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    Windows 8 odd mouse behavior

    I've been running into an odd issue with Windows 8, whenever I go to select text, or move a window around (any behavior where left-click is held down and I move the mouse) it seems to lose and then re-gain the left-click input. i.e. I'll hold left-click and start moving a window, the system...
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    New SSD Win7/Steam install - can I port my installs from old HDD?

    I finally got an SSD and re-installed Win7, however I still have my HDD with all my steam games downloaded and installed connected to the system. What I'd like to do is just setup sym-links to the old installs and get my NEW steam install to recognize them... - just adding the symbolic...
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    Upcoming Verizon phones?

    Just wondering if there's anything due out for Verizon in the next month or two that's worth waiting for. And yes, I'm aware the iPhone could be coming, not what I'm wondering about... Any new Blackberries? BBOS 6 would be the main feature of interest. Also if there's a Verizon Torch...
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    Raid-5 array seems slow...

    I just got 3x 2 TB Samsung F4's when the Egg had them for $95 each. Setup a RAID-5 array through my motherboard (EVGA p55 sli) and then ran Windows NTFS quick format on the array. Seemed to be working fine, however HD Tune is showing average speeds of 50 MB/sec and that seems slow While...
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    How to get an ASP website to talk to a JSP one

    Preface: I've done some single-site programming in the past, mainly HTML and CSS stuff for personal sites, more recently I've been learning ASP (mostly in C#). Now I've got a project on my hands where I need website A, which is written in ASP and hosted on a Windows box, to talk to website B...
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    AppleCare question

    So I have an iPhone (bought early November), and I have AppleCare, still in a box, bought the same time. Do I have to activate AppleCare ASAP or can I activate it when I have an issue and have it's 2 years of coverage run from then onwards? thanks
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    Getting raw mic input

    I'm trying to write a program to take the microphone input and recognize either a knock or a kitchen timer. Can anyone point me towards info on how to use the mic as an input in either Windows or Linux (pref windows)
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    Lenovo Battry Issue with Windows 7

    Something I just ran across FYI: The software portion of switchable graphics in Lenovo laptops doesn't seem to be working properly in Windows 7, basically the discrete GPU is always being powered thus hurting battery life. It appears to be a driver issue. If you go into the BIOS and force...
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    AT&T 3G service (iPhone, NorthEast US)

    So [H] hoping to collect some data here. My Verizon contract is up the 23rd of this month and I'm looking at Droid or iPhone for my next phone (and first smartphone), just wondering about AT&T service. I'm in Massachusetts (Boston ATM) and wondering what coverage is like in the Northeast...
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    Unlocked HTC Hero?

    HTC Hero unlocked @ newegg So I saw that the Egg has an unlocked version of the Hero, it also seems to be available other places in the US. If I were to get one, could I just go to AT&T or T-Mobile (US GSM carriers) and get a plan & a SIM card, plug it in and be good to go? Also, any...
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    Can't decide on a smartphone & carrier, thoughts?

    Greetings all, my contract expires in a few months (family plan, not 100% sure when I'm up) and I'll be moving off onto my own plan and I'm looking at smartphones and I can't decide so I'm asking for help & user feedback. (oh, and yes, I have read the iPhone vs. Pre threads & done the...
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    Best mobile OS (for battery life)

    Just wondering: what's the best OS for maximum battery life? *discounting OSX, regardless where it stands* I'm getting my new laptop tomorrow, comes with Vista Home Premium pre-loaded. I'm trying to decide between: - Vista HP - XP Premium - Win7 RC - Ubuntu (probably getting a...
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    A Tale of Three GPUs

    Howdy all, due to needing Windows for class work and wanting more than 45 minutes of battery life, it's time to replace my 1st Gen Macbook Pro I think. The three I'm looking at are: Lenovo T400 w/ P8400 & Intel 4500MHD Lenovo T500 w/ P8600 & ATI 3650 Dell Studio 14z w/ P8600 & nVidia 9400m...
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    Arkangyls Great Big Audio Post

    Intro For those of you new to this thread: Hello! I'm Arkangyl, I'm a Computer Engineer (which means I know Electrical Engineering too) and I've done quite a bit of reading & research into computer audio. This thread is meant to be an introduction into computer audio for all. For those of you...
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    Fubar or Xonar or other?

    Okay, after spending some time here I'm feeling the urge to spend some money and upgrade my audio setup. Right now I'm on onboard audio, Realtek 889A chip on the Foxcon Bloodrage audio board (comes with some X-Fi software-based stuff too). My speakers are the pariah Z-5500, I really don't...
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    Part-upgrades or is it time for a new Macbook?

    I have a 1st gen Macbook Pro, the kind with the Core Duo (note the lack of '2' in there). I've since upgraded it's (pathetic) 512mb of RAM to 2gb and upped the hard drive to a 160gb 7200rpm disk (don't even remember what it came with, 80gb @ 5400rpm I think?) Anyways, lately I've needed to...
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    Specing a HTPC, nVidia 9400 or AMD 790GX?

    I'm planning to setup my first HTPC shortly, main goals are: - Blu-Ray / HD-DVD playback - platform to watch TV shows online on my TV ( etc.) - platform to watch digital media / audio on the home theater (well, in the living room :-P) - *possibly* to record TV, with the networks own...
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    World of Starcraft? if this is real it's f***ing awesome.