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    Halo Reach...PC or XBOX?

    Been lookin for a new FPS for my desktop. I've always liked Halo but not sure if it would be as good multiplayer for PC. I'd consider getting it for the XBOX but I still want a new PC FPS...suggestions? And does anybody have Halo Reach for the PC? If so how's online experiance?
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    Direct X / win 7 or crossfire issue?

    I just put a new system together and am trying to work out the kinks. I've been playing a bit of starcraft 2 and have had some FPS issues. Here's what I got: Mobo: Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5 Processor: Phenom II x6 1090t Video Cards: 2x Sapphire 5870's RAM: 8GB @ 1333mhz OS: win7 64bit Not...
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    anyone try phase cooling?

    I've seen phase cooling setups run $800-$900 These things are crazy, anywhere from -50c to -150c temps. It's basically a small AC unit for your processor. Rather expensive but I've heard of people buying the parts and building...