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    Foxconn Wi. Plant to produce servers for Google.
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    GPU bracket recommendations

    I have a bracket with my case but if I install the bracket it covers like a 1/3 of the fan. Anything better?
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    Epic Black Friday Sale Nov. 26th Dec. 3rd
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    Elyon Ascent Infinite Realm

    Unreal 3 engine game South Korean MMO looks totally awesome no release date. Same devs that worked on Tera.
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    Panasonic soundslayer PC soundbar

    299.00 wonder if it sounds any good?
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    Epic store Halloween sale 2020
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    Mobiuz BenQ Ex 2510

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    Transparent OLED TV

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    Graven 3D Realms Like a Heretic or Hexen spinoff 2021 release date.
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    Yacht Odyssey case

    Not sure if anyone can translate but I would want the white version.
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    XP grinding like a Boss Oblivion This would be easier on PC
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    Samsung QVO 870 SSD sata drives sale Yesterday the price was 225.00 for the 2TB now 199.00 these 870 drives have better reviews than the 860 drives which released like two years ago.
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    Drone Swarm Out on Oct. 20th game has a demo looks neat but haven't tried it myself.
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    Zeni-max working on a new MMORPG
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    We've Long Waited for Fusion. This Reactor May Finally Deliver It—Fast.
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    Pitfall commerical

    Actually remember this one didn't know it was Jack Black.
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    Amazon's Luna Cloud gaming service
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    Hood: Outlaws and Legends
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    Left for Dead 2: The last Stand

    New maps for a 11 year old game I'm more interested in what Back 4 Blood is going to be like.
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    Rocket League on EPIC One of the most popular games on Steam is now on Epic.
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    Chronos: Before the Ashes Same people that did Remnant from the Ashes Gunfire games.
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    Football Manager 2020, Stick it to the Man, Watch Dogs 2 until Sept 24th (EPIC)

    Crazy stuff going on at Epic I might actually install Watch Dogs 2.
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    Borderlands 2 Free Command Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary DLC (EPIC)

    You should have BL2 in your collection already from a few weeks ago.
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    The Division 1 is Free on UBI launcher expires 9/8/2020
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    Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars Could be good
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    Troy: Total War Saga

    Free on Epic today it's not even released on Steam untill next year 24hr promotion.
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    Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout You know when you pretend to fall down your siblings would laugh. 46,000 reviews in the first few weeks crazy!!!!
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    Desktop icons do you use them gaming shortcuts?

    Should I just delete all of my Desktop Icons it's always a mess with games I haven't played in 2-3 years. Once in a great while like a Origin game I'll click on the Icon to lauch a game but usually it's just eyecandy that doesn't get touched. If the monitor looks small using my 21.5" Asus I use...
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    Second Extinction

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    Asrock, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, EVGA

    I've been on a Asrock board for the past three years but I want to go back to Asus I had the best of luck with Asus boards but I want one of those 8 Sata port boards which cost like 400.00 for a Z490. I know Asrock's Tachi has a 8 Sata port board but that is what I have now Z270.
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    1988 Retro Nintendo contest

    I was about old as these three kids.
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    Priest simulator Yeah I dont know looks similar to bum simulator.
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    8TB Samsung 870 SSD

    I could use two these and my PC would be complete. Would still keep my other 1TB SSD drives.
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    Peaky Blinders: Mastermind
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    Grounded Honey I shrunk the Kids.
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    LOL seen this was way up on the list at green man gaming.
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    Hunter's Arena

    Looks like Black Desert Online but it's PVP
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    Epic Summer Sale

    SALES AND SPECIALSSummer Sale 2020 🔆Get set for Summer with our seasonal new releases, coming soon highlights and up to 75% off across select titles! Don't forget: you may be sat on a $10 coupon which is automatically applied to your next eligible purchase! Find our coupon FAQ...
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    Gsync compatible question

    So I have a Freesync monitor that is Gsync compatible should I be using HDMI or should I be using the Displayport or does it work with both connectors?