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    Scalper group says it has ‘no regrets’ over reselling 3,500 Playstation 5 consoles

    Kind of funny because there's not much to miss out on with a new console. If you wait for units to stay in stock, you're going to have more games to pick from too. Maybe better system software.
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    Has Anyone Ever Replaced the Fan in a APC UPS?

    From the look of the board in the video, all those caps are nice through hole caps, and shouldn't be too hard to replace. That guy says he doesn't bother to remove the board from the enclosure before soldering, but I probably would pull it out. It's a lot easier to work on stuff when you can...
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    New feature to calculate 'productivity scores' turns Microsoft 365 into an full-fledged workplace surveillance tool

    Since I left my job, they've now filled my position with four people (at the same time), but I was only spending like 10% of the time on that stuff; so I have no idea how four people can work on it for all their time. 90% of my time was spent debugging random stuff that was broken across the...
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    New feature to calculate 'productivity scores' turns Microsoft 365 into an full-fledged workplace surveillance tool

    If I'm running an Office product, my productivity is low. Especially if it's Outlook ... Let's wait all day for it to load an email. Let's be sure to close it before sleeping the laptop, because the laptop doesn't really sleep if Outlook is running. Let's push send and receive 20 times cause...
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    IS Nitro Debugger Wireless + Video Out Console Nintendo Dev Kit

    Wow.... I hadn't heard about this console, at all. Wireless checkbox may just mean it supports the wireless features of the console?
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    Lenovo 4700g System - $540

    I ordered a couple (4650G) from AliExpress. Nerve racking, but pretty happy with the resulting systems. Was tired of waiting to upgrade.
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    Intel Corporation Class Action Lawsuit - 7nm Woes

    My father in law called me about two months ago asking if I knew anything about Intel's new processor and wasn't it going to be great, and shouldn't he invest. Not sure where he heard that from, but there's clearly some weird information circulating around.
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    Any non-google/Android or Apple phones out there?

    I've got a drawer full of Windows Phones. If you're not going to use any apps, they're nice. I'd probably look for a WP 8 phone rather than Windows Mobile 10. Mobile IE is garbage, but Mobile Edge is worse (unless they made it tolerable after I gave up; Edge might be ok if you get a 900 series...
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    Why is RAID 1 not popular any more?

    We used (software) RAID 1 at work for holding multimedia messages in transit; something like 6 or 8 pairs of disks in a machine, raid 1 isn't space efficient, but is cpu efficient; and was fairly simple to setup. When disks went bad, the datacenter techs would swap them out and we'd rebuild the...
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    Blocking SYN-Flood Attacks on macOS?

    Hmmm... I found a FreeBSD forum post that looks similar. I pulled config examples from OpenBSD, but it looks like it's a newer syntax, and you'll probably have to use older syntax like they said for FreeBSD. pf is definitely not my strong suit. I'm pretty sure you should be able to adjust rules...
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    Google Photos will end its free unlimited storage on June 1st, 2021

    Did you see HP's free ink for life (15 pages per month); that one didn't make it to a year before they decided to make it $1/month. Chrysler does this too (for remote start via website/phone apl). Not worth anywhere near what they want for it.
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    AMD Ryzen Master 2.6 Is Out

    FYI for Renoir users. The previous version refused to install on my Renoir desktop system (4650G), although it was reported to work if installed previously with a supported processor; this version installs, but then refuses to run.
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    Bricks from DeForest Kelley's childhood home

    That's why I posted it ;)
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    Bricks from DeForest Kelley's childhood home
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    Help on 5600x build

    If your GPU isn't pci-e 4, you could go a520. Gigabyte a520i ac itx is about $100 and you can flash it (if needed) without cpu and ram.
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    AMD's EPYC 7713 64-Core 128-Thread Zen 3 Server CPU Makes Monster Benchmark Debut

    Dude, Ruffles has ridges. Intel can't beat that.
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    AMD Ryzen 9 5950X CPU Review & Benchmarks (Workstation, Gaming, Overclocking)

    If it happens, that would be great, but I'm guessing they're going to do the same desktop, server, laptop, desktop apu cycle they've been doing, and still be fab constrained (because of high demand), so waiting will be a while. I just put together two systems with renoir desktop chips from...
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    A $119, 6' CAT8 Fiber Optic Ethernet Cable?

    Digital is thresholded analog. If you're on the edge of the thresholds, sometimes you get the signal, sometimes you don't, sometimes you have to hold the cable at just the right angle. Iffy HDMI cables actually can look like static. Or they'll sometimes foul up the HDCP handshake, and you'll get...
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    3800X Eco function/setting?

    Be sure to test your actual performance with the undervolting. I was seeing lower power and temperatures, and higher reported clock speed while benchmarking, but bechmark results were also worse.
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    Blocking SYN-Flood Attacks on macOS?

    I don't know why this is working; I saw it on that mailing list post, and figured, if it works there, it'll work for you too. :) If I had to guess, it's probably something like the response packets aren't getting properly mangled, but redir-to helps them get flagged for mangling. I'm not going...
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    Blocking SYN-Flood Attacks on macOS?

    I did see that. Unfortunately I don't have any experience with pf and especially not with synproxy. I also couldn't find anything about synproxy and mac os on the interwebs; not even like stackexchange posts about it not working with no solutions (like i saw for pf and divert). That said... I...
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    Blocking SYN-Flood Attacks on macOS?

    Yes, you could pontentially do this with a program, if there's a way to get in between the ethernet stack and the tcp stack. I saw some references to divert sockets in the XNU source, but possibly with ipfw only and not pf. ipfw is deprecated in mac os, but as we've seen the tcp stack is a...
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    Mom's PC... buy b450 + 3400G now? or wait for 5000g?

    A520 and B550 with Zen+ APUs may work, but AMD says it's not supported, and all of the motherboard websites I've seen say it's not supported. I just got an A520 board, and the box says 3200g and 3400g aren't supported. That said, I've seen reports of the Zen+ APUs working fine on a B550 board...
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    Blocking SYN-Flood Attacks on macOS?

    Nice! The interwebs says: For more verbose output including rule counters, ID numbers, and so on, use: pfctl -vvsr I'd give that a try and see if it's helpful? Otherwise, I dunno.
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    Blocking SYN-Flood Attacks on macOS?

    I think you want to look at anchors. Over in ipfw land, all the rules have numbers, but names seem nicer :)
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    AMD issues guidelines to retailers to prevent Radeon RX 6000 scalping

    Physical ticket resale is prohibited around the event. I don't see people selling GPUs in the parking lot of best buy out of their trunk. Captcha is pretty effective if there's not a lot of value to bypassing it, but it doesn't cost much to have someone solve a captcha for your bot, if there's...
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    2kW+ PSU options?

    I've been doing some electrical work lately, and haven't seen anything about requiring 4-wires for 240v; my barn appears to be to code (there's inspection certificates up anyway), and most of the 240v are L6 with just a three wire feed (hot,hot, ground), although a couple are L14 with...
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    Mom's PC... buy b450 + 3400G now? or wait for 5000g?

    My guess is 5000g series would be coming out around this time next year, based on their recent performance. First comes desktop, then comes EPYC/TR, then comes laptop, then comes APU. If Zen3 is as good as they say, there's going to be a lot of demand for those chips too. If your mom is happy...
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    Blocking SYN-Flood Attacks on macOS?

    You can do better than parsing text, but only if you're willing to muck about with structs that are defined by the C code that reads and writes them. I can tell you at my last job we ran netstat -s -p tcp once a second and parsed it with perl, and it wasn't a big deal, but I understand it feels...
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    Blocking SYN-Flood Attacks on macOS?

    Try netstat -s to see protocol level stats, you can add -p tcp or whatever protocol to only get the ones that are relevant for you. Machine parsable output is in FreeBSD 11.0 (libxo), but yeah. For a given build of netstat, the output should always show up in the same order, so I'd just parse...
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    Blocking SYN-Flood Attacks on macOS?

    On *BSD, there's tcpdrop to unilaterally drop a connection from the kernel state; you'd have to loop through all the connections on netstat though. I don't know if that's available for Mac OS. I'm not familiar with pf, on FreeBSD, my boss liked ipfw, so that's what we used. A quick search...
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    Got uptime? :)

    Like B00nie said; swap size as a ratio to ram was good advice in the 90s and maybe early 2000s. Nowadays, I'd say anything more than 512 MB of swap is too much (other people may have a different rule of thumb), but I wouldn't disable it unless you really know that you know what you're doing and...
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    Blocking SYN-Flood Attacks on macOS?

    That note is in the xnu tgz I linked, under bsd/kern/ something.c; grep on soqlencomp and you'll find it. It's in the newconn or something call that bsd/netinet/tcp_input.c is doing to make a new syn_recv socket. Hopefully synproxy works for you. Otherwise, terrible, but possibly workable ideas...
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    Got uptime? :)

    I've had to reboot stuff with around that. Always makes me sad, but usually also means I've managed to upgrade or retire enough machines that I can bump the build machine to a newer build. I haven't had the pleasure of admining Netware boxes drywalled in with 20+ years of uptime though. :)
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    Blocking SYN-Flood Attacks on macOS?

    OK, So you should probably read (or skim!) the paper introducing the syncache (and syncookies) to FreeBSD: (PDF is most legible IMHO) Section 4, Motivation describes what happens with unmodified FreeBSD 4.4 when...
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    Blocking SYN-Flood Attacks on macOS?

    OK, I'm looking at which I think is El Capitan (looks like 10.11.2 ) Looking at bsd/kern/netinet, I'm pretty sure the tcp source here is mostly from some time in 2001, which...
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    Blocking SYN-Flood Attacks on macOS?

    It's going to be a while before I can give a good response; I'm going to grab kernel sources and see if that helps figure out what's going on. I think you're asking the right questions, though; it doesn't make a lot of sense that if it's a per socket backlog, you shouldn't see problems on other...
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    Razer is launching a prepaid credit card

    *Currently open to Singapore only, participants must be 16 years old and above, other terms and conditions of the program apply. You need a +65 number, and probably a singapore address to ship to, and maybe singapore banking to add money. 1% cashback on a dorky novelty card isn't too bad...
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    NVIDIA Allegedly Moving Ampere to 7nm TSMC in 2021

    I was seeing speculation that Huawei was getting as much fab time as possible before the latest round of restrictions went into force. Sounds plausible, but I can't find a good source for the date the restrictions took effect.
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    Options for better Network Speeds in home office

    I guess you could do that, but sounds like a pain, and a lot of small switches. I mean, cat3 doesn't meet the specifications, but that doesn't mean it won't work. At my last house, I ended up running gigE to my detached garage with a mix of cat5e and cat3 (it was already in the ground between...