMD's 400 series chipsets like the X470 and B450 platforms. AMD initially only supported the updated version of the storage software on the more expensive X570 platform, but promised...
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    Intel says to expect 7nm products in late 2022 to early 2023

    "Update: Intel says to expect 7nm products in late 2022 to early 2023. On the call, CEO Bob Swan says INTC identified a "defect mode" in the process and has invested in contingency plans, including using external third-party foundries." This is getting absurd. Maybe there's more to this than...
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    Overclocking the 3300x and 3100 to 4.6Ghz - i9 beating performance?

    Good video which shows a overclocked 3300x going up against a 9900K and more.
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    There’s a new Thunderbolt bug, check if your computer is affected

    "Thunderbolt ports are present in machines with Windows, Linux, and macOS. So, that covers a lot of computers. Ruytenberg said all Thunderbolt versions and systems shipped between 2011 to 2020 are affected and no software patch can fix these vulnerabilities. So, Intel would need to redesign...
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    Report: AMD Ryzen 3 1200 Undergoing 12nm Transformation

    " The AMD Ryzen 5 1600 was the first Ryzen chip to receive the 12nm makeover, and the hexa-core processor will reportedly not be the last either. According to a tip from VideoCardz, the Ryzen 3 1200 appears to be following suit."...
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    Intel CSME bug is worse than previously thought

    "Researchers say a full patch requires replacing hardware. Only the latest Intel 10th generation CPUs are not affected."
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    Intel Says Process Tech to Lag Competitors Until Late 2021, Will Regain Lead with 5nm

    "It appears that 2020 and 2021 are going to be long years for Intel. CFO George Davis presented at the Morgan Stanley conference yesterday covering a wide range of topics, but noted that despite being "undoubtedly in the 10nm era," the company felt that it would not reach process parity with...
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    AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT Review

    "The Radeon RX 5600 XT is a respectable product that has pushed for lower prices and better performance at $300. For that alone, we commend it. The GPU won’t blow your socks off and yet it's better value than the Radeon RX 5700 and makes the RTX 2060 Super a really tough buy. Given the...
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    Intel Ivybridge + Haswell Require Security Mitigation For Graphics Hardware Flaw

    Earlier today we were first to report on an Intel graphics driver patch mitigating a "Gen9" graphics hardware vulnerability. Details on that new security disclosure are coming to light and it turns out older Intel "Gen" graphics are also affected."...
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    AMD introduces Radeon RX 5600 XT for 279 USD

    "The AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT features a Navi10 graphics processor with 2304 unified cores. This model is equipped with 6GB GDDR6 memory across a 192-bit interface. The clocks are somewhat reduced compared to RX 5700 non-XT with a game clock around 1375 MHz and 1560 MHz in boost mode. We have been...
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    Intel Plans To Battle AMD Ryzen 4000 In 2020 With Mass of Hyper-Threaded Processors Including 5.3GHz

    "At least 12 new Intel CPUs could be inbound under the Comet Lake-S banner and while they still sport a 14nm manufacturing process, the addition of Hyper-threading means each could pack a much bigger punch and help Intel hold ground against AMD in 2020."...
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3980X 48 Core, 96 Thread CPU Reportedly Spotted in CPU-Z Support List

    AMD seems to have not one but two 3rd Gen Ryzen Threadripper CPUs heading out next year if the latest reports are accurate. We already know about the 64 core Ryzen Threadripper 3990X that is going to demolish Intel's HEDT for many years to come but there seems to be a 48 core SKU too which has...
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    EVGA SR-3 Dark Goes Up For Pre-Order At $1,800

    EVGA's SR-3 Dark motherboard, which is engineered specifically for the Intel Xeon W-3175X, is available for pre-order at $1,799.99, $200 off its normal retail price of $1,999.99.
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    Zen 3 is rumored to be flaunting monumental IPC gains in early testing

    "And Zen 3 is reported to be doing admirably thus far, with improvements approaching 20%."
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    AMD Radeon Boost – faster gaming performance at the click of a button

    AMD has introduced a new performance-enhancing feature for all 400-series or newer graphics cards and Raven Ridge or newer APUs with its latest driver package (19.12.2). Radeon Boost, otherwise known as Radeon Chill’s evil twin, is a motion-based dynamic rendering technology available within the...
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    AMD RX 5700 XT card is better than a GTX 1080 at ray tracing in new Crytek demo

    "As you might expect, the Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti was at the top, followed by the other top RTX cards; the 2080 Super, 2070 Super, 2060 Super, and 2060. But after that, AMD’s cards start nudging their way into the rankings, beating out capable last-generation GTX 10-series GPUs." "The Neon Noir demo...
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    AMD Ryzen 9 3950X Hits 4.3 GHz On All 16 Cores With Water Cooling,40555.html
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    AMD Raven Ridge Performance Leaks - APU with GeForce MX150 Performance

    Saw this today. Wonder if it's also beating the Iris pro. It's mentioned in the article.
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    Guide: GPU Passthrough Using KVM + LVM2 + Ubuntu Gnome - From Beginning to End

    For the longest time I have always wanted to be able to game and work on the same machine without dual booting. This isn’t a problem for you if Windows is all you use. However, for me Linux and it’s many distros are something I utilize every day at work and when I am home. As I have...
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    ECC & Athlon 5350/5150

    Has anyone tried this? I had no idea these chips supported ECC but they do. So has anyone built a file server around them? How do they perform for this task?
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    Alleged Nvidia GTX 360 / 380 Benchmarks

    I say alleged because they could be fake for all I know. But I thought it would be good to post this anyway. You never know.
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    Update from Intel's NAND Solutions Group on SSD drive bricking

    I thought that people might like to see this information from Intel on the SSD drive bricking issue & Windows 7.;jsessionid=6FEA9F7CCA46BF3D49972D8FBD99624C.node5COMS