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    PS3 dead/dying - what options do I have?

    My PS3 (fat, bought in 07) has similar problems about six months ago. Basically the BD drive stopped working. At first, it would freeze up in games and the textures would not load/there would be other weird problems in the game. Then the games would not load, but DVDs worked. Then DVDs stopped...
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    Polk PSW505 subwoofer $200 shipped newegg+amazon

    A friend of mine just ordered this. I'm exited to go and hear it. About 2 years ago, I was deciding between the dual 10" polk sub or this one. I ended up buying the 10" for about ~$230 on ebay slightly used, because this 12" model was significantly more expensive at the time. This is a great...
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    Logitech Revue is MSRP $299

    Sorry, I had a slight understanding of google tv's media streaming capabilities as well. I thought that it had minimal support and it didn't show up in the search box, and it was a forthcoming feature. I now know that the format support is limited, but it works... And to respond to the...
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    Might be no answer??? itunes movies + XBox 360

    If you want to continue to use itunes, then $100 apple TV the device you need. If you buy/rent from amazon vod/netflix, then google tv or maybe roku.
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    Logitech Revue is MSRP $299

    I like your setup, and it's similar to one of the many setups I tried out; However, as you admitted, it does not have the ease of use or setup of Google TV. Nor is it as smooth - launching MPC HC from WMC works, but its not as integrated: i.e. you can't just hit the back button and have it...
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    Logitech Revue is MSRP $299

    When you talk about the value of a product, it includes its software, because Logitech is selling the WHOLE EXPERIENCE. The google TV platform is the key "value add" in this product, along with the HDMI in/out interface. This is the same model Apple follows - not just hardware, but selling its...
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    Logitech Revue is MSRP $299

    Many people seem to be commenting specifically on the hardware of the Google TV, that it's old and incapable. While it may be a choke point in the future, you have to see the real value add in the whole platform: the software. All the hardware included in it was previously avalaible, but there...
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    win 7 "play to" features settings? Help me out?

    Also, you can use this feature in tandem with foobar 2000 and the UPnP addon. It is useful, but it has not been implemented well enough in other devices. Hopefully MS pushes it more, comes out with more devices, etc. -darkmatter08
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    MSI Monitoring Your Motherboard

    Haha, This has to be a joke. An "RTFM" chip that can somehow detect if you read the manual? Even the name is a joke! The driver can return data to the manufacturer over the internet, somehow magically avoiding firewalls? Being spied on by Homeland security since XP? Probably an early April...
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    ASUS Rampage II X58 mATX ETA ...

    Hey everyone, I got this board for a friend's personal server build with a i7-920 and 6GB DDR3. It is really nice and has lots of great features. Additionally, it works great with VMware ESXi4 with an external NIC, and supports VT-d / VMware passthrough. darkmatter08
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    Clearwire 4G internet

    To Everyone, A friend of mine got the service and also has Vonage. He says the voice quality is poor. I am going to visit him and see how it is and the quality of the connection and VoIP. darkmatter08
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    Clearwire 4G internet

    Hey everyone, I live in the Chicago area and Clear is running a promotional deal for 4G home and mobile unlimited internet for $50/mo for life. This seems like a great deal but I am curious to what the speeds are actually like. They advertise consistent 3-6Mbps with up to 10Mbps speeds, and I...
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    eMachines 22" 1080p LCD - 99.90/tax or less (Cheapy Eyefinity)

    I bought it, not bad at all. The display unit I saw seemed to be defective, as it had very visible vertical banding lines. However when I got home with it and tried it out, I was impressed that it was almost as good as my Viewsonic 21.5 1080p screen. I noticed that the colors were different...
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    Whats MLP sound?

    I believe that MLP is part of the technology behind TrueHD and Dolby HD Master Audio.
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    Best video decoder? I have 4 to choose from.

    To be honest I never use postprocessing on ATSC TV streams or BDs, because I consider the quality to be 'perfect'. I do use it on DVDs, and any material that has been reencoded (not remuxed). Thus I use MPC video decoder for BDs/ATSC and ffdshow. -darkmatter08
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    Help this idiot stream his movies

    I have experimented with this a lot with the Playstation. What you need to do is use eac3to (commandline) or a GUI over it, such as ClownBD. I have only used the commandline to extract the HD video stream (usually VC1 or H.264) and the English audio stream (you may have to try either AC3 or...
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    Another modest setup

    The SC-07 is kickass, nice reciever! I also like the Bower and Wilkins mains - I have heard two setups with the brand and they are excellent. However, doesn't the entire setup sound 'off' because of the mismatched center? -darkmatter08
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    Looking for a Solid 2.1 Speaker set

    I am an advocate of the Klipsch ProMedia set. I don't believe that it is sold new anymore, but you can find one new or nearly new somewhere online or local. I have not had the frequently discussed amp burnout problem. -darkmatter08
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    Is any one here able to get 5.1 + HD4850 + vista to work?

    When I had Vista installed I just installed the full Catalyst suite including the included HDMI drivers and used the included HDMI/DVI adaptor and 7.1/192khz/24bits worked. I believe it is your reciever. You said that your reciever only had a repeater and not a switch. That makes no sense. If...
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    RIP Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 setup

    I am listening to mine as well. I have owned them since 2003 when I bought them with an HP computer. Mine still work well, but if I move the connecting wire on the back of the satillites the stop working until they are wiggled to a proper spot. This has been the case for about 4 years now...
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    Ripped off by Windows 7

    You seem to have no problem buying W7 Pro for the machines, but the problem is MS, W7's website, and the upgrade advisor made no mention. After spending so long with tech support with no resoultion, I clearly see where you are coming from. There is no way a consumer can be reasonably expected to...
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    What's a good value HD tuner card?

    I would not recommend that. If you are looking for HDTV tuning only (ATSC + QAM) then look for a digital only tuner, which is cheaper. You don't need the hardware encoders, so it is cheaper and produces less heat to get something like this. Dual tuner too. -darkmatter08
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    Lian Li PC- Q7 itx case.

    I have this case and built my PC inside it but the front panel power/reset switches/LEDs don't work (the LED part). Lian Li is sending me a new one, however. I thought the USB and front panel switch/LED wires were too short though. It was a major pain to plug them in. I first had to attach the...
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    ZOTAC GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi

    This is incorrect. The board will fully support 8 channel PCM output to a receiver capable of picking it up and playing back properly. Using Windows 7 on this board, I have fully tested 7.1 (8 channel) 192khz/24bit PCM (important - not truehd/dtshd master) output to my Onkyo tx-sr607 and it...
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    ZOTAC GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi

    Are you talking about revision 3? Do you have this revision? Earlier in the thread, many people (inc. me) were very confused about the revision 3 release. Nobody seems to have solid information - even Zotac is saying different things. I have the revision 1 board (really 2nd revision, because...
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    Blind Search Tool is Pretty Nifty

    I have always used Yahoo search. I don't particularly dislike Google, but I prefer the yahoo home page, and the customization you can add with my yahoo. -darkmatter08
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    Web Browser Speed Test Shows W7 RTM Slower than XP SP3

    I strongly agree with this. After so long, I don't feel like I have to do regular reinstalls with Vista. I set up and go... XP always seemed to degrade quickly and this was a major improvement in Vista from personal experience. However it is not exactly an advertisable or 'benchmarkable'...
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    ZOTAC GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi

    Okay I talked to Zotac again today and I got the same responses that everyone else has been getting. What is going on now? Originally I was going to buy through my business a demo unit from Zotac and the sales rep said I would be buying revision 3. I was convinced because 2 Zotac employees told...
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    ZOTAC GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi

    I got a revision 1 board. I am going to call Zotac later this afternoon and see what they will do. But damn, this board is small! @BertFTA, that is strange. I was told by 2 people at Zotac that I could buy the new revision immediately.
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    Going from mATX to Mini iTX ...

    Pretty cool build. Actually I have a very similar set of parts arriving tomorrow. Same Zotac 9300ITX board, same Lian Li MITX case, same Q9550 processor, 1TB HDD... We think alike. Can you confirm the version of your zotac board? Where did you order your parts from? Thanks -darkmatter08
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    ZOTAC GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi

    I decided to order through newegg instead because of a $20 MIR. The order should be coming in tomorrow and I will update everyone on the status. -darkmatter08
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    NewEgg Customer Service

    Considering how newegg does not give free shipping on most items like, I expect their packaging to be much better. packages are excellent and I never had any problems. Newegg shipping seems expensive, and any price advantages are nullified. For example I recently ordered a...
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    ZOTAC GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi

    I talked to zotac today and they said that the PCB V.3 has shipped to Newegg and Amazon. I placed my order on Zotac said they would be willing to exchange the board in case I got the older versions. I am very excited about the order - I also ordered the Lian Li m-Itx PC-Q07 case...
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    ZOTAC GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi

    Ha, I actually don't have a 30' monitor but I do want the support for it, especially since it is really a no cost feature. Also, according to the users manual on zotac's website, the revision 3 board has 3 sata ports also. More than the 2560x1600 I want the last sata port. -darkmatter08
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    ZOTAC GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi

    Thanks for the better explanation. It is what I was trying to explain, but my language could not get the idea across to the readers. I guess 'more efficient' was the confusing part - to me at least it makes sense. If you can do the same amount of processing (work) in less power, then the chip is...
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    ZOTAC GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi

    I am saying this because it works in the same way as binning processors post production to create market segmentation - the difference between a Q9550 and a Q9650 for example is just binning. Because of the way processors are produced, they all have flaws in them. Some happen to be better than...
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    ZOTAC GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi

    What I meant by that is Intel is creating high quality chips that are efficient enough to run at a lower voltage, creating the special S version. Because they are producing so much silicon that is efficient, enough to create an S version quad core, Intel is likely putting the more efficient...
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    ZOTAC GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi

    I thought that the board only supported up to 65W processors and concluded the non S versions were incompatible because they were rated at 95W. However because intel is managing to bin enough of the silicon to create an S version, the actual power usage may be lower, even in the non S models...
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    ZOTAC GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi

    How are quads running on this board? Some users have quads on the board, but how practical is it? Do the quads really heat up the small apex cases that are commonly used here? About quads, this board only technically supports S quads, the power efficient models. Has any one used the non S quads...
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    from dual to quad for free?

    Quad. Sure the dual may have a higher clockspeed but besides playing games, most applications will run better on quads because an increasing number of apps are multithreaded, especially video encoding. I used to have a dual but I moved to a quad and it was well worth it.