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    Mouseover for multi-page threads

    Can I humbly suggest that this be changed to always show the number of pages in a thread rather than having to mouse-over? Yes, I can read the number of replies and see which are the "big" threads, but having the pages displayed draws attention to them. It definitely helps for certain threads...
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    Home Server Refresh - WHS2011 now, where to go next?

    I'm looking to refresh my current system, which consists of the following boring hardware Celeron G1820 Gigabyte B85M-D2V 16GB Ram (non-ECC) 12x hotswap bays via 3x 4-in-3 adapters Disk Subsystem (current) LSI 9211-8i 4x3TB 5x2TB 1x1TB I have the following disks ready to replace some of the...
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    EK Recalls EK-XLC Predator 240 and 360 units due to faulty O-Ring

    A word of warning to anyone who has purchased an EK Predator closed loop cooler: Bolding is mine I figured that this forum would be more suitable than the WC sub since theres lots of...
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    PWM Fan Control

    I have been using the Asus Fan Xpert utility that came with my motherboard (M6H) for a while, and am curious if there is something better for my purposes. My system is watercooled with a custom loop that includes 2x GPU's in addition to the CPU. My radiator fans are controlled by a single PWM...
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    Adding 5.25" bays to a mATX case?

    I'm looking for a compact case that can fit a large number of hot-swap bays to replace my current home server case. Since it doesn't seem like there is much (or anything) off the shelf that will do what I want with built-in bays, I started looking for cases that would fit multiple hot swap cages...
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    Recommend me a new case

    I'm currently using a Lian Li PC-v354B for my home/media server setup. While I like the compact form factor, it has some serious drawbacks in the layout and changing drives is a colossal pain in the ass. Heres what I want: Hot swap bays. Either a lot of them, or the ability to add a lot of...
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    State of HD streaming over WiFi?

    I've been looking into updating my router and curious about streaming over WiFi networks. Last I checked (a couple years ago) N still wasn't up to snuff for streaming BD rips. Kind of curious about how things have changed with the proliferation (albeit slow) of AC routers and adapters. Bare...
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    Changing monitor initialization order?

    I've got three monitors hooked up to my top card (2x7970's in CF), a center 1440P panel hooked up to DL-DVI, one 1080P to HDMI, and one 1080P to a DP->DVI adapter. Ever since I've had this setup, the two side panels initialize in bios while the center 1440P panel stays dark. This wouldn't be...
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    Adding second radiator to 800D, recommendations?

    I'm planning on adding my second GPU to my loop and need to add another rad to contend with the additional heat. I do not plan on modding the case in any meaningful way (I actually use that bottom drive cage at the moment) so that means either a 120 or 140mm radiator. I'm envisioning placing it...
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    7970 GPU folding CPU Usage

    I just switched to the 13.11 Beta 8's for my 7970 CF setup and I'm seeing WAY higher CPU usage on my FAH client, as in 10-12% CPU for each client (basically a full core). I know this behavior has been the norm for NV cards but until I updated the driver this wasn't something I had seen. Anybody...
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    New motherboard, horrible mic feedback?

    Just upgraded from an old Socket 1366 setup to a brand new 1150 setup using a Maximus VI Hero board. For some reason, I'm encountering some pretty bad mic feedback when I use Teamspeak. There is a very high pitched whine in the background whenever I talk that never occured before with my old...
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    Destination net unreachable, recurring issue

    I keep having an issue with one specific site and the problem is incredibly odd. Every weekend for the last 3 weeks, starting at about 11am on saturday and going through the weekend until monday, the site in question will be totally unreachable from any PC on my network. I can reach it from my...
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    What is the feeling on water cooling kits? (Not closed-loops)

    I've been toying with the idea of going for a WC loop on my next build. Its been a while since I built a WC setup (my last one had an old heatercore and a DD TDX in it) and I'm a little unsure of whats been going on in the market in the last 5+ years. That said, I've looked at throwing together...
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    SATA3 & USB3.0 Parts for 800D?

    Have these been discontinued or are they just out of stock? They no longer appear to be available directly from Corsair, but they haven't answered any of my attempts at communication. Anybody have any info?
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    Asrock Extreme 6 vs MSI GD65 or others for 4770k build?

    I'm thinking about putting together a new build to replace my aging i7-950 build with something faster and cooler. I'm on something of a budget so I'd like to keep it reasonable, and with that in mind two boards have kind of jumped out at me so far: Asrock Extreme 6 and the MSI GD-65. Between...
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    Tiny mATX cases?

    I've got a bunch of hardware that I'm putting together, ostensibly for an HTPC. Everything is basically integrated in the motherboard (incl. msata drive) and I have a pico PSU that I could use to power it. the only other requirement would be the ability to install or modify the case to...
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    Creating a list of stored media automatically. Possible?

    Sorry if the title is a little confusing, I'll try to outline what I mean. I have a WHS2011 server acting as media server for my WMC HTPCs using My Movies. I'm using drive pool to simplify the hdd logistics (multiple directories and balancing the storage), and for a while now I've been using...
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    3770K worth $40 over 2600K?

    3770K is $40 more on Newegg right now than the 2600K. Is it actually worth the lower TDP and marginal changes to go with the newer processor?
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    Up for an upgrade soon on VZW, how long do I hold out?

    As the title says, I'll be up soon for an upgrade to my DINC. Its getting pretty long in the tooth and I'd like to upgrade to something with LTE. My problem right now is that most of the current crop of LTE phones seem to have crappy battery life. Theres also the fact that some new SOCs should...
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    GTX 680 3 monitors, different resolutions

    Is it possible to run three panels where 2 of the monitors have a different resolution from the primary panel? I know its currently not possible with cards prior to the 680 to game with SLI on if you have 3 monitors with different resolutions because it requires surround to be enabled, and...
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    nV surround setup? Stuck at step 1!

    I'm trying to use a triple display setup with SLI enabled. I really only want to game on a single display and have my desktop extended on to the other two. I believe this requires Surround to be setup, but I'm basically stuck before I've even gotten started. see below: I can get all three...
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    SR-2 Combo

    Crosspost from FS/FT: My car has broken down and I need some cash for a new down payment. I love this rig, but its just tying up too much money for me to hold on to it any longer. So as much as it pains me, I have to let it go. Let my loss be your gain. Everything is in excellent shape and...
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    Extremely slow file transfer WHS2011

    I'm experiencing extremely slow transfer rates between computers on my network and my WHS2011 box. I built the system to host large HD movie files for playback on several different systems. Unfortunately i'm getting such slow transfer rates that playback is excruciatingly choppy and...
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    ultraportable capable of HD playback

    I'm looking for ultraportables and/or "not"books that are capable of of HD playback. I've got a ton of BD rips and would like the ability to watch them on the go without re-encoding, as well as having some kind of productivity. gaming is pretty much a non-concern. The only other thing i'm really...
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    Popping sound using onboard, will a soundcard fix it?

    Currently I use my realtek onboard my X58-UD3R and have a set of Z-5500's and a pair of Sennheiser HD555's that I use as well. When I hear sounds, most notably at the beginning of short, transient sounds (like windows sound effects), I get a quite annoying popping or ticking sound. The ticking...
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    Stuttering playback, VC-1 on Zacate

    I'm currently having problems on some BD-rips (re-muxed the m2ts to .mkv w/ lossless codecs) with my E-350 based htpc. symptoms: 1) Stuttering sound and video, occasionally it will smooth out for a second. 2) ~50%-70% CPU usage 3) Doesn't occur universally on all video files. I believe...
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    VT-d and folding in a VM?

    I'm looking at putting some new hardware into my current home server rig, and I'm toying around with the idea of making it a folding box. The inital goal when building was compact size and low power, so I was using an extra s775 board with an underclocked CPU. However, the thought occurs that...
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    Ceton networked tuners

    Does anyone know the status? I know that there was firmware in a closed beta that enabled this, but I haven't been able to find any updates on its status any more recent than October or so of last year. My new mini-ITX case doesn't have an expansion slot so I'd like to put the tuner in my home...
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    Radeon 6450

    A review over at anandtech Obviously pricing is the biggest piece of the puzzle, but if it comes down in the 30-40$ range, this is going to be the go-to HTPC card. Obviously the 5450 is just a little shy if you want to do real de-interlacing, but this chip meets the need at lower power than...
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    linux wireless adaptors OR help with my current USB

    I'm looking for a wireless adaptor that is well supported in linux (Ubuntu 10.10 in particular) in terms of working with minimal setup/technical work. Either USB or internal is fine, but I'm limited to using PCI-E for internal cards due to the lack of PCI slots on my SR-2 I currently have a...
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    Excruciatingly slow BD file transfer

    I'm trying to transfer some files off of BD using a new LG UH10LS20 and it is extremely slow. Specs state 10x BD transfer rates, which should be ~40MB/s max. For some reason I'm running at 2.5MB/s, which means for a 40gb BD disc its going to take hours. This is ridiculous and never had this...
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    What music software do you use? Tips and Tricks?

    My audio library is a total mess and I want to get it organized and integrated into my HTPC frontend. Currently trying out the MB music library plugin, but it seems a little quirky. What are other people using? Also, more importantly, how are you guys organizing, renaming, and tagging all...
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    Snap, Crackle, Pop in windows 7 with Audigy2 ZS

    I just recently upgraded my rig from a DFI UT x48-t2r to a gigabyte x58-ud3r and noticed a lot of issues with popping and crackling with my Audigy 2ZS. I'd get loud pops that sound like I was unplugging my headphones even with everything just idle (no sounds playing). My mic input was also very...
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    which gpu heatsinks will fit on the X800XT AIW?

    will the ati silencers fit? seems like they had to modify the stock heatsink just to fit everything on the board, so im not sure a bigger sink will fly.. anyone know anything? hmm.. maybe the zalman will offer enough clearance
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    can anyone recommend a brand for 6800GT?

    First off: i would like to say hello to everyone here at [H]ardforum, im new here, but not a total newb, been around at amdmb for a while, but have noticed that the quality of that site has decresed dramatically, so i thought it would be worthwhile to make a name for myself here at [H} so...