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    Looking to build my first WC setup

    One thing you'd want to put in this thread is what you're cooling. Is it the brisbane system you got up there, or another system you are working one? Usually it is cpu then whatever is closest if you go inline. There usually isn't much a point in splitting up the line with a meeting point like...
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    My first water loop (yay!), help/critique

    Don't worry too much about the direction of your airflow, as long as you have a general direction with the airflow, it won't make that much difference in the long run. The rest of your components, since you are watercooling, aren't going to let off that much heat into the air. Your ram a...
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    WC'ing i7 930 @ 4.3ghz and 2 OC'd GTX 480s

    Off hand, I'd say you're fine adding the second GTX without having to another radiator. A 140+320 is plenty by of cooling power, unless you're using extremely low powered fans. The exact amount of cooling you get will depend on what fans are paired with the radiator. Nickel/copper blocks will...
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    Help me decide before I order!

    Any concerns I'd have were addressed above by others. I'm noting your keeping some parts, so I won't go recommending anything you're not asking about. Is 3/8" hose the right move? Minimal difference between 3/8ths and 1/2. Some hardcore enthusiasts recommend 1/2 - I use 3/8ths for space...
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    Need expert opinions

    This case should hold just about what you need: It isn't my favorite case in the world, but I usually don't need your kind of set up, either. That one will hold two 120x4 rads and another 120x3. I'm not sure...
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    wc blocks for 5870 1gb and 2gb

    Temps sound a little hot to me (could be just the difference in set up of course). I'm idling at 30-31C and hitting just shy of 40C into load. Could your reference waterblock not be sitting flush with your non-reference board?
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    Out of the loop. Help me get in to water cooling

    There's a lot of similar threads out there asking the same thing. That said, I'm just going to go the lazy route and copy and paste something that Archmage posted earlier on a build. It gives a bunch of standard recommendations, and fits your build pretty well. If you have specific questions...
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    Radiator question (need thin radiator)

    Now, the FT02 comes with radiator brackets for the bottom of the case, right? Is it not possible to put your radiator there? Is there something else blocking it in that position?
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    Radiator question (need thin radiator)

    A thin triple rad for only the two video cards might do the job, although the temps will likely not being amazing. The one problem again, as pointed out above, is the fans supplying the air to said radiator. That 180 might not be able to push air very effectively through the stealth rad. I...
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    wc blocks for 5870 1gb and 2gb

    The waterblocks built on the reference design are not compatible with the non-reference boards for the most part (I'd say all the time, but I haven't seen every non-reference board to know). Although some parts are in the same place, most of the parts are moved enough so that it doesn't match...
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    Venturing into the unknown- Watercooling

    If not accounting for the wall thickness, yes. As for how much to buy... On one hand you have a fairly small, tight case. However, you also don't have a lot of experience. 2 radiators, 2 blocks, a pump and a rez - I think can be done in 6-8 feet if you were very careful and made no mistakes...
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    new watercooling setup

    I like sidewinder & jabtech. After that, you have to look at sites that tend to be a bit more costly. For the radiator, if you're going with swiftech again, I think sidewinder had the best price:
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    Venturing into the unknown- Watercooling

    If you can, you want at least one rad before the cpu block - as the pump does have a little heat dump. It's not a whole lot, but you might gain a degree or two.
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    new watercooling setup

    another reservoir? or do you mean to add another radiator. A high clocked 980x and 5970 might put out more heat then a single 120x3 can handle. Actually I'm not sure if the MCM60 is compatible with the 5970 - you'll have to look that one up. The epsilon is obviously compatible. 1/2 barbs...
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    new watercooling setup

    The 5970 waterblocks are going to pretty much match up the same as the 5870's...
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    Venturing into the unknown- Watercooling

    You bolt the radiator to the case, and the fans to the radiator (2 separate sets of screws), unless you are doing push/pull - then you might need to get screws, not sure the radiator screws are long enough to go through the fan. When bolting on the radiator, I like to but a credit card on the...
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    Venturing into the unknown- Watercooling

    Not more silent, just about the same - still 4 pumps. Your total thermal dissipation would be double, which should be more then you even need (though better to go over then under, right). The temps should be lower then high end air cooling can go at all. The main thing I think both tsumi and...
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    Venturing into the unknown- Watercooling

    2 loops usually means two of everything - pump, radiator, and res if you use it. Some reservoirs are able to separate the two loops already, but if you use the same pump and/or res, your pretty much just doing a single loop with some parts doubled up. The advantage of using two loops is that...
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    Venturing into the unknown- Watercooling

    2) It's hard to say. If you were overclocking, definitely, but at stock speeds, probably a bit better then air cooling. High end air cooling is usually equal to low end watercooling (low end as in heat dissipation, not budget). The stealth rads specifically are thinner, so they don't...
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    Venturing into the unknown- Watercooling

    1) Fans - the quiet typhoons are quite popular because of their performance to noise ratio. 2) Without OCing, 1 loop should be alright. The temps aren't going to be stellar with a single stealth rad, but should be quiet and manageable. 3) The reservoir has little to do with the length of your...
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    Buying new setup

    Tom's did a review of the Thuban recently:,2613-9.html And Anandtech: They both go into gaming comparison - and they compare the i7 to the...
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    New project.

    Are you asking advice on the system you are looking to build? One 360 radiator is going to be straining at a high clocked 980x and two 5870's. The SR1 is really a low speed fan design, and with the 3 slow speed yate loons, I wouldn't think it would be enough... or your temps would be pretty...
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    Quick Disconnect Question

    You are correct in that where that 90 degree angle comes in won't make a difference. The water is hitting the angle and the couplers in the disconnects either way. The amount of energy lost will be virtually the same (there's some physics that'll give you slightly better results by one config...
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    Your opinion about my new setup

    Note - the speeds listed are the speeds they claim the ram can get to overclocked, not the stock speed. The stock speed will be 1066 for both. To get to the full number, you have to overclock it. Now that's when things get tricky. The thing with the iCore chips is the memory controller is on...
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    Your opinion about my new setup

    Looks good. You should be very happy with that. I assume you picked out speakers for surround sound 7.1. As for the H50 vs. Noctua - that's out of my arena. I don't air cool my comps, so I haven't kept up on the coolers, but I'm sure there are reviews and comparisons between the two. As...
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    Your opinion about my new setup

    I personally went 1000w with a similar set up - there just not enough cushion with 850. Also power supplies are more efficient when there are used to their limit. I personally went with two 5870's above a 5970. My reason was that the 5970 has a hard time even getting to 2 5870 specs, and...
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    Your opinion about my new setup

    I'll begin by saying all your parts are very good choices. I have some opinions to offer, but not criticizing your choices. I like the motherboard. With the memory, you'll want to look at the supported memory for the board, especially with Asus. I own an asus board myself, and if you want to...
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    Unlimited Budget

    Hey guys, can we not be personable here? I mean, sure it seems odd to go with an "unlimited budget", but if that's what makes him happy, right? I think the question at hand was how to make the best possible water cooling system without any limitation on what we recommend. I think it was...
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    Unlimited Budget

    Alright, price doesn't matter, but space will. The 800 can hold a 120x3 radiator and a 120x2 radiator, right? The more radiator you have going the better. Some things I'd recommend: Pump - Iwaki RD 30. It's the most powerful, albeit the most expensive, pump out there. Alternately, 3...
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    New to h2o, Advice/Help Appreciated

    I don't remember you saying anything about the apogee XT CAV, when you were doing your project. That's too bad. I wonder if it was the motherboard though - I had an XT on my rampage II gene, and the screws worked fine. I've since replaced with an EK supreme HF (but that was more a TIM thing...
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    Too Much for One Loop?

    Just to chime in - I also have an asus rampage II gene in an SFF case with watercooling. From what I seen, you should be alright. I have mips waterblocks and an ek block (and my overclock is 4.2 as well) instead of the heatkiller, but fairly comparable to what you have. The laing pump should...
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    Is an i7 really needed for Eyefinity/high end gaming?

    If you go crossfire/sli the i7 has the advantage as the i5 processor has a limit of 16 pcie lanes. However, if you took said 230 and sank it into the graphic card - you'd be within spitting distance of the 5970 instead. That would be a single slot solution, so you wouldn't be worried about...
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    Tubing! Help!

    Have you considered using dyed water? I don't personally like water dyes, as most people will mention that it stains, but it's not that harmful if you really want that UV purple look. You can pair UV purple water dye with any clear tubing and get your effect.
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    i7 930 overclocking thread

    I broke down my temps by core values. I use real temp & hwmonitor. Keep in mind though - temps aren't really a perfect measure - you have to take in account ambient temperature (I'm working at 72C for those temps). Also I've found that the delta (how much your temps rise between and load) to...
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    Noob Looking for SFF Build Suggestions (General use + Music Production)

    You're budget is pretty generous, and without heavy gaming on that list, you really have a lot of option. You still will need a graphics card - several intel chips don't have onboard graphics, and watching movies in good definition will benefit from at least a decent gpu - but it doesn't have...
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    Normal i7 920 temps?

    Here is something else to try if you like. Take down your idle and load temps at stock, the current oc, and one more higher oc (perhaps 3.7) and see how far up/down your temps ride. If you cooler isn't keeping up, there'll be dramatic changes. If your temps are more or less the same (this...
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    Watercooling i7 920 and ATI 5970

    The question to ask then is what space are you working with, and what price point (budget, midrange, money is no issue...). I agree with the above that suggested a triple radiator. I'm using two 5870's and i7 930, so should be fairly similar in cooling requirements. I found a single double...
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    new to watercooling have $320 dollars, build me something?

    I guess it would depend on the deal, and how much performance you want/need. 3 degrees isn't really a huge deal (as most can get a 1-2 degree boost by buying an ultra premium TIM), but I'm usually willing to shell out a few bucks for that kind of performance gain. If the savings is less then...
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    Looking for a New Water Cooled Setup - Advice/Recommendations?

    The most recommended pumps are the laing d5 and the ddc 3.2 and it's variants. I'd recommend a ddc 3.2 or 3.25 (it's very small but powerful). They sometimes go by different names depending on the store - mcp355 (swiftech's rebrand) or pmp400 (koolance rebrand). As for the res, you can get a...
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    new to watercooling have $320 dollars, build me something?

    That's exactly why i recommended the silver barbs - essentially equal to a kill coil. A kill coil i'd put near the res, but with a nice silver barb, i'd put it at the pump. The reason silver works is microbes hit loose silver ions. Closest to the pump has the highest flow rate, so the most...