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    Banned from the forums for disagreeing with flash ads and not lying about it.

    Banned from the forums for disagreeing with flash ads and not lying about it.
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    Ad Revenues Hit Nearly $7 Billion in Q1

    Ditto. I don't use adblock but I won't let HardOCP's horrible flash garbage ruin my internet surfing experience. Stop hosting ads that give me a headache and I'll let noscript run that garbage and you can make your money.... Or better yet, just keep whining and complaining Kyle, Steve, et...
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops will have Dedicated Servers

    On CoD5 who were you playing with? 'Cause if you played on my server and hacked anything either I, or one of the other 2 admins would ban you. And if there wasn't an admin around you'd get booted by vote. None of that can happen on MW2. You play with a hacker and you're just plain old...
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    Leaked GeForce GTX 465 Information

    Looks like this card is crap with no reason to purchase it at all. Too bad Nvidia is having such a hard time competing. I don't like to upgrade unless there is actual competition going on. It seems like we only get really good prices on cards when we have actual competition. That and most...
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    Will Net Neutrality Drive Up Internet Access Prices?

    So if I don't want Comcast's 1mb connection I pay $50 a month for then... what? I can't get DSL so I can go to dial-up. Or a horribly-shat lag connection from a satellite provider for waaaaay more money? How come when my city tried to lay their own lines they were sued by Comcast? Because...
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    Adobe’s Open Letter To Apple

    Because every week they find a new super critical security flaw....
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    Facebook Privacy: A Bewildering Tangle of Options

    None of you people have actually gone in and tried to set all those privacy settings, have you? How about you go do it before you shit in the thread, and then imagine how a regular person is supposed to figure this stuff out. You know, the same person who has 5 different "toolbars" installed...
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    When did Apple Become Uncool?

    Go read this thread, we are not talking about the iPhone vs. the iPad. I think you may just be one of the 25% of the population that is mentally retarded. Even in your own post, which I quoted, you talk about the PC and someone, somehow installing Adobe Acrobat 3 on their machine. You failed...
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    When did Apple Become Uncool?

    When you are 65+ years old and want to get on the Internet do you really think people go, "Should I get an iPhone or an iPad?" No, the vast majority of the population consider all their options, not just what Apple product should I buy... It's gonna just be you and the other cultists who can...
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    When did Apple Become Uncool?

    My 92 year old grandmother uses her PC just fine. She's online with google talk right now and if she needs help I don't have to drive 45 minutes there and back, I just use this magic PC thingy called remote desktop. I do it every two weeks and make sure her computer stays nice and clean...
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    Leaked Phenom II X6 1090T BE Benchmarks

    That isn't 6 core / 6 threads @ 4.2 GHz, it's 4 core / 4 threads that is nearly keeping up with a 4 core / 8 thread Intel processor. Also for the previous two posters go read the thread and you'll discover that the price is indeed $200 and $300 for the unlocked BE. Sounds like they priced...
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    16-Year-Old Accuses Mom of Facebook Slander

    The article isn't about that and posting on facebook that you were speeding doesn't somehow grok the police evidence that you were speeding. Also speeding tickets don't usually result in having your license taken away. There are places out here in the west were there are NO SPEED LIMITS but...
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    13 Glaring iPad Shortcomings

    He listed the differences in parentheses just to the right of the apple product. Just need to read a little bit more... Still not sure what this product is actually for. I mean what can it do better or cheaper then anything else?
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    13 Glaring iPad Shortcomings

    I think the most damning thing you can say about it is when you look at the purchase economically. Instead of an Ipad you can get any number of alternate devices to fulfill the same requirements for less money. And these alternates will do a better job. Basically the Ipad is just another...
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    13 Glaring iPad Shortcomings

    This thread looks much different with Torq on ignore. Now can anyone come up with any reason, except to run a personally customized HTPC setup, to purchase an ipad? Is this thing really just a ridiculously expensive remote control for the very few who would waste this much money on said...
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    13 Glaring iPad Shortcomings

    What? You can use itunes with your ipad? Good for you buddy. I also transfer files using my phone and USB. Everybody, except poor ipad suckers, have USB. But I also have a job and don't just sit around on my couch talking about how I have an ipad on my couch, a kindle on my toilet, a...
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    13 Glaring iPad Shortcomings

    I sure do use the usb port to transfer files to and from my phone. I convert videos and transfer them over all the time. Books, music, etc... I suppose if I waste money on an ipad to do these things I can just set my ipad next to my PC and it will grock those files right into it. And some...
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    13 Glaring iPad Shortcomings

    My phone appears to do everything this ipad can do, plus it: 5. Weighs less 6. Fits in my pocket 7. I can read my books in the sun 8. I use a stylus so I'm not smudging my fingers on the screen Etc... How about you read the article? Even my PHONE has a USB port!
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    GeForce GTX 480 Real World Temperatures & Sound @ [H]

    Just checked my 5870, idling at 44 C. I already hate the heat this thing puts out in the computer room. Especially because my kids leave it on all the time. Not sure why anyone would buy this new Nvidia card but it's your money.
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    Microsoft: Blu-Ray Absence Boosted Xbox 360

    My xbox isn't even hooked up to my tv anymore, though my PS3 is still my blu-ray player and I'm looking forward to GoW3. Dragon Age came out on the xbox, but like almost every game it comes out better on my PC. Nothing is on more than the damn Wii though, I can't get my 3 year old son to stop...
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    Ubisoft DRM Authentication Servers Go Down

    Sheet, I was going to buy AC2 today! Just finished DAO. I guess I'll find something else to play instead. Looks like I can get Napoleon: Total War from Steam... and it doesn't have any ridiculous ways to punish me because I dared to pay for their game.
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    High-tech Cars Pose Trouble for Some Mechanics

    But that compensation number includes pension and benefits for old retired employees and should never be added into the current employees numbers. Just saying, if we're going to try to correct the massive amounts of misinformation about unions being spoon-fed to us by the very people who want...
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    Modern Warfare 2: Most Pirated Game of 2009

    Step 5 is announce higher profit margins (really announce higher profit per share) and Step 6 is announce higher bonuses for the new aristocracy, the executives! The executives only care about the shareholders to the point they can restrict or enhance their bonuses.
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    High-tech Cars Pose Trouble for Some Mechanics

    The times when cars were made by robots is gone. Toyota showed the entire industry that robots can not diagnose and fix problems on the line. It's even worse, when a robot is making a mistake it just keeps making the same mistake over and over. The specialized workers are necessary. I...
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    Tech FAIL of the Day

    I know someone who did this. The kid now lives with foster parents because as a parent you have certain rights (and responsibilities) that come with having a child. You're friends don't. Maybe you could try to teach the shitty parents how to act instead of trying to be the parent yourself? I...
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    Tech FAIL of the Day

    I've never had to move past spankings, though it was always the belt with me. My kids know there's a line they can't cross. Too bad there are so many shitty parents around. Our taxes are now paying for the 911 operator and the police to act as the discipline for this shitty parent? I think...
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    FTC Sues Intel for 'Anticompetitive Tactics'

    There are many different kinds of monopolies. You are thinking of "natural monopolies" and then somehow assuming that Intel counts. They don't. It's sad how many folks (including the previous poster) think they know something about economics when they don't know shit. Everyone has an...
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    FTC Sues Intel for 'Anticompetitive Tactics'

    If Apple has proof that MS was paying Dell, HP/Compaq, etc... bribes and/or threatening them with higher prices and delayed shipments (which is usually worse then higher prices) if they sold Macs then yes, the same argument could be applied. Also if Microsoft was deliberately making software...
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    FTC Sues Intel for 'Anticompetitive Tactics'

    Heh, this thread looks ridiculous after blocking Lollipop the "genius". Makes you wonder who everyone is arguing with. Everyone should ignore the "genius" so we could try to have a real discussion. And definitely a troll, and a stupid troll at that. :)
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    FTC Sues Intel for 'Anticompetitive Tactics'

    I got my degree at the University of Utah and you are an idiot. Unbelievable that you would post such ignorant crap and then have a quote from JSM in your sig section. Some "strategies" are illegal because the market works better when there is actual free trade. When one company is paying the...
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    Israeli Security Shoot Woman’s Laptop

    Israel, center of Facism in the 21st century. Better not have pictures of something that some psychotically-indoctrinated 19 year old with a gun finds offensive! And if it was a bomb and you wanted it to go off why the hell would you shoot it in the middle of the airport? We all know that's a...
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    I Hate Dell

    I called in for non-functioning internal wi-fi for a friend's laptop about 2 years ago. After 3 phone calls I got an agent whose name and information I got before the call started (the prior 2 calls I was hung up on). I let this agent know I would report him to his supervisor if I was hung up...
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    Newsday to Charge $5 per Week for Web Access

    So the AP is going to cede the market to Reuters? Go ahead AP, you're really scaring google I'm sure.
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    AMD Briefing With Eric Demers Slide Deck @ [H]

    It seems the argument is about the precise definition of something I don't care about. Being a non-technical person, just an enthusiast, I tend to believe the people who present that thingy we call proof. Not just typing "LOL!!!!", as I said several times. And it still seems to me that...
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    AMD Briefing With Eric Demers Slide Deck @ [H]

    Posting, linking to, and quoting word-for-word from the white papers is what I call proof. Not typing "LOL!!!!"
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    AMD Briefing With Eric Demers Slide Deck @ [H]

    So the other guy posts a whole bunch of proof and you respond with "LOL!!!!" and we should take you seriously? You sound like every other Nvidia fanboy or employee.
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    AMD Briefing With Eric Demers Slide Deck @ [H]

    Do you work for Nvidia or have some vested interest in them? You seem to spend your time trolling forums trying to support Nvidia wherever possible. What does current market share have to do with current shipping technology?
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    Nvidia kills GTX285, GTX275, GTX260, abandons the mid and high end market

    I'll just quote the one reply to that article, because it says it all. Including your poor reading comprehension... "ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 is going out because of the imminent release of 5870 X2, and you also got the 5870 in its spot now, btw nvidia shortage is alot diffrent, as they DO not...