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    Dream Monitor

    I've been waiting quite a while to upgrade my 3x Dell u2412m monitors.. Nothing looks ideal though. All the ultrawides are like running < 2x monitors and are :9 ratio crap. 4K is nice and all, but i still need 3x monitors and would love to do without bezels. So, here's how my perfect monitor...
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    New Storage Build. Btrfs/Xpenology?

    I've been waiting to build out a new system to replace my Synology 1812+. Here's what I have planned. Case: Lian-Li PC-Q26B MB; X10SDV-4C+-TLN4F PS: Seasonic SSR-450RM MEM: Kingston 16GB ECC STOR: LSI SAS 9210-8i Boot: 32GB USB Flash OS: ESXi + Passthrough contrller to Xpenology or just...
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    Need Corsair AX850 Alternative

    I just upgraded my system and was running my previous 700Watt power supply at about 680Watts w/ load. After researching quite a bit I decided on the Corsair AX 860. Long story short.. I can hear the dreaded coil whine issue that these and the Seasonics have. After researching extensively.. I...
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    Choosing a Radiator for Corsair 650D

    I'm looking to cool an Intel intel i7-3930k and was wondering which Radiator would be rock in my Corsair 650D Case. Is the Black Ice SR1 280 a good choice? Phobya G-Changer 280mm? Thanks!
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    Laptop / Tablet Recomendation?

    I'm moving soon and my trusty Asus laptop has failed. I primarily use a desktop at home, but I'd like to just use a laptop for a few months. I've been out of the loop when it comes to new products.. and companies are finally releasing decent tablets. If you have any ideas based on my...
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    Refurbished NEC 2490WUXi

    There was a really good deal on from Tech for Less for one of these, and I'm wondering what everyones throughts are on going for this deal? I have mixed feelings, but they say you have 30 days to return. I would think NEC refurbs would likely go through a pretty high standard QA...
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    Can I convert to Iphone

    I really want an IPhone, but my mom said she wants me to be a man when I grow up. Can I convert my razr to an IPhone instead?