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    I'm stumped - help?

    I'm building a rig for a VM lab and I cannot figure out what on earth is going on here. This is the first time I've been stumped in years. Any ideas? Specs: i5-6600k 16GB (4x4) Ballistix Sport DDR4 2400 Gigabyte GA-Z170M-D3H 500gb Samsung 850 EVO Corsair CX600 Corsair H100i Put it all...
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    Most affordable way to RAID 1?

    my media collection is approaching 4TB and i really don't want to lose it so i would like to make it redundant. currently, it is in the form of two 1TB internal drives and a 2TB external. the htpc housing the drives is not big enough to hold more than two internal drives so i need to build a...
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    Sharing USB external HDD Windows 7

    i'm trying to share an external drive on my network and no matter how i try to access it, i get access denied. any ideas? permissions are full access for everyone can access anything i share, just nothing on this external all machines using windows 7 i tried a solution google suggested...
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    Android browsers using self-signed certs

    does anyone have experience with this? it would seem that this is not an official functionality but on some phones when i've imported the certs using the cert installer, it works for the browser. others, no dice. i believe that tool is meant for wifi certs.
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    My HTPC setup

    i was going to show off my $8 speaker stands and figured i'd share all of it. the stands are $8 "NOT" ikea lamps using just the base, one long piece and the top piece. i took the bulb socket and wiring out and left the shade off. 46" philips led 1080p 120hz asrock e-350 based htpc with...
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    Time Warner remote control app?

    i did some searching but figured someone here would know definitively. is there an android app for TWC remote control, a la the fios mobile remote app? i'm trying to decide if i need an android tablet remote or a cable tuner card first :p
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    Restoring ATC-200MX

    So I was replacing a customer's PC one day a while back and discovered his old one was in a dirty, beat up old CoolerMaster case. Turns out, it was an ATC-200MX. I asked him if I could have it and he said, "Well hell yes! I was going to pay you to take it away!" I've decided to restore it...
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    Hot? Hitachi 1TB 32mb SATA at Micro Center B&M $69.99

    Couldn't find anything online but I picked up a new retail Hitachi 1TB at Micro Center yesterday for $69.99. I'm guessing B&M only as there is nothing on the website. This was at the Richardson, TX location. YMMV.
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    360 repair gurus

    i've fixed a few 360's with the x-clamp replacement method. i did 2 today and on both of them the RRoD went away. they appear to be functioning normally but there's no video or audio. if i put in a ruined (scratched) game, it will go to the same "please put this game in an xbox 360" screen it...
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    Forum has a mind of it's own?

    vBulletin will randomly decide that I only want to view posts from the last day, or that I want all posts marked read every once in a while. While it's nice that it is brushing up on it's psychic abilities, it's wrong 100% of the time. Any ideas?
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    Ever heard of ANYTHING like this EVER?

    Okay so I dare anyone to try to find something weirder than this. When my computer gets too cold (around 25c in-case temp), my CPU usage shoots up to 100%. Before I realized it was due to the computer being too cold, the only way I could fix it was a hard shut down. This almost always...
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    Boredom + Opterown = ?

    So, I didn't go to work today and had some free time. I decided to push my opty a bit and this is what I got. I'm sure I can get 3.0 on a better board that can give more than 1.45v :rolleyes:
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    Power supply insufficient?

    This morning when I woke up, I went to my computer and it was behaving very oddly. It was doing everything about as slow as a 500mhz Celeron that is trying to burn a CD while you're using it for normal things. I rebooted thinking some software had gone crazy and was raping my CPU usage, but to...
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    Logitech Setpoint memory leak?

    I'm using the latest version of Setpoint for my Logitech Media keyboard. Normally I wouldn't use it but I really need to use my media buttons to control Winamp. Anyway, after about a day of use it's using over 100mb of my ram. I really don't think that's necessary. Any ideas, solutions, opinions?
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    weird reboot problems, asrock?

    I'm having some weird problems. From what I've read, it may be due to the SATAII. Anyway, here goes. Once I get into Windows, It's pretty stable. The problem is getting there. I usually have to hit the reset button several times to get in. I will get all kinds of weird stuff, here are a few...
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    OpterOWN Wallpapers

    I made some OpterOWN wallpapers. Let me know if you guys like them! If anyone wants something different, just tell me here and I'll see what I can do. They're 1280x1240 but if you use a bigger resolution, just set it to center and set your background color as the same color as the wallpaper...
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    Bad neoHEs

    Is this really an issue I should be worried about? I want to buy the P150 that comes with the 430w neoHE but I'm worried that it won't work! Is this a real issue, or is it mostly just people who have boards the supply doesn't like (asus) and they're assuming it's DOA instead of reading up on it...
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    My 148 arrived today!

    She's a CAB2E 0546. Anyone OCing one of these yet? I can't do anything with it yet, I still need to order my other parts. I should have them in about a week. I'm excited!
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    Best mid-range heatsink? you vote!

    What do you think is the best mid-range heatsink? I'm shooting for the $40-50 range.
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    Scythe Katana anyone? Does anyone have one of these? They seem pretty nice, and look sexy imo. A little small compared to all the 120mm stuff these days, but I would think a little faster 92mm would offset that. It also seems like it would be MORE...
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    148s on Newegg

    What are the 148s on newegg looking like? Anybody buy one recently? How are they OCing? Basically I just want as much info as possible on these, to decide whether or not to buy one. =P I'm going to be buying a new processor in about 2 weeks and I'd love to get a nice Opty. I want to be able...
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    Ballistix and ASRock 939dual?

    Has anyone done this? If so, does the board like the Ballistix?
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    kmixer.sys, how I hate thee

    Alright, I've put up with kmixer.sys long enough. Whenever I have Ventrilo and CS both open, without fail I will get a blue screen kmixer.sys error. I've researched quite a bit and it seems like a common problem with no real solution, but I know there are other people out there using an NF2...
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    Audigy1 ES making music skip?

    I just got an audigy1 ES. I uninstalled and disabled onboard sound, installed new drivers, all that jazz. I couldn't find drivers on creative's site (??) so I just used the driver CD it came with. Now sometimes my music (winamp) skips, and it crackles if I'm listening to music while I'm playing...
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    softmodding 9800se

    I ordered a powercolor 9800se and softmodded it but unfortunately, I'm one of the 0000.1% who gets artifacts =( What I want to know is, will a vga silencer help or stop the artifacting whatsoever? Will anything? Or am I just shit out of luck?
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    best cooler for 9800SE

    I'm buying a 9800SE 256-bit soon, with plans to softmod. I'm trying to decide what cooler to get for it. Convince me to buy your favorite cooler. =)
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    AIM Memory leak?

    I've noticed that AIM seems to cause some kind of "memory leak." Whenever I've had it open for several hours and am actively using my computer, it will randomly cause problems like I'll open IE, and it will have no "File Edit View.." menu or just not open at all. Note: This isn't just with IE...
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    5900xt: MSI vs Chaintech

    On newegg, the MSI and Chaintech 5900xt's are the same price, so let's compare them. The MSI comes clocked at 10mhz faster core. The Chaintech comes with ramsinks. It seems to me the Chaintech will probably easily do the 10mhz overclock and probably overclock better overall considering...
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    limiting bandwidth?

    Ok, I have 2 computers on a network with a speedstream 2604 router. I'd like to limit the bandwidth of one of them. Is this possible without spending money? Essentially, I'm trying to play counterstrike and my mom's surfing her dating websites and it lags me. If I limit her bandwidth, it...
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    ready to throw my computer out window

    I'm really unhappy with the Gigabyte GA-7N400. I had to RMA my first one because when I installed it, I didn't realize I couldn't boot from my hard drive with a new motherboard. I didn't want to format, so I put my 8kha+ back in to try to find out how to replace a motherboard without formatting...
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    2500+ or oc'd 2400+?

    Ok, I don't really know much about processors. Basically, which would perform better? Would the 2400+ be stable? This is with a GA-7N400 and 512mb XMS2700. oced 2400+ T-Bred 2.5ghz (333x15) << I believe a 2400+'s multiplier is 15 333fsb 256k cache 2500+ barton 1.83ghz (333x11) 333fsb...
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    Audio Codec Problem

    I've got a video (xvid) that tries to download a codec unsuccessfully (of course) and then, has no sound when it plays. I have the latest Nimo pack and WM9. Any ideas?