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    2 gamers, 1 box?

    SO needs a new system. Looking at moving her GPU into my machine and using VM's with hw passthrough to avoid building another box. Less clutter, etc. Also much cheaper to have 1 honking system than 2 mid-range. how-to's on this seem far and few between, and focus mostly on different software...
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    Virtual machines

    So I'm looking for reasons to buy a home server and run some vms. Partially because I want to be able to run some Linux software without having to dual boot. For testing ERP systems and other business server things. And partially because why not. I want to be able to set it somewhere and run...
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    threadripper or i9, who has a cooler box?

    I'm never going to own either of these, but they look like they have the funkiest packaging. Who has the best box?
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    When does AMD usually make announcements,?

    Teasing yesterday about a possible announcement today, assuming they actually intend to make an announcement, when do they typically do that? Or is it random?
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    Windows boot manager borked, win10

    I have 3 HDD's in my PC, 2 have bootable windows installations. One i quit using for a long convoluted reason. Basically I bought a new larger SSD and wanted windows in it, but too lazy to uninstall the windows on the other HDD (sorting through downloads and user documents and shit, just didnt...
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    Ryzen 3 after 4 price speculation.

    What are your thought on how ryzen 3000 will be priced after ryzen 4000 is launched? I'm torn on upgrading my systems to a 2700 given the bargain basement pricing right now, but I'd really rather not and get a 3700 or better. Do you think the 3000 series will get the same discounts the 1xxx...
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    Mouse options

    Ever since "gaming" mice became a thing there's now hundreds of gaudy cheap looking RBG shit boxes. Originally my favorite mouse was the tiny Logitech mice (back when mice had trackballs), followed by the Microsoft intellimouse, the white and grey one with two side buttons. I'm getting fed up...
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    Fx 8320, still doesn't suck

    Not a very [H] piece of hardware, but I'm kind of annoyed I spent about $1500 a year ago on a new ryzen 1600, 3200ram and an Rx 580, only to have it be marginally better than my girls 8320e with a 570. Playing battlefield V she's rarely under 60 on high settings, while I'm rarely over 80. Also...
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    Custom case

    I'm considering manufacturing a custom case. I may just do it for myself or open it up with a kick starter or something. Any thoughts on enthusiast features that are not readily available in retail cases? What would make you pay $200 for a case? I'm not talking SFF but a real case. Stainless...
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    what does SSD failure look like

    In the past spinning disks usually failed slowly, with noises and other things that made you know it was dying. I just had an SSD quit booting. I put in another SSD (ironically an RMA replacement for one that failed over a year ago) and reinstalled windows 10. It still shows up in the bios, and...
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    Running PSU up to max rating.

    So I've got all my computer's mining right now and I would like to get my gaming rig back. To do this I'm thinking I could put all my mining GPUs one one system. The problem with this is I only have a seasonic 850w PSU. With three cards underclocked and undervolted it pulls 650w at the wall...
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    glut of 480's and 580's in the future

    Does anyone else wonder what will happen as 480's and 580's become no longer as profitable for mining as newer cards? Will there suddenly be tens of thousands of cards available for next to nothing? Will this bring PC gaming back? (not that its actually really gone anywhere, but you gotta know...
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    Fractal Design ARC XL broken headphone port

    I tried checking their website for parts when i broke it about 2 years ago, but i really like this case and would like my headphone port to work again, anyone have any ideas? Is there a fractal rep on this forum that might be able to help? The port broke by being hit while the headphones were...
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    GTX 1070's worth it?

    So i've been waiting since amd launched 470's and 480's for a 470 to show up under $220 CAD to buy. So that didnt happen, then 570's, same deal, then holy shit. now video cards are almost not available. So I wandered through a local store the other day and they have zotac mini gtx1070's for...
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    Is polaris ever going to sell at MSRP?

    I didnt check US prices, but in Canada 570/580 are close to 150% of msrp. Stock is better these days, but prices still....