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  1. harbingerofdoom

    KVM suggestions for keyboards that require USB 3

    I picked up a CloudNine keyboard which is great and I have no complaints about the keyboard itself- but I am running into an issue with the KVM and I am striking out trying to locate a the right KVM... Does anyone know of a KVM that has usb3 console ports and has hot key swapping?
  2. harbingerofdoom

    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    CloudNine K989m with cherry mx brown. if you need an ergo keyboard that has mechanical keys and macro keys- you might want to check this one out.
  3. harbingerofdoom

    GTX780m sager NP8258 driver issues

    yeah, that was done and is what lead to it being handed over to me. retail win10 with the drivers listed from sager were used. having never used this before, ive never had to look for this, but i think im finding some stuff. between the transformer returns that keep coming up......
  4. harbingerofdoom

    GTX780m sager NP8258 driver issues

    If you mean reinstall the OS from scratch- thats part of the problem - the install media no longer exists and sager, intel nor nvidia have the needed drivers. if you mean reinstall OEM drivers, its been done several times both with and without a cleanup having been done first. the outcome is...
  5. harbingerofdoom

    GTX780m sager NP8258 driver issues

    I am trying to fix this sager that was upgraded to retail win10 from the original win8 - the video card for this uses both the intel (for low power stuff) and the nvidea 780 (for anything not low powered). Currently though im running into a super weird problem: when trying to open the nvida...
  6. harbingerofdoom

    Anyone give up on PC Surround sound and just go stereo? Any regrets?

    i have a 7.1 headset for gaming (corsair) i never. ever. EVER. use the surround and i rarely even use the headset. i used it more for work at my last job than anything else. now i just have low end altec lansing stereo speakers... not even 2.1... just stereo.
  7. harbingerofdoom

    Anandtech: Intel Announces 8 Core i9-9900KS: Every Core at 5.0 GHz, All The Time

    how long ago was the sony rootkit mess? i still dont fully trust them
  8. harbingerofdoom

    Only getting 250ish Mbps with 343Mbps Modem why ??

    do this. dont forget that when you're testing with a computer - you cant get 100% accurate results. you also have overhead up to 20% considered to be still healthy and between the two and just on the math that would put you around 275 assuming 343 with 20% overhead - you toss in local...
  9. harbingerofdoom

    Assassin's Creed Unity Review Bombed on Steam

    they didnt have to donate anything at all. lets not just get carried away with blind hate for all things ubisoft (and believe me we ARE on the same side on that one). They did something good, just recognize it. it doesnt negate everything bad, it doesnt make them the hero, it just means they...
  10. harbingerofdoom

    The Birth Of The YouTube

    peanut butter jelly timeeeee peanut butter jelly timeeeeeee
  11. harbingerofdoom

    Rise of Skywalker

    i would love it if someone came along and wiped all this crap out and restored the original storylines. never gonna happen... but id love it.
  12. harbingerofdoom

    Steam introduces feature to combat Borderlands review bombings, Gearbox CEO responds to situation

    this. very much this. This is why i stopped buying consoles and just skipping titles that were console exclusives. why would i not carry that same attitude forward when you forcibly prevent me from using a client of my choice on an otherwise supported platform?
  13. harbingerofdoom

    Safe using desktop outdoors in fog and salty air?

    maybe put the computer as close as possible to the garage but inside- run USB and video cables to wherever you want the monitor keyboard and mouse at, use ultra cheap keyboards mice and monitors that are considered throwaways when they do bork out (and they will). its the cheapest way to do what...
  14. harbingerofdoom

    PCMag: Game of Thrones Torrents are Perfect for Delivering Malware

    all this thread is doing is to remind me that one of these days i need to actually sit down and set up my media center on away from the windows that its currently running.
  15. harbingerofdoom

    Winter home office upgrade all finished!

    the desk looks cool though :)
  16. harbingerofdoom

    Prince Harry wants Fortnite banned

    i raised two kids. i dont think i can control all those influences. I KNOW i can. because i did it. twice
  17. harbingerofdoom

    Prince Harry wants Fortnite banned is a crazy idea.... parents could actually be parents and raise their damn kids properly.
  18. harbingerofdoom

    Woot: Herman Miller Aeron Chair $500

    as someone that has a 'C' model that i bought in 2004, you cannot go wrong with this chair. i still use it as my daily driver and other than some dust buildup, its still in perfect working order.
  19. harbingerofdoom

    Which generation of gamer are you?

    my earliest memories of data entry to produce a result was punch cards to print out a giant dancing snoopy. get offa my lawn.
  20. harbingerofdoom

    Swatter Gets 20 Years

    i dont see that as the real issue. the first thing that needs to be fixed is whats being referenced here: im not meaning some unrealistic utopian never-gonna-happen vision... what i do mean is if people dont get INTO jail, no need to worry about when they get OUT of jail and i agree with c3k...
  21. harbingerofdoom

    Valve reveals its VR Headset

    more details needed. i bought the controller and steam streamer... they NEVER get used. not going to buy more useless hardware from steam
  22. harbingerofdoom

    Facebook Bans White Nationalism and White Separatism

    do they weigh the same as a duck?
  23. harbingerofdoom

    Gaming Chairs VS Office Chairs

    herman miller aeron your ass will thank you for the rather hefty purchase. mine has been in service since 2004 so the pricetag is worth it.
  24. harbingerofdoom

    win10 and HDMI output to TV

    personally, id just go back to the pi and cast whatever you're wanting to watch to it. you could go through all the hassle to get the outcome you're after done in software (kodi would be able to do it with some poking and prodding i think) but every time ive tried to do something unusual with...
  25. harbingerofdoom

    Best place to buy a new phone outright?

    i get my phones from amazon these days... and i also get the unlocked variants only
  26. harbingerofdoom

    Testing for User Contributed News Item

    they did a study- the warnings dont help anyway. have a cookie and you will be fine. (y)
  27. harbingerofdoom

    Ransomware Encourages Victims to Subscribe to PewDiePie

    as if i didnt have enough reason to avoid pewdiepie already
  28. harbingerofdoom

    PC Sales to Decline in 2019 Amid CPU Shortages, Weak GPU Market

    oh thank god we finally have our required monthly "the end of the PC is coming!!!!" article. we almost made it to the 20th without being reminded how the PC market is going to implode in 3 years.... just like its been going to do for the last 10. I wasnt sure what i was going to do with my day...
  29. harbingerofdoom

    Win Some, Lose Some in Qualcomm vs Apple Saga

    i dont know that this isnt already RAND patent or that it is not. Id say find out before we start tossing around that kind of stuff. i do not personally know either way. and- either way. you dont like it (even if it IS rand or frand) you're free to come up with an alternative at...
  30. harbingerofdoom

    Valve Addresses Review Bombing on Steam by Removing Them from Review Scores

    i think if they WILL do something like that it'd be good. i really dont think they will however. i do like that they're not flat removing it entirely and its something you can opt out of ... so this is good.
  31. harbingerofdoom

    Texas Is Trying to Block Tesla from Servicing Its Cars

    no it is not. first, this is not yet law second, there is absolutely no way this passes. as written no manufacturer or dealership would be able to work on cars that they EITHER manufacture or distribute. Meaning even dealerships would no longer be allowed to work on cars that they sell. in...
  32. harbingerofdoom

    Microsoft Will Pester Windows 7 Users to Upgrade to W10 with Pop-Up Notifications

    as opposed to what? red hot pokers jabbed into my eyes and ears? removing a limb with a dull spoon?
  33. harbingerofdoom

    Microsoft Proves the Critics Right: We're Heading toward a Chrome-Only Web

    the service will also not run on my computer. since i dont use chrome anymore
  34. harbingerofdoom

    BioWare Warns Hostile Replies Make Developers Less Likely to Engage

    im starting to hate the word "toxic"
  35. harbingerofdoom

    Tumblr Defends Controversial Porn Ban despite 20 Percent Drop in Traffic

    i call that "saturday" ....but it still never involved tumblr.
  36. harbingerofdoom

    Controversial Game Pulled by Steam after Outcry

    the general tenor of your post left it being more about the idea of letting the marketplace sort it out than about my point of yelling at the wrong person is useless. but yes, we do both agree with each other :)
  37. harbingerofdoom

    Win Some, Lose Some in Qualcomm vs Apple Saga

    thats kind of exactly how patents work. thats the GOOD reason to have patents- companies will infuse money into R&D and know they will see a return.
  38. harbingerofdoom

    Tesla Unveils Model Y Electric SUV with 300-Mile Range and Seven Seats

    you could have brought some popcorn too man.... move over. and now for something completely ON topic: that third row kinda looks like its designed with kids and midgets in mind. not really even sure how you get in there and ive only been able to find a single pic of it which has the seats...
  39. harbingerofdoom

    Parents Blame Elementary School's Cell Tower after 4th Student Diagnosed with Cancer

    oh...MY..... GOD! not WIRELESS FREQUENCIES!!?!!??!?? This kind of crap is why i left cali.