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    Free 14-day Membership Epix HD No CC necessary
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    Dell Latitude D531 2 GHz Turion, 2GB, 14" - $150 + tax/ship

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    Odd problem: WIndows Bluescreens and a BIOS setting changes.

    I have a Q6600 on an Asus P5E. Oddly, when I leave the PC idle, for some reason it blue screens and reboots. Upon reboot, my BIOS options are actually changed. My SSD, which was originally set to be the boot drive, is replaced by my HDD. When the PC reboots, I get stuck @ boot because my HDD...
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    GTX 280 will POST, won't boot into Win7/Linux using Nvidia drivers

    GTX 280 will not boot into Windows 7 or Linux using Nvidia drivers, instead I get a plain green or blue screen, sometimes a messy pink screen. It will boot into Windows using a standard Windows driver, after uninstalling the Nvidia driver. (not sure about Linux) It is seated correctly in the...
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    SSD won't work when motherboard is set to AHCI

    I get a BSD when I try to use my SSD with my motherboard set to AHCI. I have to set it to IDE. Is there a way to get it to work in AHCI mode? I was forced to install Windows 7 while in IDE mode, because the it wouldn't install in AHCI mode. SSD: Adata 64gb S596 Turbo Motherboard: Asus...
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    Antec Three Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case $44.95 AR Newegg FS

    Rebate ends tomorrow (Feb 7th) Link Rebate Free Shipping Credit goes to blueribb @ Fatwallet
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    Rift Beta Starts12/28 @ 18:00 GMT

    You can get beta keys here, atm: and sign up for the beta testing here: There may well be other avenues of obtaining a beta key, the Mmohut giveaway just happens to be one of which I know.
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    Free WinX DVD Author Download

    Softpedia is offering WinX DVD Author Full Download for Free. Repost from Slickdeals
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    Best FPS Multiplayer games ATM?

    I'm just wondering what other FPS Multiplayer games are worth playing. I'd like to play another one that has a decent player base and great gameplay. I play DoD:Source all the time, ATM. I have Crysis Wars, but don't like it much. CS:S isn't my cup of tea, either. Any ideas? I've thought...
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    F.E.A.R. $4.90 + Shipping

    F.E.A.R. @ Go $4.90 + shipping, which was $2.99 for me. My total: $7.89
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    Asus DX, Side Channels in 5.1 instead of Rear - Questions

    I am somewhat surprised that Asus has decided to do this. I am wondering why, exactly. I suppose that side channels instead could be more useful. I am, also, wondering what the experience has been with 5.1 side channel usage instead of rear as far as movies and game compatibility.
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    Center speaker for dual M10 setup needed

    Hey all, I'm not much an audiophile, but after reading through the posts here I went ahead and bought a set of Swan M10's for my PC. I was thinking of getting a second set for the rear channels, however, I'd like a front center channel, too... any ideas on something that would be simple and...