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    Laptop mic doesn't seem to work.

    Laptop HP Envy running Win 10 Ent I tried to join a Zoom meeting and the mic doesn't seem to be working. 1. When I joined the meeting, I couldn't unmute my mic. Only the host could unmute it (well a box would pop up requesting that I unmute it). 2. Even after the mic is unmuted nobody can...
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    Do they make laptop jack extension cords?

    The cable from the power brick to the laptop jack is too short. I'm wondering if someone makes an extension? If so, can anyone provide some links? Thanks!
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    Once again I turn to my [H] family for help (Excel 2016)

    Ok IS upgraded my work computer from Windows 7 and Office 2010 to Win 10 and Office 2016. They somehow backed up my settings and files and restored them to the new machine. The problem is when I copy and paste in Excel, I get this error message "We couldn't free up space on the Clipboard...
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    How do you set the default user in Win10?

    My job upgraded my computer to Win10. I can't seem to have my username be the default user when I boot. It always comes up 'other user'. How can I make it be my username?
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    I'm pretty sure my network has been hacked. Need suggestions

    I won't go into detail of how I know but at this point I'm pretty sure. First question, I've got a separate partition that I have files on, if I delete the windows partition and reinstall windows and scan the 'data' partition should I be safe? Or do I need to reformat everything? Second...
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    VM Tools keeps changing screen resolution.

    I am running VMware Workstation 12 on Win 10 Pro. I also have Win 10 Pro in a vm. Inside this vm if I set the screen resolution to 1920x1080 (right-click on windows desktop and choose 'display settings'), when the vm reboots VM tools keeps setting it back to 1024x768. How can I get this to...
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    Is there an app for setting custom screen resolution on Win 10?

    I am connecting to a Win 10 machine (actually it's a VM) with tightvnc. I am trying to get the desktop to perfectly fill the vnc app screen without having scroll bars. 1920x1080 comes the closest but it's just a little too tall. I need something like 1920x1000 or 1920x900. Is there a free...
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    Need advice on a work from home setup

    I need a cheap but descent monitor/video card setup for a computer I want to use to work from home. I'm sure anything made within the last 5/6 years would be more than enough. I have dual monitors at work but I'm not sure if I have space for dual monitors at home. What would you guys...
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    How to clone latest Win 10 Pro to another drive?

    What's the least painful (and free) way to do this?
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    What software to rip a dvd?

    I've got a dvd that I want to create like a .mp4 file of. What software can I use to do this? Preferably free. This is just a one time thing or at least very, very rarely will be done.
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    How to disable firewall notifications?

    I have the firewall for my private network disabled. How do I turn off the notifications for it? When I right click the notification, the option to turn off the notification is grayed out. Running Win10 enterprise.
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    Windows 10 1903 won't sleep when closing the laptop

    I am running 1903 Enterprise edition. It will sleep after a fixed amount of time with the lid open, but won't sleep when I close the lid. In trying to fix this problem I tried reinstalling the graphics driver. I am getting this message. "The driver being installed is not validated for this...
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    What modern keyboard switches come closest to old IBM model M?

    What say the hive?
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    Excel has started calculating multiple times

    I have some spreadsheets that have an add-in that pulls data in. These were all fine before yesterday. Now for any change (I think sometimes with no change) the spreadsheet will show pulling in data and of course recalculating formulas. I have tried to mitigate this by changing the formulas...
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    Can you use AHCI with non-SSD drive?

    I am wanting to change my SATA settings to AHCI but the drive is not SSD. Is that ok? Also, what is the best technique for doing this in Windows 10?
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    Anybody know why windows 10 shutsdown periodically?

    Occasionally (I don't know once a week maybe) my windows 10 laptop will just shut down on its own. It just did it a few minutes ago. Any ideas? Running 1803 Enterprise btw.
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    Looking for a key verification tool

    At one time I had a tool where you could put Microsoft keys in to see if they are retail, OEM, ect. I think it was an actual Microsoft utility. Does anyone have a link or know what it is called?
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    Can you still get Win10 for free?

    If so, what is the technique?
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    Looking for multiboot video

    Does anybody remember a video where some guy had installed like 18 or 20 OS's on one computer? I have searched but I can't find it.
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    This networking issue is driving me nuts!

    This makes no sense to me. I've got CAT 5 routed like this "wall > CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD > Asus AC68U router". Router is running Tomato firmware. Sometimes the router shows it's got a lease other times it doesn't but I get no internet regardless. I've switched out cables, same issue...
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    Why is virtualization off by default on my laptop?

    I got an HP laptop and in the bios virtualization is off by default. Why would it be off? Is it to save battery life or something?
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    Phone activation question

    What personal info (if any) does MS ask for when you are trying to get a product key activated? I've got a Office 2013 key that I uninstalled from my previous computer but still won't activate on my new computer and I guess I will have to call them.
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    GPT partition questions

    This computer I updated originally came with Win 8.1. It had 2 or 3 hidden partitions I assume was related to UEFI/GPT. I deleted the windows partition and installed Win 10. Everything seems fine, but I am wondering if I should have deleted all the partitions and installed Win 10? What do...
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    Where can I download Win 10 Enterprise 1709 iso?

    Just need an original image. Prefer 1709 but will take 1703. TIA
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    How can I get Control Panel to show up in WinX menu?

    My laptop updated to 1709 (enterprise btw). I tried the instructions here I added the shortcut to 'Group 2' but it is not displayed in the actual menu. It is still there when...
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    Help needed activating Office 2013

    I am transitioning computers. I've got this installed on my old computer. I entered my key for Office on the new computer and got a message about the license being used up. I don't intend to keep Office on the old computer. If I uninstall it from the old will the activation work on the new...
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    Anybody know what the bare minimum system requirements are for Elgato HD60?

    I want to use an Elgato HD60 to capture video to an older laptop through USB. Anybody know the bare minimum system requirements. The laptop is on Win 10 and has 8gigs of ram but I'm not sure of what processor is in it.
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    Recommend good laptop for college student

    Not looking for a gaming laptop but something pretty good that will last 4 years of college. Needs to be a PC. What specs do you recommend? What brands?
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    Is it weird that neither of my Win10 computers have update to AU?

    One is running Win10 Pro and one is running Win10 Enterprise. What gives?
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    Slightly blurry text in apps

    This is in Win10. Has anybody else noticed that the text in their installed programs is blurry? For example, ImgBurn. There are others but I can't think of any right now. Everything looked fine in Win7. Is there a way to fix this?
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    Utility to detect Win10 telemetry?

    Is there something that I can install on Win10 to see if it is still 'phoning home'? I have done various tweaks to limit/stop the spying but I would like to know if I have stopped it all.
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    Where can I download the latest Win10 Enterprise ISO?

    I'm assuming there is an 1607 version of Enterprise out there. I maybe wrong. If there is does anyone know where I can download the iso?
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    Windows defender keeps stopping in Win 10

    How can I find out what is stopping windows defender? I upgraded a laptop to Win 10 Pro and this seems to be the only glitch. I have run Malware Bytes and uninstalled McAfee but it is still doing it. I need to say that I haven't checked it after a reboot after uninstalling McAfee because I...
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    Can you upgrade Win 7 Home to Win 10 Pro with Win 7 Pro key?

    Can you do this upgrade if you have a Win 7 Pro/Ultimate key?
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    Virtualizing current hardware question

    Does virtualizing your current hardware with VMWare make a vm that will pass Win10 activation? Here's the scenario 1. Virtualize hardware with VMWare 12. 2. Upgrade vm with Windows 10. 3. Sometime later delete vm. 4. Upgrade actual computer to Win 10. Will it activate?
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    Anybody know where I can get a good laptop power cord?

    I got a HP HDX16 that I would like to buy a good power adapter for. Any suggestions?
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    If you installed Win 10 Pro can you activate with Home key and convert to home?

    Or do you just have to reinstall home?
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    How can I convert a Win 10 BIOS install to UEFI?

    I've got a 500 MB 'system reserved' partition, the main windows partition, and a 'data' partition on my drive. How can I change to UEFI?
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    Win10 Keyboard boots computer

    MOBO: ASUS P8B WS Now, it's possible I have missed some setting somewhere but I don't have anything enabled that should cause this. This is only when waking up from hibernation, normal shut off it stays off. The keyboard I'm using has a PS/2 end and a usb. It was plugged in a PS2 when I...
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    Workaround for CMPXCHG16b / CompareExchange128?

    Anybody know a workaround for the error above when trying to install Win10 x64?