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    How did mining blow up again

    Was the recent rise in ETH and BTC getting the litecoin people back in the game? I forgot to check here for a week and now its pretty active again.
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    RX480 mItx AIO conversion kit

    Is anybody interested in an AIO conversion kit for reference RX 470 and 480? It will have aftermarket heatsinks for the VRM and VRAM, RGB LED cover(does not extend over the PCB), and a mounting kit that supports Corsair AIOs with round pump heads. I want to do this as a summer project, but I...
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    3D printed ducts and AIO brackets?

    Monoprice has a $400 3D printer than can do up to 0.1mm precision. Do you think it will be worth the effort to make ducts to channel air from the VRMs of my mobo to the exhaust fan? I'm also planning on making some AIO brackets for Vega. I think it should be strong enough if I give it enough...
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    Do I need to install drivers for Soundblaster Audigy FX?

    Got the Audigy FX from ebay for cheap. Using Windows 10, ASUS Z170-M Plus, Beyerdynamics DT 770 Pro 250Ohm, headphones connected to front panel. Installed the card and booted up without installing anything, sound is fine. Bass is fine, so there's enough power to drive them. Should I install...
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    Return 6 RX480 for 3 GTX1070?

    Bought the 6 RX480 4GB in Novemeber from newegg. I have until end of this month to return for full refund. Should I return it and get 3 GTX1070 instead? They have more VRAM, more efficient, and better resell value. I only need to add $100 to get them, but it seems like a hassle to swap the...
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    LGA2011-V3 Xeon BCLK Overclock

    How far could most people go on the BCLK? The E5 2683V3 I'm getting seems to have an all core Turbo of 2.5Ghz. I've seen people saying 105Mhz BCLK is as far as it gets. Anyone with personal experience? Edit: corrected model number.
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    Will 2.3Ghz Broadwell be enough for gaming?

    Currently have a 4.5Ghz i5 6600K. I got it for DayZ, but now I moved onto better optimized games. I have my eyes on a $400 16 core 2.3Ghz (all core turbo) Broardwell CPU. 1P mobo will be $300 after tax, and 2P will be $500 after tax. 1P setup should match the i7 6950X in multithread. Will...
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    Where's my RX 470?

    Where dey at doe?
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    10 second page loads

    Yesterday night I was in a RX 480 thread and got tired of the arguing, so I said "Loading this page is a waste of my bandwidth". Now it takes 10 seconds to load a page. Loads instantly if I log out. Come on Kyle.
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    TEC cooled laptop

    Have a Eurocom Electra 2, aka Clevo W650SJ. Runs loud, so I cut up the back cover and put on a TEC chiller to give it sub ambient intake air. CPU: i5 4210M locked to 3.1Ghz GPU: GTX 850M at 1375Mhz 1.2V Dropped GPU temp by 5C (after 1 hour of NFS 2016). Fan is much quieter. Used to run at...
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    Ghetto Water (very ghetto)

    My friend started mining. R9 290 too hot. Watercooled. Cheap ass chinese $5 5W leaky pump is in the plastic bottle Pump leaks too much so need a bottle to hold the leaked water. Computer cant be shutdown or else air bubble gets in the loop Fan on PSU cools the VRM and parts of memory...
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    Should I get $100 LGA775 Maximus Formula + Q8300 combo

    It's $100 for me, is it worth? I thought the mobo itself could go for quite a bit.
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    Custom made telescopic subwoofer enclosure idea

    Hi guys, trying to make a cheap subwoofer enclosure. All the parts are ready except for the box. What do you guys think? I'm worried about sound leaking from the gap between the 2 parts.
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    Need For Speed 2016 CF R9 290 Problem

    R9 290 EK fullcover at 1100/1500 in NFS 2016. Newest driver. CPU is i5 6600K, no bottleneck. Running 4k at high setting, tried official, default, and AFR profile, same results. ULPS is disabled, power limit +40%. Zero scaling, but according to this review CF should work: Need for Speed...
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    70C with EK fullcover R9 290 CF

    Hi, I have a pair of R9 290 with EK blocks connected in serial with a no name brand chinese pump at medium speed. Have EK Supremacy Evo for i5 6600K and a 480mm slim rad from DazMode. 1400rpm fans. Room temp 20-24C depending how long I've been gaming. Water temp unknown, but according to...