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    My 7970 Gets hot :(

    I recently attempted to bump up the clock speeds of my 7970 but I own a reference design MSI card. I left the fan speed on auto simply because the sound is almost unbearable at anything more than 50%, and I was seeing at least 80*c at load. Is this normal? I will be watercooling some time...
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    Monsoon Fittings?

    Has anyone used them? They're decent looking with the CF accents and I like how they come in packs of 6 for cheaper. I'm planning my first WC build and I don't want to buy garbage. I'm talking about these...
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    Why all the crying about the 7970?

    It seems like all that I am seeing is people whining about the 7970 being too expensive. While i agree that it is, both options are at this point. This is the part that bothers me, however. If Nvidia has released a card that performs almost identically to AMD's solution for this generation, and...
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    Powercolor AX7970

    Has anyone tried out this car yet? It's the cheapest on newegg right now. And i am wondering about the warranty? on their site it says that all cards have a 2 year warranty, but newegg gives you the option to spend an extra $60 for the "extended 2 year." Is that for a warranty through newegg?
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    Some SLI VRAM confusion.

    I think i understand that putting two 3gb cards still only limits you to 3gb of usable vram.. right? If that is wrong please correct me. Now my confusion comes in with the GTX 590. It is labeled as a 3gb card, but from the assumption above, and considering that it is 1.5gb per core, is it...
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    GTX 590 or wait? Or find a temp.

    Consider that I could get either a GTX 590 for the same price as a 7970, but the 590 would be slightly used. Which would be a better idea? I don't care about temp/noise. I am only using one monitor at the moment. My real question comes into what happens in the future. If i plan on doing a 3...
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    Eyefinity or 3D?

    I am kind of stuck right now. I currently have an ASUS VH242H and don't know which route to go. With the amount of cash i have right now, I could get rid of the asus and grab a nice 3D monitor, or i could keep it and get two more matching monitors. I really only game on this machine, which is...
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    eyefinity 3d?

    Has there been anymore talk about it? is it out? what is the deal with it? i have googled it, and all that came up was rumors from 2010
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    "Display Driver has stopped working" 7950

    Has anyone else had this issue? I am having a nightmare of a time with this card already. I cannot, for the life of me, get the drivers to work properly. I tried uninstalling 11.12 three times in a row without installing new ones, then installed 12.1, and It simply will not catch. I finally...
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    Quiet 200mm fan?

    I have a Corsair 650D and the front 200mm fan it pretty loud. What would be a good option to replace this fan with?
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    OC my 7950

    I have a Sapphire 7950 OC, and oddly enough it was not stable at stock voltages at it's clock of 900 mhz. I lowered it to 825mhz and it runs like a dream. But i would like to go above and beyond that 900mhz, but I have never OC'd a graphics card before. I am wanting to know what increments I...
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    Sapphire 7950 OC problem.

    I recently picked up a Sapphire 7950 OC from someone here on [H]. I attempted to play bf3 and it would crash. I attributed it to all the bugs reported in bf3. So i went and played a little FEAR 3 and what do ya know, within 10-15 minutes, the game froze up. It was not a full system lock. I could...
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    bf3 freezing issues?

    I tried probably 10 different games last night and had all of them freeze up on me. It was not a total system crash. Ctl+alt+del saved the day, but after doing some research, it seems normal for a lot of people who have played this game. I did change a bios setting and changed my realtek audio...
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    7950 BF3 issues?

    I just finished up my rig, and I am having issues with bf3. It will play nicely on maxed settings, nothing is overheating, and the game will just freeze out of the blue. There isn't any frame drop before it does, there are no warning signs, it just freezes. Are there known issues with these...
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    Thinnest Bezel monitor? (Eyefinity)

    What is my best bet to cut down on the black bar effect. I have seen some videos where it is really bad. I would not be able to stand it. I already have one of these monitors: , and figure that it would be easier to just pick...
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    Card Sag?

    Does anyone else get some sag in their system from the weight of cards these days? I just put a 7950 in and I can't tell if its the cooler playing tricks on my eyes or if its off level. Ill put pics up later.
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    Dvd burner. Sata 2 or 3?

    pretty much the title. I'm putting my new system together and I am curious if it will really make a difference if i plug my DVD drive into a sata 3 instead of a sata 2 port. Obviously more available bandwidth, but will it actually use it?
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    Watercooling. Which case?

    I have it narrowed down to a few that i have been eyeballing, but I have some questions. It is between the: Corsair 650D Corsair 800D Silverstone FT01 or 02 or the NZXT Switch 810. I would really like to have more room to work in without any goofy over the top designs, but still have room for...
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    6990 or 7970?

    I'm kind of stuck. I am leaning towards the 7970, but I am not too sure. I will probably only be running one monitor for a bit after i finish the build. more monitors would be an after though. I also plan on watercooling this system. There is a 6990 for a great price with a block on it for the...
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    Should I just wait?

    I purchased an i5 2500k because i found it cheap and wanted to begin a build soon. I have bought nothing else, as i am still researching. From the looks of it, so much new stuff is coming out, should i just run the system off of the onboard graphics until more of the 7000 line is out, and Nvidia...
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    Budget 1155 board?

    I'm on a bit tighter of a budget for this build. I picked up a 2500k sealed on here for a good price, but need a motherboard. I will only be running one high end graphics card to start with, but the option to run dual cards would be nice. As for budget, I would like to keep it under $200, but if...
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    Plexiglass Construction

    This is not exactly specifically for a PC, but I feel someone here might have some useful input. I have some plans to make a case for an Xbox 360 out of plexiglass, not just a box though (for those thinking it will look hideous.) What type of adhesive is best for gluing plexiglass together? I...
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    Mineral Oil Submersion. Down Sides?

    I've recently discovered this online, and I'm intrigued by it to say the least. I am not entirely sure on the route I wish to take yet, because I am still a bit weary on the whole idea. What are some of the down sides? I understand that it is hard to clean off of the hardware that was submerged...
  24. C legit?

    They have something that I cannot find anywhere else and I'm wondering if anyone has ordered from them before. are they legit?
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    ECS G41T-M5 problems..

    I just recieved all the parts for a new computer I'm building as a christmas gift for my mother, and I'm having some issues. I have everything plugged in correctly, I hit the power button, the fans all spin up, as does the HDD and the cd/dvd drive, but I get no video... Any ideas? P.s...
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    Studying advice for CCNA Networking finals?

    Now before you read anything, this is going to be a personal help thread to kind of just me... If I am somehow violating something, feel free to tell me/ close this Not sure where else to post this. I'm taking Cisco CCNA Networking administation classes at my college and, to say the least...
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    4-pin male PCI-E to Female Molex adapter?

    are they made? I searched pretty thoroughly and couldnt find anything. I only ask because I'm looking to mod one of my game systems and dont feel like soldering onto the motherboard.
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    Cooler at higher speeds?

    I'm actually pretty confused right now... Under simple tasks, my Phenom II X4 940 was running at around 51*C give or take. Needless to say, my room temp is usually pretty high, which deffinatly attributes to that, but I decided today I would try and push it a little bit. I know the basics of...
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    Nice air cooler or Cheaper WC system?

    i've got the option right now to pick up a Thermaltake WC system, but it only has a CPU block. not big deal. all I want to cool right now is the CPU. Having the possibility of being able to extend on the WC system to my NB and GPU are the only thing pulling me to WC. But for the time being...
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    Looking for some Demanding games

    I just got my GTX 280 today, and I want to see how far I can push it. I'm just looking for some graphically demanding games that I can try and check out. Preferably if they have a demo, but if not, I'm fine with trying to buy it somewhere from a friend or something. Gimme your tops guys! Right...
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    Need some advice on what headset to get.

    Well so far, I've gone through two cheap ones this weekend. the first barely worked and was HORRIDLY uncomfortable, the second one no one could hear me on. I was looking around on Newegg and the Steel Series over the head look incredibly nice, but I have no clue. Any recommendations? Thanks guys.
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    Can't install and drivers on Windows 7

    I just got my new build together a few weeks ago, and I can't install any drivers. The ASUS disc for my motherboard gives me an error that basically tells me that its formatted for Vista and will not work. I have tried downloading just the drivers I wanted more/needed like the drivers for the...
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    What Card Should I Get To Game in 1920x1080?

    Right now all I am running is the integrated 3300 on my motherboard. Its ok for half life and games like that, But I want something that I can play things like Lost Planet, COD4, Crysis, etc on High setting in 1920x1080. I'm on a tight budget as of right now since I'm saving for a car, but I...
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    A few Gmod Questions

    I'm looking into getting gmod, and I've just got a few questions. If I download The Orange Box and then gmod, will I be able to use all the items from those games in Gmod? Also, if my friend has CSS as a source game, I will still be able to play with him, right? And jusy so I know, how do you...
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    ASUS VH242H 23.6"

    I'm looking into a new display for my new build and I've been looking at this monitor. The only thing that kind of bothered me is that ASUS has a 21.5" for like...$50 less. I do understand that this is still a great price for a 23.6" LCD 1080p, but is it worth the extra $50 for just 2 more...
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    No Drivers for HD 3300?

    I looked on the ATI site and they have the 3200 drivers, but no 3300. Its onboard on my M3A78-T. should I just download the 3200 Drivers?
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    M3A78-T question

    When I boot my system up, I always get the green ASUS screen and then it goes to a long message that end ups telling me Chassis Intruded ! how can I fix this? Also, are there drivers that will work with Windows 7?
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    Can't Install Drivers on M3A78-T and a few other things

    I installed Windows 7 on my new setup as the primary OS, and since the Drivers are made for Vista, it wouldn't accept the drivers on 7. It seems like everything is working fine w/o installing the drivers, but the main thing that is annoying me is every time I boot the system up, I get the black...
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    Recognized as PC6400 instead of PC8500

    I just got my system up and running finally today. I downloaded CPU-Z, and noticed its recognizing my ram as PC6400 and not PC8500. Its some OCZ Reaper HPC ram. Its running on an ASUS M3A78-T with an AMD phenom II X4 940. What went wrong? EDIT: also, I'm using Windows 7 64bit
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    M3A78-T & Phenom II

    will me M3A78-T recognize my AMD Phenom II 940 right away? I don't have any old processors to update the BIOS with...