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    larger ~$600 new prebuilt that will take to tinkering later? has to be prebuilt for scollership.

    My eldest son (12yo) had qualified for a tutoring scholarship but with this CO-vid mess they have cancelled tutoring and are offering instead to reimburse $500 for a new desktop, we were already saving up for him to eventually get one anyway and we can throw about $150 on top of that. I have...
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    der8aur measure x570 power consumption and passively cools chipset.

    I find these measurements interesting, he measured power at under 8 watts, less than I have been hearing as the reason for the active chipset coolers, but there is more that this board could be doing, would you get the 11w or 15w if all the PCI slots and NVME were populated? + 6 sata drives...