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    Music/Video Machine Critique

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    Music/Video Machine Critique

    I'm putting together a computer for my father and I need a little help with the hardware since I haven't really kept up with hardware for the past year or two. Anyway, this machine will be for music editing and a little bit of video editing. Note that I did not select a graphics card since...
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    How's this for a slight upgrade?

    I was planning to get something like this for Jesus's birthday: Mobo: MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum CPU: A64 3000+ or higher RAM: ?? Case: ?? I need thoughts on what I have decided on and ideas for best brand of RAM and a good case that's not overly expensive. If it makes a difference, I would...
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    Windows and File Deletions (lack thereof)

    Why can't windows have a button that says "I understand the risks of a file being used, delete it anyway" because 99% of the time when I get the message about a file being used IT'S NOT! This has been beaten to death probably, but is there any foolproof way of deleting/moving/whatever a file...
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    IE doesn't let me open any sort of new window from inbrowser

    Long title, but oh well. I am having a strange problem where in IE there is no possible way for me to open a new window. Right click open in new window, not gonna happen. Click a link from the forum that goes to a new window, not gonna happen. The only way for me to follow links like that is to...
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    Modding bash to work with windows?

    Possible? Been done? Lol just a thought. I know I would definitely use it
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    Stormy in MGS:TS?

    My friend and I were playing Twin Snakes and we noticed something interesting. The guard that holds you in the cell (has a cold and a stomach ache) sounds EXACTLY like Stormy from Sealab 2021. Is it the same voice actor? Anyone know? "SHUT UP IN THERE WILL YA!"
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    Blank emails?

    Anyone ever gotten a blank email? I get several (gotten like 4 so far) They have no subject, no sender, and no body. It's really bizarre. This is on a yahoo email address, think maybe it's screwing up? Any ideas on this weirdness?
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    Random Disconnects, but I need logs of it

    I'm getting randomly disconnected, but it only happens for like 4 seconds each. I need logs of these disconnects. Is there a program that constantly monitors internet connectivity and logs it?
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    Java GUI programming tutorials?

    Anyone know of any good (free) ones? Google helped me find a couple but they weren't very good.
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    Viper V330 PCI tv out?

    I have this card in an older computer and am trying to get the SVideo tv out working. I can't get it working obviously. Any help with my endevour? Google had nothing useful.
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    AOL not connecting properly..what to blame?

    I'm working on a Dell Inspiron 4100 for my Tae Kwon Do studio. The problem is that they need AOL working on it. The laptop has an internal modem, but I don't know what type it is. There are two drivers installed, one for a Motorala iDEN iX 1000 and one for an Actiontec MD56ORD V92 MDC modem I...
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    How *exactly* do I pull off the minus world trick?

    Flame me all you want, but Mario Bros still rocks! I have read countless guides on how to pull off the minus world trick, but still cannot get it. For those who have done it, what EXACTLY do I have to do?
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    Fuitadnet? Anyone heard of them? Or even better, anyone used them? I was looking at signing up for their bronze package and it just seemed like too good a deal, but what do I know? Anyway, opinions MUCH obliged.
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    .hack//sign part 1 worth 10 dollars?

    At Sam Goody they're apparently selling infection for $10. Worth buying? For reference, RPG is my favorite genre and I liked the series. I ask because if it's just a POS game with nothing cool about it, I won't even bother with the $10 for it.
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    Getting rid of "Local Disk is low on space" popup

    I am sick and tired of this POS telling me I'm low on disk space. I KNOW! I don't need to be reminded every 20 seconds. How do I turn it off?
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    Link to that NES case?

    I remember someone posted a really kickass NES case here. Does anyone have a link to his worklog (any of them really, I know there have been multiple)
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    Where do I get Directx 9a?

    Title sums up my question pretty well
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    Found an Atari 2600

    But I can't find the power adapter :( Does anyone know what voltage and amperage the atari takes? I'm googling as we speak, so if I find out I'll edit.
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    IE Script Errors

    My friend needs help with this explorer error that keeps popping up when he opens WINNT, My Pictures, and the Recycle bin. He doesn't intend on formatting and wants to know if the problem can be solved in another way. It's basically a script error like you would see on poorly coded websites...