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    We REALLY need a tech careers subforum.

    Now is the time...there isn't anything like this on the has the only decent IT careers forum, and it's nothing great. Many [H] readers are hurting for work, and looking to discuss the situation with others...why does Hardocp seem so blind to this fact?
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    Repairing/Replacing Aiwa Shelf Systems?

    I have one of those huge Aiwa systems that were incredibly popular about 10 years's my main sound system, and it's hooked up to my computer, Ipod, PS2 and everything else... I come home from work the other day, only to find that the main player unit is totally dead...won't turn on or...
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    The BEST online multiplayer PSP game?

    I need a great ONLINE, multiplayer PSP game that I can play while waiting for my girlfriend to get ready to go out! I have Twisted Metal, which is totally cool online, but I need something cool and new (for me)... First person shooters on a PSP don't really do it for me (im an avid UT2k4...
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    9700 pro WON'T run COD4 at all?

    I know it doesn't meet the required minimum specs (9800pro), but come on! The game won't even TRY to run. It creates a cryptic error message and then drops me back to the desktop! Does anyone know of a bios hack or overclocking method or SOMETHING that will make this game run on this card...
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    Flash Ram for Vista ReadyBoost?

    I want very much to use Vista's "ReadyBoost" feature, due to the 5400rpm drive that shipped with my laptop. But I DON'T want a thumbdrive sticking out of my laptop, waiting to get snapped off like a pretzel! Can anyone recommend a flash memory card that is compatible/fast enough for Vista...
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    Corrupted Files!?

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    Best FSB 333 Motherboard?

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    Have to install Flash to view an article?

    I am here at work, and now the recent article on Overclocking won't show up without me installing a flash activeX control. Is this on my end, or is this a new thing for the H?
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    PSP Games are mostly disappointments...

    I have been out of the console scene for some time now, but last year I bought a PSP. I also bought Twisted Metal for it, and absolutely love it. Unfortunately, I have bought a number of games since then that were rated relatively well in the reviews that I read, and I found them to be...
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    Quiet air cooling for an overclocked Socket A?

    Well, its that time of year again...time for me to look at my old machine and try to make it last until I cave in and buy a laptop. Right now I have an old Coolermaster Aero 7+ on my CPU, and this mofo is LOUD and EMBARASSING. All you can hear is that nasty thing whining away, and I feel its...
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    How the PPU can be made popular...

    Granted, I know little or nothing about the workings of video or physics cards, but it seems to me that the best way for the PPU to get a foothold in the current market is to allow it to take over the physics of current games. If the PPU could take over the physics in a game such as Unreal...
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    Way too many subforums

    Getting anyone to respond or view my threads in any number of topics is a nightmare...unless someone is specifically in the forum of your exact topic, your thread will never be seen by them, even though they may have something to contribute. Getting anyone to offer any advice is nearly...
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    Cheap, compact watercooling for a good ol' Athlon XP

    I need a quiet, compact, and cheap form of watercooling to keep this rig running until its time to upgrade the whole package. crappy "blower" style air cooling was a novelty when it came out, but it is starting to get tiresome with its loud noise when I am trying to spend an evening with...
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    Frontpage won't let me import an old site I made...using Frontpage

    I am the webmaster for The site is nothing you can see I stumbled along with some Flash and whatever I could get Frontpage to do... When I open up the index.htm file in Frontpage, it completely strips out my navigation bar, from the code and...
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    What standard hardware today is just totally not utilized?

    I would put forth that 64-bit processors are totally un-needed at the current moment, particularly because (as far as I am aware) most OEM companies still ship with the 32-bit version of Windows XP. Not only that, but even if you have a 64 bit OS, most, if not all software for it will be...
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    Ageia PhysX processor demos - are they really that impressive? Do these show anything that a normal CPU/video card combination can't do?
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    Problem with Remote Desktop: Help!

    For the last few months I have had remote desktop set up on my local wireless network so I can access my main PC through my crappy laptop... But for the last few weeks, whenever I try to connect, I get the following error message: Remote Desktop Disconnected: Remote connections might not be...
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    Doom 3 Project Mars City case "mod" - is this really case modding?

    This thing has been in the works for what seems like years...but it is getting to the point where it really isn't even a modification onto the case...quite frankly it doesn't seem to even matter what the original case was, as it hasn't been modified as much as it has been added on to... Is it...
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    Home Theater PC (case) with an overclocked chip?

    Hey all, I a getting a sweet new tv pretty soon, with a beautiful stand for it that would be perfect for holding my PC...I would love to get a nice looking Home Theater Desktop case (that doesn't look too much like a computer) but I am worried because I will be using it to hold my overclocked...
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    Need a smaller case - im sick of this Chieftech tower

    I have had this beautiful Chieftech (actually an Antec back when I bought it) Dragon case for about 4 years now...and I now have a full time job and just don't get around to messing with my hardware that often... I am, however, sick and tired of having to move this massive steel case around...
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    So what do you guys think of projectors for games or surfing the web?

    I have a herniated disc in my back and I now suddenly love to lie down (suprise suprise!). I am wondering how a 1024x800 resolution monitor would work for playing high-speed video games like UT2k4 and Quake 3, as well as watching videos and surfing the web... I assume they are LCD, so would...
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    Unclear Thread Titles should result in a locked thread.

    This forum has completely gone downhill. I can't go to a single sub-forum without seeing tons of "HELP!!!11" and "UPGRADE????" titled threads. As moderators, if you wish to make this forum the online database for reference by all who might wish to tweak their computers, as it once was, then...
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    Corsair Xpert Memory defeats the purpose of overclocking

    The purpose of overclocking is to obtain higher performance for a lower price. If our hardware such as memory comes with lower specs but also attached to all kinds of "diagnostic" hardware (which will ineveitably raise the price), doesn't this defeat the purpose? Overclocking for the sake of...
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    Whats a good A/V input card for video cameras?

    I am looking for a card that will support A/V (RCA) jack inputs from video cameras, and hopefully will support firewire as well...any thoughts? I am not even sure what these things are called...
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    What failed on this drive?

    I have an 80 gig Western Digital that has been corrupting data for over a year... recently my computer just blue screened and repeated this, never loading windows completely, and blue screening every time, until I removed my 80 gig drive. (it was a secondary drive). I...
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    Would Bittorrent benefit from RAID 0?

    I know that some P2P software makes use of hash files and other such stuff... would RAID 0 speed up hashing and compiling completed files, or benefit in any other way?
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    Schedule an automatic backup of RAID 0 drive onto a non-RAID drive?

    Is it possible to schedule an automatic backup of an 80 gig RAID partition onto an 80 gig non-RAID partition? I am not looking for RAID 0+1 or anything, just a mass copy of data from one partition to another...automated... Does anyone know of a way to set this up? The closer I can get to my...
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    Is NCQ and SATA II worth getting with my motherboard?

    I can't seem to find this out... Can an Abit NF7-S rev. 2 Motherboard make use of a hard drive with NCQ? I understand that NCQ offers significant performance advantages, but is that internal to the hard drive, or does it have to be used in conjunction with the motherboard? Also, can I...
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    In general, which brand hard drive would you rather buy

    Assuming the price is the same, and speaking IN GENERAL, would you rather get a 1. Maxtor 2. Hitachi 3. Seagate
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    Can I use four hard drives on an Abit NF7-S? SATA and IDE?

    Just curious...i seem to remember in the back of my mind that you can't do this...but it would be nice to have RAID 0 as well as an IDE drive for important data...
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    AGP GPU orders are up! What did they expect?

    This has boggled my mind for months...of COURSE APG GPU sales are up...the vast majority of enthusiasts and mainstream customers are nowhere NEAR needing to upgrade their 3.2 Ghz hyperthreaded P4's with 1 gig of ram... This whole mess of PCI-E parts is completely stupid. Perhaps this is part...
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    20% of Video cards at Best Buy!;553538;315749393;1;02&R=T1_Url_0&A=1007
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    I am returning my 6800OC and putting in my ti4400

    I bought this 680OC from best buy about 3 weeks ago. I thought it would allow me to enjoy modern games more, because up until now, all I played was Unreal Tournament 2004. I bought the card, and regardless of various problems it had (black and white video out, etc) I was indeed able to play...
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    Do game developers take advantage of the mod community?

    Could it be that the developers of Half Life and Doom know that the mod developers will repair the faults of their games, such as cheating and multiplayer? Thoughts?
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    Is it time for the next awesome multiplayer FPS?

    What was the last awesome FPS that was released that was intended for awesome multiplayer online action? Seems there hasn't been one for a while...Unreal Tournament 2004 is the last game I can think of that was MEANT for online play, and delivered what it meant to...
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    Have you ever seen a photo-realistic digitally rendered object?

    I am talking about something rendered by a video card (demo or something) that is absolutely photo-realistic...not only with regards to texture mapping, but also polygon count, shading, and environmental interaction (shadows and such). It seems that modern video cards and games get SO...
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    Inserting a TAB into a Text file...HELP!

    I made a beautiful comma delimited report for my boss using PL/SQL...he wanted a text file, and i gave him comma delimited...which is a text file! arg... but anyway, he wants the columns to line up nicely when viewed in a text editor... How can I imbed a "TAB" into a text file that is being...