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    udac(gen1) upgrade

    Hey Guys I've had a udac for a few years now but I think its starting to bite the dust. I really liked this unit because i use my KRK rokit monitors more than my headphones and the udac allowed me to switch easily between both, all with the convenience of a volume knob. I'm looking to...
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    street fighter 25th anniversary tournament

    I know this is primarily a pc gaming forum, but for those who love street fighter, the 25th anniversary tournament is being streamed live right now. Players from all over the world have qualified.
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    I think I want to take the dive into water cooling

    I feel its time to step it up from using my TRUE 120 and try a water cooling setup. I've always loved how water setups looked, but was always too scared and too expensive for me to try. Well a few years have now passed, and I think i'll go for it. I want to make this as easy as possible...
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    Upgrade to Ivy bridge from x58

    Hey guys. I've been having the urge to upgrade for quite a while now have finally reached to point where I can make the upgrade. I'm upgrading from an x58 system, but the only thing i'm going to be carrying over are my hard drives: 1 ssd, and 1 1tb storage drive, and I have a video card on the...
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    2560x1440 vram limited?

    Hey guys, never thought i'd be saying this, but of all games.. Starcraft II seems to be limited by my system. I have a 6950 1gb, i7 920 @ 4.0ghz, and 12gb ram, so my system really isn't that bad... If I put sc2 on the highest settings possible (extreme), with no aa enabled through CCC, when I...
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    KRK rp6 ferrari grey studio monitor - $130 each

    Always wanted some KRKs. These are the same rp6, just a limited edition (they look a lot sleeker imo). They're around $70 off retail, and even cheaper than the rp5 model, so i went for it...
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    Best freeware for burning audio cds?

    Is there anything free that works well with win7 x64 for burning audio cds? I just don't want the software to contain any bloatware and crap.
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    Cherry MX Red recommendations?

    Hey Guys. I currently have a razer blackwidow and although I do like it, it's really loud and need something quieter. I tried the steelseries 6gv2 which has mx black switches and I really liked the switches on that keyboard, but there was none in stock at frys. Then I was reading about cherry...
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    xfx 6950 1gb shader unlock?

    Hey guys. I just received a 6950 1gb from XFX ( after RMAing a 5870. I've been reading that this model is possible to unlock...
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    Krk rokit rp6 vs swans m10. Good upgrade?

    I currently have a set of Swans m10 and am looking to upgrade to KRK rp6's. Is this even a worthwhile upgrade? My swans sound fine, just itching for a new sound upgrade, but within reason ($400 or so). I feel like the rp5's wont be too much of an upgrade, and rp8's are too big for me, so rp6...
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    will xfire 6950's overheat if too close together..?

    I really want to get 2x6950's to use in my x58 motherboard, but have always been put off due to the fact that my pcie slots are too close together. My room gets particularly hot during the summer, and I don't have an AC unit or anything like that. I'm worried that the top card will either...
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    Strange computer problem.

    Lately, i've been having this problem with my computer sometimes where it won't passed the BIOS post screen. It doesn't happen every time, however. Its been a little over a week since it last happened to me, but its been happening quite frequently. First off, here are my computer specs...
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    Final Fantasy XIII-2!

    Release by next winter! I expect delays, however. I know many of you don't like FF13 in general. I personally liked the game, even though it was very linear and what not. I personally enjoyed every iteration of FF except for 8 and x-2. Definitely looking forward to this sequel. Lightning looks...
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    6970 for 5040x1050 eyefinity

    Thinking of getting myself a present this christmas and was wondering if a 6970 would be a good performance boost over a 58701gb version at 5040x1050. How much more fps am i looking at? Crossfire is not an option as I don't like the fan noise/heat, and my motherboard sandwiches the cards too...
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    best mbp 13" keyboard skin/protector/cover?

    Just wondering if anyone here has experience with which keyboard cover to get for a mbp. I started using it and started noticing immediately that the keys attract oil quickly and its really ugly (imo). So now i've learned from my past mistake of my previous laptop, which now has very oily...
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    XFX Rma

    I just sent in an 8800gts 320mb version for RMA to xfx and got a ati 5670 back. Was this fair? I can't really find much info between the two cards
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    x58 dual channel and triple channel?

    I currently have 6gb (2x3gb) ddr1600 ocz ram sticks which run in triple channel. If I get a 8gb (2x4gb) kit, will that kit work in dual channel alongside my triple channel of 6gb? Thanks. I have a gigabyte x58 ud4p motherboard
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    ps3 - fat princess problems

    Is the game still active? I've been trying, on and off, to join/create games for months and can never seem to get into any game. When I first got the game which was near release date, it worked fine. Then I dont know what happened. I tried looking it up but everyone seems to get one after 3-5...
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    iPhone 4 disable SMS popup notification

    I just got an iPhone and was wondering of there was anyway to disable the popup that shows when I get a text message. I've tried googling but the only fix that came up was how to disable previews. I've done that but still get a popup notification sayingi received a text message. I just want to...
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    krk rokit 5 + rp10s sub

    I currently have swans m10 and I can get the Krk and sub for $400. Would this be a significant upgrade for music and games? I'm tempted to jump on this offer. Thanks. Posted via [H] Mobile Device
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    Eyefinity - dp-vga monitor always losing signal problem

    Sorry for the long post, but this is quite a problem for me and want to state it out as clearly as I can I have a non reference Diamond 5870 1gb (its pretty much a powercolor PCS+) running 3 1680x1050 NEC 20wmgx2 monitors. Two are connected dvi, one via vga>displayport adapter. Whenever I run...
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    tiger direct... diamond reference 5870 pictured, non reference sent

    I recently bought a diamond 5870 from tigerdirect: I went with this model because it was the only reference design I could find, which from i've read, overclocks much better than non-reference design...
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    good displayport to vga adapter?

    I'm preparing for a future eyefinity build and am looking for some input on displayport vga adapters. I don't really wanna spend $100+ for the active DVI one, honestly. From what i've read, this is a good one...
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    5040x1050 (1680x3) eyefinity - 1gb vs 2gb

    I'm planning on possibly getting an eyefinity set up with 3 1680x1050 monitors. I was looking at 5850's and 5870s and noticed that there are 1gb and 2gb flavors. Would I need to get the 2gb for my resolution? Also, could I get away with a 5850 with my resolution, or would a 5870 be the way to...
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    mx518 v deathadder

    My mouse recently died (microsoft/razer habu) and I went ahead and purchased a logitech mx518. I bought it at frys for $35 +$15 rebate, so $20 overall. However, they also had the razer deathadder on sale for $40. Should I have bought the deathadder rather than the mx518? I just went with the...
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    Marvel Vs Capcom 3 confirmed I was never really into marvel.. but may jump into this as a fresh new start.
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    Nec 20wmgx2.. splotches/stains?

    I purchased 2 nec 20wmgx2's refurbed from NEC when they had the winter sale. Since then, I've been noticing some splotches/stains (for lack of a better term) going across the top of the my screen. Is this normal? The screen on the left used to have a bigger splotch towards the top left, but I...
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    krk rp5 vs swans m10

    I currently have the swans m10 and really like how they sound. However, the middle woofer issue is pretty annoying as I now have a dual screen set up. Dual wall mount for my lcds is out of the question as well. I just wish that middle woofer didnt have to be on the desk. This is why I want to...
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    earthwatts 380

    I'm about to order parts for a build for a family friend and just want to make sure if an antec earthwatts 380 psu will be good enough to power: i5 750 (no oc) 4gb ddr3 640gb aaks 8400gs 2-3 fans I believe it should be no problem, right? Also, does this psu have the 8pin cpu socket? I can't...
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    xfx 4890 vrm temps...

    Sorry for the long post... I got fed up with the noise from the stock cooler of the 4890, so I decided, after a lot of research, to purchase an accelero twin turbo. From everything I've read, people claim that this heat sink works quite well. A lot of people who have the accelero + 4890 leave...
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    HWmonitor & 12v voltage?

    I decided to run HWmonitor and was surprised at what I saw for the 12v rail on my corsair hx620. Is this anything to worry about? Or is it just some weird glitch in the software or something. Just want to make sure. My system runs fine if anything. Thanks for any insight.
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    Dac Upgrade from x-fi xtremegamer for <$150

    I have swans m10 speakers and love the sound they produce. However, i'm wondering if my xtremegamer soundcard is holding it back any. Is there any external dac under $150 or so that would be better than my x-fi? I listen to music 75%, 25% games, but positional audio doesn't mean anything to...
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    Final Fantasy XIII Demo out in Japan. I so want. *siiiiiigh* 2010.
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    I think its about time to add a subwoofer to my Swans m10.

    I saw this Polk Audio PSW10 on sale from newegg's email, but found it cheaper on amazon + no tax for me. Would this be a good sub for my swans for the money, or is there better? Looking at the $120-$150 range including shipping/tax...
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    Toshiba 250gb, or Western Digital 250gb Passport External Hard Drive?

    I'm not sure which one to get. They look pretty much the same, but I just want some opinions before i go out and get one. I want an external that doesnt need to be plugged into the wall as well as small and portable. I've narrowed it down to these two. WD...
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    1gb sansa clip, $15 shipped @sellout.woot

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    Refurb Sansa Clip 2gb. $21 shipped @ woot These supposedly have really good sound quality! I know its refurb, but still.
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    Ghetto bounce flash

    I'm a noobie photographer that just recently purchased a nikon d40. Upon reading about slr's and what not, I came across the concept of bounce flash and how it really makes in door pics look much nicer. I'm kinda cheap and poor, so I don't have the funds to buy some external flash, so I...
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    Plantronics .Audio PC Headset Speaker Switch Would this give me a loss in audio quality if i use this with my x-fi to switch between my swans m10 speakers and jvc headphones?
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    5.1 analog question.

    Well, this is probably an easy question to answer, but i've been wondering this for a while. I don't have a receiver or anything, I just want to learn more, since i'm an audio noob. How would one get 5.1 surround sound using an analog connection from a pc sound card to a receiver? To my...