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    Series X/S shipping notice

    Keep your eyes open, Just got my shipping notice from MS for my Series X, FedEx page shows:Per shipper instructions, package will not be delivered until the scheduled delivery date.
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    Retro time, beige time, VooDoo2 SLI time!!!!

    I know the [H] isn't the forum for retro, but considering I was able to complete it with the help of a fellow [H]'er I'm gonna post it here too. After tossing in the towel on trying to resurect my old PA-2013 and K6-3+ I wound up with this! Abit BE6-II v2 with a PIII 800 and 384MB PC133 with...
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    Some of Kyle's best writing.... Anyhow, we miss you Kyle!
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    Irony or a good deal?

    T-mobile Optimus-t refurb 99 bucks to your door.
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    Abit QuadGT 128.55 AR

    So yesterday I was looking to buy a Quad GT and had been looking at Newegg and they had it for 170ish before 40 dollar rebate 2 days ago, well yesterday they raised the price to 199.00 before rebate and I said WTF newegg. so after searching around I found the QuadGT at Mwave for 158.55 before 30...
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    Refurb 12x LG DVD player 2.50 plus ship at SVC

    CHEAP DVD player for that second machine or that family member in need. One linky dinky
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    Supa[H]ot Asus 9600xt 108.00 at Dumping goods

    This is a great deal for a 9600XT, and it looks like it also has VIVO Linkafied