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  1. Living Weapon

    Cosmos RS i7 + WC Monsta

    Full Album What started as a simple rad installation became a project, so I figured I'd start a work log. If you guys have some comments/suggestions, feel free. Here's where things started to get complicated: I wanted to leave room for a standard optical drive, because I expect this case to...
  2. Living Weapon

    Outlaw Audio LFM-2 Powerd Sub $199 - Thru 6/1

    This discount was announced to Outlaw's mailing list subscribers about 3 hours ago, but is available to all through their online store. Offer ends June 1st. These lil powered subs are perfect to reinforce 5.1 game systems, or snag two of them to team up in the corner of a room for a righteous...
  3. Living Weapon

    9800GTX/9800GX2 width?

    I'm modding the Shuttle in my sig to take a double-width card in the near future (maybe a 10 series if nvidia will hurry up :D), but I'm finding claims of 3.2 - 3.8cm wide on various forums (which matters in my SFF rig). Could somebody please measure their 9800GTX card, or better still GX2...
  4. Living Weapon

    Multi-mon w/9800GX2 ???

    OK, so we all know "no multi-monitor support with SLI". However, with one GPU per card it has been possible to change display profiles - divorced for 2, 3, or 4 monitors / SLI for single-monitor gaming. Anybody with a 7950 have experience with adding another nVidia card for additional...